August 11, 2016

Notley NDP’s socialist solution to fundraising crisis? Taxpayer funded per vote subsidy

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The NDP have introduced a motion to give a taxpayer funded rebate to political parties for their candidates and party expenses.

The motion was introduced before the ironically named “Ethics and Accountability Committee” by Bolivarian Super Fan and Rapper for the Revolution, NDP MLA Rod Loyola. It will give any party reaching a threshold of 10% of the vote a full 50% rebate on their election expenses. Paid for by you.

The NDP are so hung up on the legislature making big decisions that they are willing to sue to overturn PPA contracts they worry were drafted in secret. Yet NDP have passed this motion in the dead of summer in a committee away from the scrutiny of the Legislative Assembly. Clearly, the NDP don't really believe in transparency.

But there is more at play here. The NDP are having a fundraising crisis.

The Wildrose Party, out-fundraised the NDP in the last quarter by $100,000. The NDP are rightly worried about the Wildrose war chest so they’re looking at backdoor ways to get around their inability to fundraise their way out of a wet paper bag.

Here’s hoping the NDP get less than 10% of the vote in the next election. They’ve taken enough of our money already.

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commented 2016-08-13 18:08:45 -0400
Yes she outlawed corporate donations so she could then charge them huge sums of money to meet with her secretly out of province. Shes fantastic Cameron you’re right. Durrrrr
commented 2016-08-12 22:47:44 -0400
Cameron if you thin unions have no influence on them you are pretty lost. They funnel it in other ways.
commented 2016-08-12 22:18:03 -0400
The Alberta Ndp. The only party to outlaw corporation donations and union donations to a political party. So unless you have something else to say. This law alone makes it worthy to have them for 4 years period.
commented 2016-08-12 17:34:42 -0400
How much longer before the election? Can Alberta hang on until then? What new hair-brained ideas will the NDP come up with? Farmers not allowed to work on weekends? Methane tax on manure?

Will Baby Doc Trudeau reinstitute per vote financing? After all, like Notley, he believes our pockets are there for him to pick. Right now it looks like every province (save Saskatchewan) and the feds have the intention of bankrupting the country and taking every dollar out of our wallets and bank accounts.

BTW, the federal Liberals want to pass legislation that if banks lose money the banks would be able to go into our accounts and recover their losses – the investors will lose nothing. The Liberal, NDP, Green and Socialist parties have no idea about letting people have something to call their own – we are their financial backers and not much else..
commented 2016-08-12 16:41:28 -0400
A reincarnation of the Chretien/Lieberal program to finance the federal Lieberals!
Canadians were never consulted or approved by way of referendum on that one as well! Watch for EL BOW to revive the program at the federal level. Lieberals want everything paid for by taxpayers, including those stupid enough to have voted for the Liebranos!
commented 2016-08-12 14:43:24 -0400
Welcome to communism Alberta, Ontario has faced this for 13 years already. I’m perplexed as to who actually voted these inept people into power and are they regretting it yet.
commented 2016-08-12 13:30:02 -0400
There is no low too low for these pigs and their supporters. I have predicted that there will be a violent uprising of the citizens of north america in general in my life time and policies like this make that a surety. Look at some of the comments on this page already and you can see the foreshadowing.
commented 2016-08-12 11:24:29 -0400
We need to use proper terminology. They are not socialists the are progressive fascists and theft is part of their nature, who they are as a party. This is what was elected, they want to enslave and own as much as they can. They want to have the power and control in the name of equality, but really its to steal from those that have and give to the unearned and bureaucrats. Lets not be surprised every time they come up with a new law because it will always be theft. The only difference between those in jail and those in this current government is those government haven’t been caught.
commented 2016-08-12 01:27:16 -0400
Would like to see a constitutional lawyer’s comments on this proposal… I don’t think governments can give rebates for “election expenses”… Is there a precedent for this under British Common Law?… Otherwise the self-serving unions would become “election banks”…
commented 2016-08-12 00:59:17 -0400
So tired of these self important megalomaniacs , they cannot get people to support them freely so they force them to do so. GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU SOCIALIST SCUM!
commented 2016-08-12 00:56:43 -0400
Sorry i do not support your pig party , nor should my taxes pay for your luxuries and expenses you pigs. That is theft and violates peoples freedoms and rights. It really is going to be time for a civil war.
commented 2016-08-11 23:45:39 -0400
Thanks for the correction Mongrel, I thought it was twisted yap Chretien who put it in and Harper kept it, but meh, just the same the public should not be forced to fund political organizations they do not agree with – that’s fascism.
commented 2016-08-11 22:12:17 -0400
Thanks SHEILA , the MSMERS would have kept this under wraps
commented 2016-08-11 21:22:41 -0400
Bill Elder,

Harper ended the per vote subsidy. He wanted to do it in 2008 but that was when Dion and Layton tried to steal the election. Harper phased it out during his majority. Baby Doc is bound to bring it back though because the CPC is still out fundraising the Baby Doc Party.
commented 2016-08-11 20:27:59 -0400
Is not public-subsidized campaign costs a mirror of the Federal system? The one Harper rubber stamped?

