February 17, 2016

Notley backs down from blacklisting The Rebel -- but here's why the fight's not over

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The NDP premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, has backed down from her illegal blacklist of Rebel journalists. But we've still got work to do.

Yesterday, Notley’s attempt to ban journalists dominated national news. Our battle trended on Twitter and Facebook, and even made international headlines.

So today, Notley’s spin doctor sent out an email:

"We’ve heard a lot of feedback from Albertans and media over the course of the last two days and it’s clear we made a mistake. The government has appointed former Western Canadian Bureau Chief for Canadian Press, Heather Boyd to consult and give us recommendations on what the government’s media policies should be. In the meantime, no one will be excluded from government media events."

See that? The lifting of the blacklist is only “in the meantime”. Notley may revert to a policy of government-regulated journalism, if her hand-picked consultant can find a way to spin it.

As you know, we hired lawyers to deal with this matter, and their work isn’t done yet. For one thing, we’re demanding acknowledgement from the Alberta Department of Justice that the vendetta is over. Or we’ll sue.

So it's a partial victory, but still a win for Canada, and our values of freedom of the press — against an angry bully who thought she could push us around, like she pushes everyone else around.

Thank you to all our readers and viewers (and even some of our "enemies"!) who showed their support so publicly. It made all the difference.

NEXT: Duane Bratt, Political Science Professor from Mount Royal University, on why the controversy between Notley and The Rebel is far from over.

This blacklist attempt has started a debate about who is and isn't a "real" journalist; Duane and I talk about how to define "journalism" in the age of Vice.com and the Huffington Post.

Also: How has this controversy harmed Notley's image in the province and the rest of Canada?

THEN: David Goldman, a.k.a. the renowned Asia Times columnist "Spengler," brings us an overview of the situation in the Middle East

He says that Saudi Arabia will "run out of money in five years and the monarchy will collapse;" Iran "is facing a demographic disaster," and in 20 years, Kurds will be a majority in Turkey.

And that's just the start of our conversation!

It's always a "must-watch" when "Spengler" joins us to provide one of his in-depth but "user friendly" overviews of what's going on in the world -- and what the future might hold.

FINALLY: Your letters to me, including lots of feedback about the Alberta NDP and their bullying tactics! And maybe you'll have an easier time understanding one Media Party member's tweets than I did...

Thanks for watching, and for your incredible support!

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commented 2016-02-27 18:33:07 -0500
@ron, You have got to be kinding. This is not a small mistake on the governments part. They are trying to kick out the reporters / humans that don’t agree with their type of policies. As for Harper he was a very smart man not to discuss things with the leftist main stream media in this country. Just look what pretty boy is doing to this country and it hasn’t even been 6 months yet. The west and the east are starting to attack one another again. The population is growing more and more untrustful of the government. But there isn’t one media in this country that will bring anything to light. So please don’t write if you are not understanding what is really going on. It makes you and even me look like retards.
commented 2016-02-18 18:41:20 -0500
If Ezra Levant would show some type of maturity rather than acting like a spoiled university student paper reporter continuously (and that’s how he comes across to me) I could see that this very small mistake on the government’s part may have not happened. It is all in having respect for the press—a trait that Harper didn’t have and now funny that Levant doesn’t get that. The vast majority of Canadians are not following this distasteful circus clown, have no interest in what he says, and categorically dismiss his credibility—that seems to be a fact. Ezra Levant is like a hemorrhoid that has a way of inconveniently surfacing from time to time to make your life miserable. I really don’t blame the NDP for trying to ignore him—although I do believe in freedom of the press—except that I don’t consider Levant anywhere near that threshold. I still see Levant a much bigger clown that the NDP in this matter. Levant probably set it all up.
commented 2016-02-18 17:33:28 -0500
Maaannnniieee…… you lemming, still waiting for your explanation of how the Rebel staff being singled out is OK in your view. Pick up your pizza pop rappers later, your mommy will understand.
Enlighten us please
commented 2016-02-18 15:25:42 -0500
Evan, ignore him. Trolls only have power if you engage them.
commented 2016-02-18 14:21:46 -0500
Ezra, I’m liking the new look for the site. Very professional, well done.
commented 2016-02-18 14:20:49 -0500
Mannie, Gordo, Jimmy Da Sylva, Sean Penson…..and more, at least one very questionable recent new comer. All trolls, the same troll. Firestarting waste of space.
commented 2016-02-18 12:19:03 -0500
Just to explain to the room, in a past commenting group on this site Michael Mann called me a ship eating Jesus lover because I live in western Canada, I reiterate this only to try to explain the mental fortitude and verbal dexterity of Micheal Mann and the arguments he brings to the table.
commented 2016-02-18 11:33:42 -0500
Hey Michael Mann it’s the ship eating Jesus lover again and Jesus still loves you but I still don’t, so everyone here go to iTunes podcasts and search for Canadaland and leave a one star review. If this is where that bigot gets his info ( no rational argument, just name calling) we can sink that podcast, it only has 200 positive reviews so if we leave lots of one star reviews the Canadaland podcast will be buried where it belongs. Very tired of constant nonsense from non sensible people.
commented 2016-02-18 11:21:07 -0500

