April 08, 2016

Was Notley’s $90K infomercial the “change” Alberta NDP voters were looking for?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Thursday evening, Rachel Notley spent $90,000 taxpayer dollars to tell Albertans a whole lot of nothing. 

Notley bought a 15 minute block of time on local TV, during the dinner hour to broadcast her infomercial. But we didn’t see the miraculous chopping power of the Slap Chop, the amazing absorption of the ShamWow or the convenience of the George Foreman Rotisserie.

No, friends, we saw a taxpayer funded NDP campaign ad by Rachel Notley where she assured us that her friends in the public sector unions will be safely isolated from the economic turmoil everyday Alberta families are struggling through.

I’d have preferred to see the Slap Chop for the thousandth time. I expect I’m not alone in that sentiment.

The PCs used to do these advertorial commercials, too. The NDP railed against them. But, just like keeping Alberta’s inflated public sector happy, it looks like the NDP are carrying on the time honoured traditions of the PC governments who came before them.

In my video, I look back at some of the NDP responses to the PC televised addresses. You’ll have deja-vu all over again.

We know from a poll taken just after the election last spring, that people voted for change. 93% of NDP voters said that was their reason for voting NDP. Only 7% of NDP voters actually voted for NDP policies.

So, NDP voters of Alberta, how does all this change feel? Because to me it feels like more of the same but with less friendliness to the industries that paid our bills for so long and with more debt and unemployment.

Real change? Hope and Change? No thanks. I think we’d all be happy with just a little more change in our jean pockets.

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commented 2016-04-12 00:18:15 -0400
Why did we pay the media for her propaganda? Wouldn’t any of the stations gladly have covered it for free as it it brings in viewers? As it if we already didn’t know the media is bought and controlled by special interests.
And Ron I would gladly pay for your one way ticket to socialist utopia of Venezuela.
commented 2016-04-11 14:45:42 -0400
How very typical of you and your leftist friends Ronnie. Why didn’t you type out exactly what Deborah said. Here, I’ll help you.
“I never listen to anything she says! Her actions, or lack there of say it all. She is a union lawyer, and married to a union hack. It doesn’t get anymore controversial than that. What the hell were voters thinking? I voted too, but I voted WR. I voted for the ones who remained in the party, the ones who had integrity. Rachel doesn’t have any leadership skills, because she lacks basic integrity.”

Ron pay particular attention to Deborah’s last words in this sentence about lacking basic integrity. Now go look in the mirror you childish twit.
commented 2016-04-11 09:36:45 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER commented 2 days ago
I never listen to anything

That’s about it!
commented 2016-04-09 13:09:02 -0400
She looks like she could use a dose of her own Marxist medicine…………euthanasia ( the poor thing)
commented 2016-04-09 10:48:28 -0400
How in hell could this woman being elected, because she’s a woman ?? seems Albertans don’t have many choices , who’d vote for the new Prog-Cons ?.
commented 2016-04-09 10:31:28 -0400
As several have mentioned here, Rachel Notley does look like she put on far more years than she should have. I have no sympathy for her accelerated aging … or the appearance thereof. She is devastating the Alberta economy.

I know of a few people in my sphere of influence that say it is because of the price of oil. Then I ask them the following and I get no response. Now I have posed this here before, but it is worth posting again;

o – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - o

For those of you who continually keep saying that it is only the price of oil that is causing this economic melt down in Alberta, then here are some actual facts, real data, that prove otherwise.

Ralph Klein not only pull Alberta out of debt and left us in the black, but he left two government accounts, the Heritage Trust Fund and the Sustainability Fund totaling about 13 Billion in 206 when he was forced out of office by his own party.

But he also did this all the while the price of oil per barrel averaged $34.76 (converted to 2015 dollar value) and even the unemployment rate went down during his time in office.

If Ralph can do it, then it indicates the NDP are the largest contributing factor to the Alberta economic meltdown.

Oil prices in relation to Premier of Alberta:
Ralph Klein (1993 – 2006)
Oil Price is adjusted for 2015 dollar value

Year | Price_ | Unemployment
1993 | $27.39 | %11.36
1994 | $24.94 | %10.74
1995 | $25.96 | %9.77
1996 | $30.78 | %9.21
1997 | $27.43 | %8.42
1998 | $17.26 | %7.89
1999 | $23.42 | %8.68
2000 | $37.54 | %7.79
2001 | $30.68 | %7.03
2002 | $29.92 | %8.02
2003 | $35.55 | %7.25
2004 | $47.04 | %6.5
2005 | $60.44 | %5.6
2006 | $68.27 | %5.06

Average $34.76/barrel (2015 dollar)



Below are some links to article of energy sector corporations who left Alberta, have pulled major projects from Alberta, or have scaled back severely stated specifically because of the NDP.







commented 2016-04-09 09:39:58 -0400
Stephen E.: “Three months before she steps down?” Hopefully we will be so fortunate. She needs to take all her ministers with her too.
commented 2016-04-09 06:45:32 -0400
She looks like her world is collapsing around her. The stress of finally realising that her Utopia can’t be, and that the people she wants to be a saviour to are seriously rebelling.

