February 17, 2016

Notley cancelled press conference before Rebel reporter arrived. Coincidence?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Today was an exciting day at The Rebel. We made Rachel Notley blink

The pressure from our viewers, readers and even from our 'frenemies’ in the mainstream media made Rachel Notley backtrack on her embargo against myself and my Rebel colleagues. Let me thank you all for that.

I headed to Calgary today to test Rachel Notley's ban. I was going to attend the press conference where NDP MLA Stephanie McLean would reveal her new baby, the first one born to a sitting MLA, to the public.

I was also coming to test the commitment of the rest of the media. If I wasn't allowed in, would they stand with me on principal? I didn’t get to find out.

As I was driving down, the Notley embargo against The Rebel ended, at least temporarily, pending the findings of the new review of the government's media policies. Then Rachel Notley cancelled the press conference altogether. Well, that's convenient.

The good news is that I get to do my job now for the next few weeks while media policies are reviewed but the fight isn't over.

We don’t need a review paid for by the taxpayer to have Rachel Notley do what is constitutional.

I am a journalist. Nothing Rachel Notley says will change that.

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commented 2016-02-18 17:02:44 -0500
Don`t mean to be rude but the Nut looks terrible ….she is ready for a guest spot as a zombie on the walking dead…no need for any touch ups she is good to go, might be in her best interest to bail out while she is behind
commented 2016-02-18 14:48:04 -0500
Hi Don,

You also know you are doing well when you can crowd fund most of your network while others get laid off or work for CBC because no one wants to support their publication/channel.
commented 2016-02-18 11:03:43 -0500
Sheila, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. You sparkle.
commented 2016-02-18 09:43:22 -0500
i had to laugh when i read cbcs neil macdonald wrote about ezra, with the usual air of cbc superiority.. neil couldnt help but include his/cbc bias in his “some journalists (himself) are better than others” piece..
note to neil.. you work for all canadians not just that same small handful whose drivel gets onto the most heavily censored comments board in the country..
commented 2016-02-18 08:34:00 -0500
Sam Young The problem with the small towns is she would not be among very many supporters in the rural areas. She does not seem to understand, the cons were unelected by a pissed off public, she was not really elected. Granted she won but only because people wanted rid of the cons. She will be next and knows it.
commented 2016-02-18 07:17:44 -0500
Leftists politicos and celebreties are comfortable with complacent journalism , much different when you have straight forward hard question to answer, this is why we need the Rebel.
commented 2016-02-18 02:37:32 -0500
Maybe Rachel will hold the next press conference in some obscure Albertan town just to get away from the rebel.
commented 2016-02-18 01:17:37 -0500
The dingo got your baby.
commented 2016-02-18 01:11:38 -0500
oops: attending “their” private…
commented 2016-02-18 01:09:31 -0500
Two things. One. Admitting they made a mistake doesn’t mean they’re sorry. The mistake they made was getting caught and not working out a better way to block critical thinkers from attending they’re private workshops where they tutor the leftist media on how to present the grand plan. Two. There is no two. They’re going to fight till their noses bleed, trying to figure out how to block the Rebel and appear to look rational and legitimate. Good luck with that.
commented 2016-02-18 00:44:28 -0500
That baby is already more mature than Notley.
commented 2016-02-18 00:18:29 -0500
Well mannie, sean, et al…..i would like to believe that your collective heads are exploding after this. However, understanding the mind of a leftist progressive fucktard, you all would see this as some sort of victory.
commented 2016-02-18 00:16:21 -0500
“Notley should die from cancer and hopefully soon.”

That is simply not funny and totally tasteless. As one who has cancer I can assure you it is no joking matter. You may dislike Notley and her policies, but to wish cancer on anyone is reprehensible.
commented 2016-02-17 22:43:57 -0500
The only reason Notley backed down is because of all the flack that they were bombarded with & then she labelled her bullying as a “mistake” so they’re not sorry at all just sorry their bullying towards The Rebel will have to stop.
Sheila, keep attending & reporting about these events as you see fit. We all appreciate hearing the facts as they are, not all sugar coated & cherry picked like what the MSM puts out there as “news”.
BTW I like babies too,but since when do politicians hold a press conference to announce a new birth, never heard of it & ridiculous if you want to know the truth.
commented 2016-02-17 22:09:00 -0500
Notley’s face looks like an old catcher’s mit and this is because it smokes like a chimney.

Notley should die from cancer and hopefully soon.
commented 2016-02-17 22:06:10 -0500
All this demonstrates is that Notley has completely lost her marbles. Scheduling media events, however minor, yet to a considerable build-up, and then cancelling them (Notley forgot she was going to be in Edmonton on the same day?) just establishes the level of dementia that has taken over this government. The Premier is afraid of one media outlet over all of them, so much so she runs from them, and in public? The weirdness is just getting started.