Just the same I see your point that this is a crass self interest move by the Dips – You know why the call the NDP the “Dips” don’t you? It’s because they’re always dipping their snouts in the public trough.
commented 2016-08-11 20:21:04 -0400
I had my neighbour tell me that the oil extracted from the oil sands is not profitable to put to market.I explained that buying oil from the middle east or where ever was sucking money out of the country.It is better for all Canadians for jobs and to keep our money working for Canada.Canadian oil does
not sponsor terrorism around the globe like middle east oil.You only have to look at Iran sponsoring Mosques in Canada and other countries.This is due to the amount of money from oil export.Nutty should be charged with treason for the destruction of such a great Province.Then Whinny next.I don’t know how they can sleep at night.
commented 2016-08-11 19:55:06 -0400
Good point Kelvin and comments, these regressive bastards got to be stopped. Protest when they bring in these supplies to destroy our Prime land as in Three Hills, don’t let them get through to your land. Nutley is so insane, so hateful, so vindictive, it seems she is after the farmers, their rights, their freedom and their way of life. Apparently she also will be taking over an entire section of prime land for solar panels. Just garbage, useless, scammy, windmills and solar panels that don’t work. We have the cleanest air in the world.
commented 2016-08-11 18:45:54 -0400
Well, I do not think this will help the Non-Democratic Party much, although it is in line with National Socialism where it was quite successful. Brexit proved that finance is not required for success politically, even the election of our Non-Democratic Party government proved that.

My only concern is that with all the Albertans following the Invisible Energy Minister’s and going to BC, along with the rebellious ones who are opposing her by going to Saskatchewan, plus the suicides as a result of their policies; we won’t have voters left beyond the takers.
commented 2016-08-11 18:11:13 -0400
Roy, get a militia formed in your area and put up road blocks to stop construction. Hell the leftards get away with it all the time, you don’t see any pipelines being built do ya? A person might as well shut the whole frickin country down, they protest on one front and we protest on the other front and nobody gets to do anything……… It all sounds so progressive;)
commented 2016-08-11 18:04:03 -0400
Notley should be recalled for the destruction the NDP are causing to the Alberta economy by shutting down oil projects.
Does anyone even have a clue how inefficient a wind generator is? Does anyone have a clue how many (approximately 200 ft wing spanned) wind generators would be required to power one home with electric heat ? There isn’t enough real estate in Alberta to power up a town the size of Lethbridge solely on wind power.
Its a complete sham. Wind generators simply are too inefficient to make any economical or electrical sense. They are an environment disaster to say the least.
commented 2016-08-11 17:55:10 -0400
Rod Layola needs to be deported back to his beloved Venezuela, his people are starving, they could dine on his fat carcass for a week. Did they beef up security at the Calgary zoo yet? Albertazuela bbq anyone?
commented 2016-08-11 17:53:07 -0400
So way off topic but the CTV Main Stream Media puppets are as despicable as ever as they metaphorically drag Rob Ford’s body through their dirty grimy filthy streets as they chant “Allah Hu Akbar” . What a bunch of dirty scum sucking losers.
They also wrongfully and slanderously report on Donald Trump’s true assertion that Obama Bin Ladin and Killery Rotten Cliton are the defacto founders of ISIS. Well when you air drop 500 tons of US arms at their feet, pay for the ousting of western/christian freindly leaders such as Ghadaffi and eventually Assad thus allowing ISIS another foot hold in an oil rich country I think you can say at least you participated in the founding of ISIS. However our Left wing media who are hell bent on taking away every god given right we have in favour of Sharia Law and Globalist tyranny will never utter a word about Killery’s or Obama’s treason.
commented 2016-08-11 17:52:53 -0400
Ndpees evil, no morals, no standards, no conscience, just pure evil. Three Hills is being attacked by the ndpees and they are asking for help from Jason Kenney and Brian Jean to help them in their Wildrose riding. Apparently, the garbage ndpees are having a German company put up grotesque birdkilling windmills on PRIME AGRICULTURAL LAND FOR A HUGE 20 YEAR CONTRACT. PEOPLE ARE OBJECTING BUT THEY ARE FORGING AHEAD. THIS IS WHAT THEY NEED JASON AND BRIAN’s HELP TO STOP THIS INSANE ABUSE OF FARMERS PRIME LAND AND THE FARMERS HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOP THIS INSANITY. THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY TO STOP THIS.