Please help us with our free speech defence fund


Notley has asked Elections Alberta to call us a political party, or a political action committee, or an elections campaign group. Anything that would let her shut us down.

Because Notley is a bully, who has never stopped trying to find a scheme to censor us.

Her tactics are obviously unconstitutional. We have freedom of the press in Alberta, and that includes the freedom to criticize Notley as much as we like. We’re not Venezuela — though some of her nuttier backbenchers obviously wish we were.

Last year, we were saved by our civil liberties lawyers — and by thousands of Canadians signing our petition, telling Notley to back off.

So far our legal bills in this fight have only been a few hundred dollars. But this is the calm before the storm.

I am 100% certain that we will be in a full-blown legal battle in the new year, as Notley tries to shut down any grassroots opposition to her extremist policies.

We’re going to need a great lawyer. Please help us stop Notley’s unconstitutional attempt to silence us.

If you can help support our legal defence fund, please donate below.