May 17, 2016

Notley blames climate change for Fort Mac wildfire, NDP’s bad forest management more likely culprit

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Notley government is going to save our communities from deadly climate change. Aren’t you all relieved? 

Notley told reporters in a press conference Tuesday that as part of her plan to save us from climate change, she is working on the Flat Top Complex Wildfire Review Recommendations. That review was done in 2012 after the Slave Lake fire claimed a third of that Boreal forest town.

Number 4 of the Flat Top Complex Review recommendations reads:

“Accelerate fuel management treatments near communities in forested areas that are at risk from wildfires. Priority should be given to thinning or conversion of coniferous stands, particularly black spruce, which threaten community developments forest management.”

In the NDP’s spring budget there was a $5.3 million direct cut to forest fire preparation, prevention and mitigation. Cutting the programs that do the work specifically mentioned in the Flat Top Complex Report doesn't seem like Notley was working through the recommendations.

Oh. And another thing: fires aren't climate change. They are the result of fire suppression and bad forest management.

The cause of the Fort Mac fire hasn't been determined. Was it lightning? A cigarette butt? A spark from an ATV exhaust? Or the angry hand of Mother Gaia smiting Alberta because four hippies danced around a campfire to bucket drums and cast a spell? We don't know yet.

But it wasn't climate change.

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commented 2016-05-18 16:37:11 -0400
Andrew asked, " … or is it that you acknowledge we may be having an impact and consider the economic impact of addressing it greater than the economic impact of dealing with the consequences? "

The cost of prevention and dealing with the impact is infinitesimal compared to the multi billions that have already been wasted and lining the pockets of “scientists” and politicians.

The money now that goes into grants to study how to mitigate anthropogenic climate change would be better spent going into infrastructure to mitigate the damages of extreme weather events, those weather events that have been steadily decreasing in frequency and severity in the last couple decades. That money should go into relief aid for disaster victims.

The arrogance of the politicians, scientists, and lemmings like you who believe that humans can lower the mean temperature of the planet is beyond the pale. Unbelievable hubris.
commented 2016-05-18 15:26:47 -0400
Bill Elder,

Where does your argument lie? Is it that the climate doesn’t change (obviously it does)? Is it that you’re skeptical of human influences (a claim that’s impossible to “prove” either way, at least for the next few centuries or so), or is it that you acknowledge we may be having an impact and consider the economic impact of addressing it greater than the economic impact of dealing with the consequences?

The last is the only claim that can be objectively evaluated at this time. Obviously, the climate does change, and there isn’t evidence to discard the human influence argument yet. Where does your perspective lie?
commented 2016-05-18 12:32:47 -0400
Jay Kelly commented – “It would be impossible to blame this fire on climate change, as it would be impossible to say this fire had nothing to do with climate change”

Jay, they’ve trained you well at commie martyrs U = trotting out the one sided negative dialectic – the old “there must be God because you can’t prove he doesn’t exist” canard.

Conflating the global warming myth with marxist invalid dialectics, displays the the irrational arguments used in modern marxist critical theory. Essentially, and as a totally perverse intellectual exercise, making a statement of logical fallacy this obvious has the effect of no rational answer – i.e. no rational counter argument exists to a totally unprovable “belief”.

In this way the disingenuous leftists use a negative dialectic with only a one sided premise – an echo chamber of unknowable speculation – because it cannot be proven or disproven, and is so silly it transcends rational argument, it is repeated endlessly without challenge and soon is accepted as conventional fact.

This has been going on in the public narrative for decades (aided by cultural critical theory elements in mass media) and is the primary source of most of the popular misconceptions and social/historical myths which have infected the collective public intellect – a side i.e. effect of accepting such unreasoning myth is the general acceptance of bigger and bigger fraudulent narratives. So here’s one back at you Jay – the Slave lake fire was proved to arson, therefore because you can’t prove the Fort Mac fire wasn’t arson, it remains a valid presumption of cause. Check and mate.
commented 2016-05-18 11:15:25 -0400
folks the lefty loonies and turdo , notley and wynne are determined to wipe out the resource industry in alberta and bc .oil , gas and coal keep this country going but to meet their insane agendas these people need to stop these resources and wipe out thousands of blue collar jobs,the more i hear from these wackos the more i wonder how that fire did start at frt mac, i have become very suspicious, a few years ago if anyone had wrote what i just wrote they would of called me a conspiracy theorist nut bar but now we have seen the enemy and it is the ecco terrorists and the above mentioned names, the west needs to separate sooner than later . ASAP
commented 2016-05-18 10:58:15 -0400
Sure sign that the NonDemocratic Party, itself, realizes it is incapable of governing. It has to retreat to the safe space of blaming AGW.

