August 14, 2016

REVEALED: Notley appointee Berman linked to eco-activists opposing Energy East

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Public hearings for the Energy East pipeline have begun in New Brunswick and the National Energy Board will hear from 337 interveners. One of them are Tzeporah Berman’s eco-activist group Stand (formerly Forest Ethics.)

Berman is the activist that Rachel Notley hired to co-chair the oilsands advisory panel in Alberta, and the woman who likened the oil sands to Mordor.

Berman is now vocally expressing her regret about demonizing Fort MacMurray, but she’s still getting her activist group Stand to oppose Energy East.

It appears Berman has taken a page from the Notley playbook.

Notley vocally supports pipelines, but then hires activists like Berman to co-chair panels to make decisions on how the oil sands should be managed. This way, Notley can get someone else to say things she really thinks.

Not exactly a surprise, coming from two lifetime activists like Rachel Notley and Tzeporah Berman – they’re one in the same.

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commented 2016-08-16 00:35:32 -0400
Cameron….WTF? Have you been drinking?
commented 2016-08-15 23:03:01 -0400
Start a recall or something before they totally break your province.They have all got to go.
Quebec should start sending transfer cheques to Alberta.From all the money that they will get ripping off hydro customers in Gontario with Windbags cap and trade scam.
commented 2016-08-15 15:14:51 -0400
She a problem as Ralph Kline would say. So he would give her a job and contract. Ummm so when Notley does what her now past friend of 20+ years would have done. People get angry at her. This not an Ndp or PC thing this is good management of a bad person in the way to your side of a debate. Removing the anti pipeline protesters she has under her belt…
commented 2016-08-15 11:15:42 -0400
Just another unelected liar and deceiver in Notley’s group of Marxist idiots!
commented 2016-08-15 10:57:02 -0400
Yeah , PETER , you’ll have to settle for number two
commented 2016-08-15 10:04:34 -0400
I personally intend to anoint Premier Notley’s grave with a bottle of whiskey. And just to make it more environmentally friendly for her, I will filter it through my kidneys first.
commented 2016-08-15 00:51:00 -0400
Anyone who supports Saudi oil should try living there for a year.
commented 2016-08-15 00:50:28 -0400
Finally get a consult with the surgeon for my operation after 10 months. Last time i needed surgery it took 9 weeks to get it done. THANKS GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE! My doctor, who is an excellent
doctor by the way. had to send my case to a different surgeon as the one who last operated on me left. Wish i was a rich NDP politician so i could go to the US and get it done faster.
commented 2016-08-15 00:45:40 -0400
You’re being too kind with that photo of Berman. lol

Who the hell voted for these less than intelligent beings?

We conducted an “electric car sighting competition” on the freeway the other day. (You know, to keep us occupied on a long trip .) There was 1 electric vehicle amongst tens of thousands of fossil fueled vehicles. Better get those pipelines built. Looks like we’ll be needing fossil fuel for a while yet.
commented 2016-08-14 22:47:44 -0400
Lloyd, not sure I can “one up” that one.
commented 2016-08-14 21:22:50 -0400
DAYRL and PETER , you guys can spit and piss on her , but I’ll go on a high fiber diet for the occasion and add my number too !!!
commented 2016-08-14 21:04:25 -0400
THE ARCHITECT… That’s the insanity of it, isn’t it…. Albertan taxpayers are going to pay for Berman’s appearance at the hearings, to block the export east and development of Alberta’s natural economic goldmine!… Any Albertan who doesn’t recognize your leg has just been pissed on by Notley might just as well line up to kiss her dainty butt as well…
commented 2016-08-14 19:59:52 -0400
Should add: make less income assuming one has a job to earn income from.
commented 2016-08-14 19:57:47 -0400
I’m waiting for a plane to Newfoundland. Visit some of the boys that made the old Alberta home when there was an economy, until a few months ago. Then the new Alberta started where we are to make less income, but pay more taxes on that lower income to fill the personal coffers of the friends of the NonDemocratic Party.
commented 2016-08-14 19:40:58 -0400
Daryl, that is a good image. I’ll drink too much beer and instead of spitting …
commented 2016-08-14 19:36:57 -0400
Since this is obviously a conflict of interest, Berman should be fired regardless of how many people sign the petition.
commented 2016-08-14 19:14:55 -0400
Well, Peter, I see a better picture – Nutley’s funeral – with the box in the hole & decent Albertans filing by – each taking turns spitting on the box!
commented 2016-08-14 19:05:35 -0400
I have a mental image of Alberta after Notley … wind blowing dust everywhere, tumble weeds zipping by carried by the wind, dry, no life, no people, no laughing children playing, desolate.

And Notley standing in the background beside her a suitcase packed ready to leave, hands on her hips smiling and nodding. Job well done.
commented 2016-08-14 18:43:05 -0400
Good one Mike!!
commented 2016-08-14 17:59:52 -0400
Damn! She’s just as skanky looking as Nutley!
commented 2016-08-14 17:42:08 -0400
If you did not vote for them in Alberta, your friends and family did.

Now the province reaps what it sows.

A lot of “undoing” will have to take place when they are defeated and then outlawed.
commented 2016-08-14 17:15:59 -0400
«the National Energy Board will hear from 337 interveners»

Seems like an oddly low number. These reviews are normally bogged down by hearing the exact same complaint 50,000 times rather than only 300 times. (Apparently, some of the interveners will actually support the pipeline.)
commented 2016-08-14 16:08:08 -0400
She looks like a male cross dresser, not that there is anything wrong with that.