April 20, 2016

Notley NDP axe $15M from wildfire budget — protect union friends instead

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

There are wildfires burning all across Alberta.  Forty-eight fires are burning in the province according to Wildfire Alberta.

According to a Wildfire Alberta report updated April 19, 2016, Alberta has had 157 wildfires to date in 2016. That's three times the historical average of 51 wildfires.

This is Alberta. Some years we have a hot dry spring that increases our wildfire risk. We know that. It just happens. It wasn't that long ago that the Northern Alberta town of Slave Lake burned. In 2011, 40% of Slave Lake burned causing $700 million in damages when two wildfires converged on the town.

So can anyone tell me why the Alberta NDP cut the wildfire management budget by nearly $15 million in last week’s budget?

The wildfire season in Alberta started over a month early, in February when a massive wildfire ripped through Jasper National Park burning over 5,000 square kilometres. Yet the NDP cut the budget in April for wildfire management by $15 million.

Spending for healthcare increased in the NDP’s recent budget. There wasn't a penny to be cut from the bloat and bureaucracy in that Ministry. The NDP took a machete, instead, to the wildfire fighting budget while Alberta is predicted to have a busy fire season.

The NDP prattle on about protecting the public sector and the healthcare system. What they really need to worry about is protecting rural Alberta and Alberta forest communities from dangerous wildfires.

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commented 2016-04-21 12:13:03 -0400
I notice the TROLLS are not popping up as much these days …maybe they can no longer find the will to defend the nutbag or the prince of puff and their idiotic ways ??? no that`s probably not it….Ahhh ..maybe their parents are going broke and have cut back on the internet / cable bill …maybe they told them now that your 40 your going to have to help out with the bills and that triggered them and there safe place doesn`t have internet ….I guess they could be working …oh sorry forget that thought ..that’s craziness on my part!…most likely they were practicing for 4-20 now that they have gotten by that day a little rest and they should be good to go again
commented 2016-04-21 12:07:19 -0400
Maryann, You ever think the trolls might actually be WORKING?? People who actually work for a living can’t sit on here all day bitching and whining.
commented 2016-04-21 11:15:35 -0400
the TROLLS are all still asleep in their parents basement….it’s not like they gotta get up and GO TO WORK !!!!!!!!
commented 2016-04-21 01:36:50 -0400
Please can any of the left wing trolls explain why this is a good thing?
commented 2016-04-21 01:30:47 -0400
What more can this woman do to hurt Albertans. More wildfires expected, so let’s cut the budget. Wow, that makes a lot of sense but then again nothing the NDP does ever makes sense. Lots of money for those stinking unions who take priority over the security & well being of those who live in those fire threatening areas of AB.
commented 2016-04-20 22:49:41 -0400
But they are going to fight climate change, sort of akin to fighting mother earth, and then there will be be no more wild fires. You know, like it was before we started burning fossil fuels? Right????
commented 2016-04-20 21:17:44 -0400
Kelvin – we just need to tell Nutley we are non-union and love the NDPiggers! She’d be out in a minute or 2! I’ll be ready!
commented 2016-04-20 20:51:49 -0400
Not hard to see that this bitch hates rural Alberta. How can we get environutley and her minions to take a field trip to the pristine wilderness.
commented 2016-04-20 20:27:32 -0400
This is irresponsible on Notley’s part, considering we barely had winter around Calgary, and the land is bone dry. When the wildfires start she’ll bring out her gas mask for a photo op to send to the UN, for the faux climate change album.
commented 2016-04-20 20:04:33 -0400
The NDP is Bat Sht Crazy and need to be put into cages and Torched, just like their effin Muslim friends do to downed pilots.
commented 2016-04-20 19:53:23 -0400
From an insane NDP perspective… fires are caused by ‘man made climate change’… and since a tax was introduces and Notley took a jaunt to Paris, this ‘mmcc’ is over, done, solved… no need for fire prevention.
commented 2016-04-20 19:50:51 -0400
Hey everyone knows the NDPigs hate this province. We all know the NDPigs want to see the province we love to, burn to the ground. All the NDPigs want is their money so they can leave the province after they are booted out of the house of commons.
commented 2016-04-20 19:48:21 -0400
that’s alright the NDP is burning this province to the ground anyway. it sure seems awfully strange for a government that puts in a carbon tax for us “useless eaters” but they forget about all the carbon and air pollution spewing into the air from Forrest fires. we need a civil war.
commented 2016-04-20 19:36:29 -0400
They’re running out of money
The last thing to cut will be there kissen cousins
Keep on on them