January 05, 2018

Notley Extends War On Entrepreneurs To Restaurants & Retailers

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

On Tuesday's episode of The Gunn ShowFort McMurray bar owner Robbie Picard joined me to discuss growing number of taxes and regulations Rachel Notley is slamming Alberta businesses with. 

It's already challenging for small businesses like Robbie's bar to cover regular expenses like staff wages and rent, new NDP regulations have only made that worse. 

The NDP have attempted to sell their carbon tax by offering rebates, but employers would rather not have to pay the tax in the first place. 

It appears that Alberta is finally recovering from it's NDP recession, but Notley isn't going to let that prevent her from introducing legislation that imposes union style rules on restaurants and retailers. 

WATCH my video to see why Robbie thinks the NDP don't understand the struggle business owners are facing. 

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commented 2018-01-05 17:52:36 -0500
Anyone that gets a rebate should donate it to Jason Kenney and the UCP for the battle of AB!
commented 2018-01-05 17:51:06 -0500
Andy I had heard January 29th but not positive on that date.
commented 2018-01-05 17:09:27 -0500
… Good posts.
… Deborah: You are right that she will play her gender card.
… Notley definitely gets treated with kid’s gloves by Kenney and the media because she is a woman.
… But, Notley is scum, and is destroying Alberta with every step. This is war.
commented 2018-01-05 16:34:24 -0500
Again… I would like to know if anybody has a possible date for when Kenney will square off with Catcher’s Mitt Notley for the first time in the Legislature?…
commented 2018-01-05 16:29:34 -0500
Taxing people into insolvency and then giving them back a small “rebate” from their own ’stolen" money is akin to having your home completely robbed but the thieves, in their compassion, return the next day to leave a little food on your doorstep.
commented 2018-01-05 14:51:22 -0500
Why would anyone in their right mind vote NDP. ie: Notley Bob Rae
commented 2018-01-05 14:32:17 -0500
Her agenda is clear. She is trying to destroy literally everything in that province and bring Albertan’s to their knees. Why does she even bother to lie? She is an evil witch.

I didn’t think any Albertan politician could be more reviled than Redford, then came the Prentice/Danielle Smith debacle, but Notley my gawd, she takes the cake. That is some nasty piece of work right there.
Alberta is certainly well over due for something good to come their way. I hope Kenney will be that for the province.

A special place in hell.
A special place in hell is waiting for that agenda driven she monster. Someone has promised her some prize for her deeds. She has sold her soul to the devil. No one is naturally that evil unless they are George Soros, Mao or a fundamentalist driven Islamic.
Keep smokin and drinkin Notley maybe you will get there sooner and we will all travel to Alberta to dance on your grave.
commented 2018-01-05 14:22:24 -0500
I can’t wait until Jason is in our legislature and has Notley pinned to the mats. How long before she hides behind her sex, and calls Jason a bully? Or maybe a Nazi? Or a racist? She had it easy with the Brian Jean, the WR leader, but now the gloves will be off, and Jason is as sharp as a tack politically! Let’s hope and pray that we hang on until we give her the boot into the dust bin of history!
commented 2018-01-05 13:37:44 -0500
… And now, the disgusting Notley is telling Albertans to eat less meat.
… A transparent attack on rural voters. None of whom belong to corrupt PS unions, or would ever vote NDP.
… Notley is scum
commented 2018-01-05 13:16:55 -0500
Socialists like to create no value jobs. Take the carbon tax for example a regressive tax that accomplishes nothing except raise the cost of fuel. But I’m talking about no value jobs. So bring in a carbon tax and then send out rebates and give away a few trinkets away along the way. This creates a bureaucracy, people are hired to direct, administer, monitor, police the regulations, and pay for dispersmants. This is classic Socialist nonsense.
commented 2018-01-05 12:53:13 -0500
Not to be outdone by her partner in Marxism, KathllenWynne is beating up on Tim Hortons after unilaterally imposing an increase of the minimum wage on the Ontario private sector in a shameless effort to buy votes with other people’s money.
commented 2018-01-05 12:52:50 -0500
Not to be outdone by her partner in Marxism, KathllenWynne is beating up on Tim Hortons after unilaterally imposing an increase of the minimum wage on the Ontario private sector in a shameless effort to buy votes with other people’s money.
commented 2018-01-05 11:53:17 -0500
And I believe that Notley is a union lawyer.
commented 2018-01-05 11:52:25 -0500
The union runs the NDP, and Notley is literally in bed with them. Her husband is a union goon.
commented 2018-01-05 11:15:39 -0500
… Gerry” The PS union goons are clearly running Alberta now.
… Notley is just lipstick on a pig.
commented 2018-01-05 10:37:56 -0500
Its always the same with NDP govs because of the union goons that give them the running orders.
commented 2018-01-05 09:36:57 -0500
There’s probably another way to read that
commented 2018-01-05 09:29:02 -0500
… Notley is a failure, and the overwhelming majority of Albertans want to be rid of her. It is an insult that she remains in office implementing her unwanted social and economic agenda.
… What kind of a sick, arrogant person would consider it their business to tell others how to run their business? Who is this creep Rachel Notley?
… Step down and leave Albertans alone. Respect our freedom to make our own decisions. You and everything you do are unwanted.