It’s hilarious that you are too dumb to realize that Canadaland’s response here IS talking about the article/issue.

I am not surprised thought that you didn’t even bother to listen to the factual information provided that proves that Ezra is being hypocritical – even though Jesse Brown agrees that what the NDP did was wrong.

You just can’t accept Ezra looking bad in any capacity. You are an Ezra fanboy – a sheep, who can’t remotely be objective or critical.
commented 2016-02-18 11:16:09 -0500
government is a “trust relationship”. Again our Trust is Broken. Notley & co conspirators, Legal Counsel, are breaking the Law! and we the people are paying for our premier to do so. Constructing censorship Laws in a FREE country. Telling us what She/they want us to know… To quote Paul Harvey, “and now, the rest of the story”. Trust relationships are a simple thing; When either party breaks “trust”, the relationship is up for negotiations. Divorce comes to mind. Notley has broken the trust of the voting public and therefore Broken the Law that governs all of us. Our Constitution is being hijacked.
commented 2016-02-18 10:53:08 -0500
I see the usual cranks are eating their guts out that Levant put another notch on his gun dusting tinpot dictators.

I’m sure these cranks will be free to post gratuitous profanity and witless ad hominems on the Rebel commentary strings because unlike Rabble and other leftard echo chambers, the Rebel walks the walk where free speech is concerned.
commented 2016-02-18 10:36:52 -0500
Well done rebelmedia – from a long-time reader/viewer in the UK! I saw Ezra’s show on this and was appalled at just how brazen the new Canadian Government is when it comes to closing down anyone they don’t want to have an opinion.

Keep up the good work!
commented 2016-02-18 10:31:45 -0500
“Former bureau chief (read:censor) for CP wire service”

Well now I AM relieved, I was expecting a left-biased local spin doctor but , hey Notley is playing the big time con these days so she picks a national left-biased spin thingie.

From open hostility to passive aggression, whew what a relief, I thought it would be limited to local McCarthyism
commented 2016-02-18 10:28:30 -0500
Noting Premier Notley’s haggard and tired face, she looks far too aged for a woman of only 51 years of age. No doubt her chain-smoking habit is getting the better of her, among other ailments.

It’s been awhile since a premier has had to leave office because of failing health.

Notley’s time is fast approaching.
commented 2016-02-18 10:23:02 -0500
Well hmmmmm, So you are saying there is no media bias or outright propaganda from the Ottawa media? And when did Harper say “No!” to one particular outlet again and again. He was inaccessible to a fault, we know, but this BS does not compare.
Watch your Justin closely as his “accessibility” is somewhat of a joke anyway
commented 2016-02-18 10:07:06 -0500
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-02-18 09:16:35 -0500
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-02-18 09:02:19 -0500