Wildfires have always occurred in the boreal forest as recorded both in written historical records and pre-historical anthropological records. Go figure, the trees are conifers and dry in spring.

Sadly, we had a human disaster affecting thousands due to this natural phenomenon.

So what does Notley do? Instead of addressing the human cost of the disaster, she goes into her safe space of blaming climate change and calls it government.
commented 2016-05-18 10:09:03 -0400
Whenever I hear Notley talk, all I hear is cluck, cluck, glock, cluck, cluck, cluck, glock, cluck, cluck.
commented 2016-05-18 09:47:20 -0400
The vacant look on her face in the above picture reflects the policies of her government or lack thereof.
Why is it that people cannot see the forest for the trees (Sorry, they should see the forest now as most of the trees a have been consumed by the fire), as to what kind of idiots politicians are?
A vast majority of them are crooks and would make honest crooks like Al Capone pale in comparison.
They ascend to power making great promises but the moment they gain power, they decide to start servicing their electorate the George Carlin way and that is “just bend, over and relax, it won’t hurt a bit …”

commented 2016-05-18 08:32:53 -0400
Notley believes these terrible natural events are the result of man made climate change and that we should prepare for them by significantly reducing budgets that prepare and respond to these disasters. Are these people completely insane and who poisoned the water in Alberta the night before the vote?
commented 2016-05-18 08:05:11 -0400
I enjoy and agree with Daryl Herman comments!
commented 2016-05-18 07:05:50 -0400
It doesn’t matter what prior PC governments did or did not do. This happened on Nutley’s watch and she owns it.
commented 2016-05-18 02:21:40 -0400
Do these idiots realize the climate has always changed, even long before we industrialized?
commented 2016-05-18 02:20:48 -0400
I am sure she will blame climate change for all the damage smoking does to her.
commented 2016-05-18 01:22:53 -0400
God is continually sending out messages to the world. He is angry with us because we keep breaking the Ten Commandments. Things are going to continue to get much worse until there is a one world communist government and nuclear war. Along the way we are going to experience more increasing amounts of fire, flood, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, disease, starvation, economic destruction, violence and more. Many of these occurrences are already happening and are being blamed on climate change. But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, I also will do this to you:

I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. (Leviticus 26: 14-16)
commented 2016-05-18 01:18:11 -0400
Jay Kelly you are an ECO-Terrorist and will be dealt with as such!!
commented 2016-05-18 01:17:43 -0400
Our early warm, dry spring is a result of a full blown El Niño which comes in regular cycles.
commented 2016-05-18 00:59:44 -0400
A combination of Rachel Notley’s passive policies and climate change came together to set Fort McMurray on fire. The blame game would do no good at this stage, even though many conservatives want to get into it.

It would be impossible to blame this fire on climate change, as it would be impossible to say this fire had nothing to do with climate change.
commented 2016-05-18 00:55:29 -0400
@ Dieter Cunth commented 34 mins ago
Nutley’s mental health will improve exponentially when a small hole appears on her forehead!!! There has been no other Albertan politician who is so SECURITY driven as this stupid lunatic. And we Albertans are paying for it 10x over!
Solution = 1 well aimed projectile!
commented 2016-05-18 00:24:57 -0400
Like the Iceland volcano a few years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one fire alone put more co2 into our atmosphere than the oil sands has since day one. In fact you could probably add in all the co2 savings from all the carbon taxes the world over to boot.
commented 2016-05-18 00:15:30 -0400
To date it looks like the odds are that it was deliberately set. A report from the U. of A. stated that there were no lightning activity in the area for days prior, there is also no railway nearby. It was started away from any roadways it leaves not much to the imagination.