Her TV talk seems like desperation. By now she must realise that no one wants the manure she is shovelling.

Three months before she steps down?
commented 2016-04-09 01:00:20 -0400
I just hope she stays healthy while she is in power. Otherwise the left will use it, and call us bullies when we are only exercising our right as citizens to object to the corruption, lies and subterfuge our elected officials are up trying to get us to quietly put up with.
commented 2016-04-08 22:33:32 -0400
Deborah G. My first thought….she looks gaunt & tired & her face is thinner. What a difference in the clip before becoming Premier that Sheila played & her appearance in the infomercial. The job must be getting to her for sure, so why doesn’t she wise up & start working for Ab. So far, she hasn’t done one good thing for Albertans. Her way of thinking is all distorted because she has no common sense. She finds nothing wrong spending $90k on a 3 min infomercial that says little while thousands of Albertans have no job. What will it take for her to step down from her pedestal & resign or is she blind & tone deaf.
commented 2016-04-08 20:49:23 -0400
Have a relaxing weekend end SHEILA
I can hardly wait until you dig up some Panama dirt on the destroyers
commented 2016-04-08 20:11:48 -0400
You should have called your book “Devastated”. I rarely use healthcare and the education system is preposterous. These fools couldn’t find their way out of a wet cardboard box
commented 2016-04-08 20:00:45 -0400
We should just put up huge pictures of Notley and Wynne at the borders, all the illegals would be scared away.
commented 2016-04-08 19:59:25 -0400
So if you are public sector then everyone else is your slave and has to support you no matter what, but if you are not then to hell with you? I did not realize my worth as a human being was lower than public sector workers?
commented 2016-04-08 19:57:59 -0400
Lad Reme she would make my penis dysfunctional if she were anywhere near it. YIKES!
commented 2016-04-08 19:51:46 -0400
Yeah Deborah Notley is looking a little rough. Can you imagine how she will look when her term is over, heck and this is with things going her way. Maybe they stuffed her and use pre-recorded messages. Her hair doesn’t look right in this info-commercial.
Grrrrrrrrr Rachel Notely! $90,000 is a lot of doe to the taxpayer. She has no respect whatsoever for the responsibilities of her position. Hateful hated woman.
commented 2016-04-08 19:11:16 -0400
Nothing to say about Notley, other than she looks like a dysfunctional penis, with eyebrows.
commented 2016-04-08 18:57:24 -0400
Just the same costly lies and garbage nutley spewed last night, imagine $90,000 for this expensive lunacy to try to cushion us from this nasty, unbelievably, insane 34 billion dollar so-called budget she will pounce on us next week. What a wicked b-osh. No morals, no standards, no conscience, just pure evil. She kept insisting that it is the price of oil and gas that is why we are in such deep doo-doo, but it couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. It’s from her and her damn policies, get it right, you ignorant, mean-spirited witch. It’s your God awful government. We got to get her out before she impliments this carbon tax scam next year and before she shuts down our coal plants, got to get her out, got to get her out now.

commented 2016-04-08 18:06:19 -0400
Marked your catcher’s mitt THE NOTLEY yet?
commented 2016-04-08 18:01:44 -0400
Does anyone else think that Rachel has aged about 100-years, since the rogue election?
commented 2016-04-08 18:00:58 -0400
I never listen to anything she says! Her actions, or lack there of say it all. She is a union lawyer, and married to a union hack. It doesn’t get anymore controversial than that. What the hell were voters thinking? I voted too, but I voted WR. I voted for the ones who remained in the party, the ones who had integrity. Rachel doesn’t have any leadership skills, because she lacks basic integrity.
commented 2016-04-08 17:51:02 -0400
Excellent report as always Sheila – you are one of my favourites on the Rebel.
commented 2016-04-08 17:42:42 -0400
Light the torches, get the rope, feathers and a splintery rai then get the tar boiling – if they can’t smell wats coming in Edmonton and flee before the angry locals get there, there’ll be a free tar bath for all remaining DIPPERS. – TAR-DIPPED
commented 2016-04-08 17:31:58 -0400
Just as annoying are the cloying robo calls calling for my input. I get between three and four per week. Usually, one from my local MLA , one from dear party leader and one or more from various cabinet ministers.
I phoned in my comment that it would be better to spend their money on telling me when I had to renew my license than continue with robo calls. Doubt, if “my personal attention” promise will be honoured!
commented 2016-04-08 17:19:07 -0400
Notley’s war on Alberta escalates.
If you see Notley, shoot her.