Has the Rebel done a good job marketing itself ?!?! Has the Rebel been sloppy in associating itself with the proper titles ?!?! The word JOURNALIST is a title used by a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information. A JOURNALIST’s work is entitled JOURNALISM. Both of these titles clearly define the work of the Rebel. And yet, members of the Rebel reporting staff DO NOT overtly market themselves as JOURNALISTS. May we suggest that ALL Rebel reporting staff append the title REBEL JOURNALIST whenever their name is used ?!?! On all video reports, at the bottom of the screen, the title REBEL JOURNALIST must always appear. Moreover, Ezra Levant himself can be described as with the titles Rebel Commander AND Rebel Journalist. Faith Goldy, On The Hunt Host AND Rebel Journalist. As it stands right now, nowhere on the Rebel web-site are titles JOURNALIST and JOURNALISM used with any consistency. Perhaps the Rebel organization itself should also use tag lines such as FEARLESS JOURNALISM or ON THE HUNT JOURNALISM or THE EZRA LEVANT JOURNAL. You guys seemingly abandoned the use of these titles, and yet, they should be overtly displayed EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME, and even RETRO-ACTIVELY since the beginning of the Rebel. Look, we think that Notley is REPREHENSIBLE, but the Rebel MUST do a better job marketing itself in this regard. Give yourselves, and your organization, the professional titles that they deserve. WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G
commented 2016-02-18 08:53:25 -0500
“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than a generation from extinction. It is not ours by
inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation for it comes only
once to a people.  Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”
Bernard Goldberg.
commented 2016-02-18 07:53:08 -0500
Geez, how could I be so wrong?
Here I was, thinking all along that MICHAEL MANN was the kind who liked spankings.
commented 2016-02-18 05:49:57 -0500
What Daryl Herman said.

Michael, should you ever grow up, come back and have a real debate on the topic or the article.

Until then, maybe you should go upstairs and talk to your mommy and tell he you want to move out and get your own place. I am sure she will be relieved to hear you finally are going to attempt to grow up.

But you should find a job first. I doubt you have any education, but maybe you can find a job shoveling shit. After all, you are an expert at shoveling shit. You do it here all the time. Just have your chosen prospective employer come here and read your full or shit comments and he will know right away just how good you really are at shoveling shit.
commented 2016-02-18 04:05:44 -0500
Look at who’s calling us morons! The Moron himself. Mikey Mann – who ain’t a man at all – just a shit head with a keyboard! – and obviously no balls to start up his own site to puke up all his diarrhea!
If you got your head out of your mama’s ass – you may be able to think – instead of just shit.
REALLY Mikey asshole, go get a life on another forum – a hacker WILL find you. It won’t be hard with brains like yours. LOL!!
commented 2016-02-18 03:16:39 -0500
Removed for violating rule:Avoid excessive profanity.
commented 2016-02-18 03:11:23 -0500
Ya, Mike Mann you’re just like Jian Ghomeshi – an absolute idiot who thinks he is brilliant – and unstoppable – go get a LIFE!
Listened to CBC today – just a bunch of stupid shit they broadcast – not unlike yourself – but absolutely worthless when it comes to broadcasting the truth behind the matters at hand – maybe you should get off Mamma’s apron strings and go to work for the CBC – seeing as they are your idle.
You are just a waste of skin!!
commented 2016-02-18 02:47:28 -0500
Ezra, you know that the NDP are watching your show. Make sure to replay that clip of Rachel laughing, just to twist the knife a little bit.

That was a great interview on what is taking place in the middle east. Keep giving us the news on what is taking place on that part of the world.
commented 2016-02-18 01:19:43 -0500
Mannie…..you lefttist progressive fucktard!!! You calling the followers of the Rebel sheep is most laughable. I would put you in the lemming category, but i digress.
In your skewed view of things, kindly explain to us all how the Rebel staff was to be singled out and removed and this can be acceptable in your universe?
(this should be good)
commented 2016-02-18 00:57:51 -0500
Apparently the sheep here can’t be objective and critical of The Rebel when they deserve it.
commented 2016-02-18 00:56:55 -0500
I love that the uneducated fucks here think that Canadaland is left wing, simply because they have factual reasons to call out The Rebel.

Canadaland goes after all media – left and right. He has attacked CBC, Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail and today – The Rebel for hypocrisy.
commented 2016-02-18 00:54:33 -0500

Good to see that you are informed. Canadaland are highly respected and Jesse Brown was the one that broke the Jian Ghomeshi story. You know, things that real journalists do.

You might have known that if your head wasn’t up your ass.