The green lobby was well underway in the 1990’s protesting clear cutting and the forest industry in general. After the Yellowstone mega fire they banned logging in most of Wood Buffalo Park. This is not the fault of the NDP forest management practice. It applies to all governments in the last 30 years.
commented 2016-05-18 00:14:02 -0400
Given her bizarre bouts of giggling, Notley is already heavily medicated. Irrational thoughts, half-assed connections, and conspiracy notions will reveal more about Notley’s twisted mindset. This will be the best free floor-show ever, watching the slow breakdown of Notley’s mental health.
commented 2016-05-18 00:10:51 -0400
Notley is putting the fix in, discrediting the oil and gas industry in Alberta and attacking the Oilsands at every opportunity. Soon, she will blurt out that she has better things to do, like safeguarding washroom access for transgenders, than fire management that threatens communities outside of Edmonton.

This is what dementia looks like, and get another three years of it.
commented 2016-05-17 23:58:41 -0400
Why is this Nutley idiot be marching around like some Nazi Fire Marshall – when the stupid bitch couldn’t even put a fire out in her kitchen sink?! All these fires appear to have been man-made – which brings to point the Ft St John fires were all arson, and these Alberta fires are very suspect – yet forestry officials are suddenly very quiet about what the cause is?! There have been many FB & Tweet from NDP & Libtards to the effect they need to be “lighting” all of Alberta on fire for what we have done to the environment!!
Just be warned – you idiotic lunatics out there – should I or any of my many associates catch a Libtard with a match in your hands in Alberta – or be somewhere where you needn’t be – you WILL be experiencing your own ROAST!! This goes for you NUTLEY Too!!
commented 2016-05-17 23:40:18 -0400
Nowadays, blame everything on climate change. It did not rain today…..climate change; the hummingbirds are slow arriving this year….climate change; my toast burnt this morning…..climate change; I had a flat tire last week….climate change. This is sarcasm of course, but this is how ridiculous the left have become, same with the phobias, islamaphobia…homophobia…..biphobia. Etc. If you disagree or state a different opinion that’s what they label you with, however they don’t agree with what I disagree with so what does that make them? So stupid.
Notley is always looking down & not at her audience which tells me she can’t because she knows she’s trying to deceive everyone. So if the fire was started by a cigarette butt or lightning then it has to be climate change, I guess lightning is the direct result of climate change. So fed up with this BS. Every disaster is blamed on climate change now even though disasters have been happening for centuries.
commented 2016-05-17 23:14:41 -0400
If nutley and her cronies could just please shut up. I have 3 daughters and women like nutley and co just make it tough for my girls to get the respect they deserve.
commented 2016-05-17 23:07:04 -0400
Peter Babich commented 2 hours ago
Um uh ummm, she’s definitely been talking to justin

Maybe not – those who have smoked too much pot have fried brains and can’t complete sentences, so they use their bridge words ….ah, um, uh.

Notley is a piece of shit and likely a substance abuser too.
commented 2016-05-17 22:43:31 -0400
Andrew Stephenson while many factors were outside of their control, this idea that nothing can, could or should have been done about it is pure irresponsibility. If the forests were managed around the town (this doesn’t take decades to accomplish, only a year or two of committed work by contractors) the fire would have passed by the entire town leaving it unscathed. Much of the town did survive it was only those areas occupied around the protected forest that burned. If it hadn’t been protected out of an unsafe environmentalist agenda, again the town would have been safe. Ignorance and blame-shifting aren’t the solution to anything, so stop committing to it. Notley’s first words in light of the Flat Top Complex Report should be, “we failed”.
commented 2016-05-17 21:42:26 -0400
I can re-imagine a Conservative government taking over a mess created by these real morons we call the Liberal Party of Canada. The New Dolt Party is another version of them as well. Pandering to the bandwagon of “climate change” which we cause due to our oil which in turn destroys the earth…or something like that.
commented 2016-05-17 21:30:22 -0400
Yeah climate change must have forced the arsonist who started the Slave Lake fire to do what he did – and so far arson is not ruled out in Fork Mac.= but it is being blamed on human causes – maybe climate change makes people set fires or be careless with fire – or maybe it just makes them talk shit and dodge responsibility.
commented 2016-05-17 21:25:55 -0400
a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
synonyms: rabble-rouser · agitator · political agitator