These antics are pending a major, and entirely unexpected announcement, that Notley will be taking an indefinite leave of absence. Why? Because she is exhausted and mentally strained. Seriously, if this is the sort of behavior that citizens have to put up with from their leadership, it’s time for mass-resignations of the government and a fresh start.
commented 2016-02-17 22:05:41 -0500
Oh yeah, Notley is really starting to look like a witch.
commented 2016-02-17 22:04:58 -0500
That was certainly a different day in the life for Sheila. Lot of ups and downs and all arounds. At least she got a trip to Calgary out of it.
commented 2016-02-17 21:51:58 -0500
Sheila, please, the government of Alberta did not admit “wrong doing” by banning The Rebel! They carefully characterized what they did as a “mistake”; you know like an ‘honest mistake’, an unintentional one, not made with malice aforethought or they didn’t know any better. No, this was not a mistake, but a deliberate calculated action.
The media notice announcing the cancellation of the event spoke of it as an occasion where NDP MLA Stephanie McLean “introduces her son to the province”. Say what! “Son”? What happened to gender fluidity as demanded in the Alberta government’s transgender ‘guidelines’ for Alberta’s schools? What’s up with using such hateful non-inclusive, gendered language? Drawing upon the ‘guidelines’ shouldn’t it have read the MLA “introduces her “ze” or “zir” or “hir” to the province”?
commented 2016-02-17 21:32:47 -0500
Well done Ezra, Brian and all the Rebels under your care! I must say I had to chuckle when you broadcast the news because its hard to imagine them being so stupid as to create this massive advertising windfall where “frenemies” (lol) in the media party were compelled to support and likely introduce many more thousands to RebelMedia. I would love to know what kind of bump your network gets from this? Keep up the great work folks. Cheers.
commented 2016-02-17 21:01:44 -0500
Again I say great work Sheila! We need more from you, more from the Rebel and more from proud Albertans, Canadians and others who actually appreciate this great province and country we live in.
The destruction and anti support of what we built and sacrificed over many years must be stopped.
Keep it going!!!
commented 2016-02-17 20:30:32 -0500

Gentle bear-hug for Sheila Gunn-Reid, long glare-stare for Rachel Notley and special thanks for the comment below from ‘Rebelation’ for suggesting several great-questions that should be put forward to the blunt rude cop-type who could not wait to run away from Shelia Gunn-Reid.
As for journalists, (with a few exceptions) the left-wing politically correct clowns in the main stream media offer nothing but government propaganda when compared to the Rebel Media Journalists who actually defend freedom of speech and democracy by fearlessly speaking out – like no one else!

The Rebel Media! The beginnings of real hope – for real Canadians!
commented 2016-02-17 20:14:50 -0500
Maybe, per my previous comment on another story, this government is imploding. This is an action of a scared government and scared premier.
Maybe my dream of a 2018 election is not far wrong.
Maybe 2017 is possible.
How about this year?

Oh, please Diety…please…please…please
commented 2016-02-17 20:05:09 -0500
NDP monkeying with democracy is no funny matter, but one point is funny, really funny. Lefties have always tried to portray themselves as perpetual victims, the little guys (and girls), oppressed and treated unfairly….. and now their narrative is turned on its head, and being used against them. As each fact and sensibility comes to light, millions of lefty brain cells are extinguished with a little orange puff of cognitive dissonance induced smoke. Unfortunately, long after they are gone, AB NDP are going to be a dull orange stain left on our collective fabric, and the stench will likely remain for many years after.
commented 2016-02-17 19:55:52 -0500
I love victory, and to see evil hi tailing down the road with their tails tucked between their legs like scalded hounds, feels great. Large bill boards exposing their evil deeds so every province in Canada will learn the truth. Keep up the good fight, Rebel.
commented 2016-02-17 19:53:43 -0500
Show up for everything.

Literally everything.

Ask the tough questions as well.

And MAKE them pay attention.

And – if you are getting the web traffic I think you are getting you need to include that in your comments.

If literally tens, hundreds of thousands or a million / millions of hits per year – tell them- make them KNOW you are active and busy.

Good work.
commented 2016-02-17 19:48:56 -0500
Acuuna – well put again, as always LOL!!!

You can see this as good news, but I don’t I’m afraid. By bowing out now, Notley has actually limited the damage that could’ve been done if they continued on the same path, and even better, arrested Sheila (instant global outcry!!). The outcry would’ve forced a complete reversal, not a partial one and entrenched, very deeply, forever more, that politicians are answerable to the press. I would have preferred that Sheila were arrested. Oh she’d never get convicted, not worried about that. Though a conviction would have been even better, as it would show how communist our courts have become. (when you’re in the Rebel business, you have to take these arrows on occasion. Ezra has!). I’d like to see Sheila go confront the gent that ordered her out. . . .

Who told you to do that sir?
Why didn’t you tell them it’s illegal and refuse?
Don’t you realize that the instant the police start doing illegal dirty work of politicians your turning the country in a communist state?
Is your paycheque more important to you than democracy?
Would you tell our soldiers you were too scardy-cat to stand up to the Premier?
Why didn’t you charge the politician with Breach of Trust instead?
Are you going to now? Now that you understand the implications?
What will you do next time? Same thing? Arrest HER instead? Quit the job instead?
What does your family think of you tearing down democracy for a measly few grand (paycheque)?
If you’re going to sell out democracy, don’t you think you should’ve got money from China, and Putin and others? Make it worth your while? I’m sure they’d pay you a BILLION no?
commented 2016-02-17 19:42:19 -0500
She can run but she can’t hide, at least not forever. You keep up the excellent “journalism” Sheila. Hip, hip, hooray!