December 22, 2015

Looking back at Rachel Notley's Alberta NDP: From election night to Bill 6

Ezra LevantRebel Commander was only a few months old when Rachel Notley's NDP swept to a historic majority win in Alberta.

Their election represented a populist vote against the multi-decade reign of Jim Prentice's Conservatives, a "throw the bums out" uprising.

Unfortunately, the NDP lost no time implementing their socialist scorched earth policies:

Raising taxes (including a carbon tax), bringing in out-of-province extremists to work at government's highest levels, driving away billions in oil sands and other investments and with them, thousands of jobs

Now Alberta's farmers and ranchers are fighting back against Bill 6, Premier Rachel Notley's effort to unionize family farms and destroy this traditional way of life.

As I said on that election night in May: "God help us all."

Luckily, we've had Sheila Gunn Reid reporting from the ground, to tell us what's really happening in "The People's Republic of Alberta."

What does the future hold for Alberta? WATCH and see what I think -- and tell me your thoughts in the comments.



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Bill 6: Alberta's NDP wants to unionize family farms!

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commented 2015-12-24 01:34:04 -0500
commented 2015-12-23 18:06:25 -0500
The person who wrote that big rant on the rebel obviously has some personal grudge against this website.
commented 2015-12-23 16:47:30 -0500
Do as I have done …


Deny the government tax revenue, deny Albertans employment, and deny any hope that any one of Notley’s mongoloid idiots can declare that there is no recession in Alberta.

The first to killing the NDP requires that it is necessary to kill everything around them. Drive the economy into a deeper recession, and take advantage of any and all monies that these idiots dole out. Take the money and then kick them to the curb.
commented 2015-12-23 15:24:25 -0500
“One would think the folks in Alberta would have watcher the dismal 90s in BC when the insane NDP destroyed the province for over a decade. " The doom of mankind is that he forgets…
commented 2015-12-23 12:49:32 -0500
One would think the folks in Alberta would have watcher the dismal 90s in BC when the insane NDP destroyed the province for over a decade. They raised taxes to the highest levels in BC history, Took 40% off the top of home values.
The actually destroyed more Private Sector UNION jobs in BC than anytime in the history of the Province. And of course drove out business at an unprecedented rate, many moving to Alberta.
You would have thought Albertans were paying attention? Obviously NOT !
commented 2015-12-23 12:42:33 -0500
YANNIE ZNAYEW Thank you for pasting the article on why the Rebel Media damages conservatism. You are, of course right, although I’d like to see nothing change here. That said, I’m quite confident the CPC will never see the light of day in power again. Thanks again.
commented 2015-12-23 10:04:39 -0500
Yannie, you liberal-media-parroting trainwreck, don’t let your mind wander—it’s far too little to be let out on its own.
commented 2015-12-23 09:47:44 -0500
Yannie Znayew, yappie is back , you know yappie the fact your on here yapping all the time proves you are terrified of the rebel news, so they seem to be doing a great job getting some truth out there, otherwise you wouldn’t be on here. Does the rebel news scare you as bad as the big bad farmers yappie, both seem to be a clear threat to you, Whats next on your im scared of this list yappie, Keep up the great work rebel media the rats are running scard.
commented 2015-12-23 03:38:09 -0500
Is it me, or has the video of Rachel laughing been taken off?
commented 2015-12-23 02:55:00 -0500
I am getting misquoted again.
commented 2015-12-23 01:51:49 -0500
I for one refuse to go down without a fight. Start a armed militia in your area, and back and protect every farmer and rancher that needs help. The more people that refuses to heed to these stupid laws, then notley will have to send out her goons, but they will be met with an armed force. Check out the Cliven Bundy story in the USA , these chicken shits will back down, and once that happens the insurgencey will start to snowball and there will be nothing this government can do about it. The time is now to be proactive rather than wait and then try to be reactive, that’s when people really get hurt.
Start with meetings in your town halls, organize yourselves into small platoon strengths of 60 that you can stay agile to move from farm to farm to throw up blockades, let no neighbor be hassled by government goons, let them know you are armed and never fire unless fired upon. You can overthrow this government without firing a single shot. No farmer or rancher is going to submit to the ridiculous bill 6. Once this bill is done the rest of the idiotic bills will die with it.
commented 2015-12-23 01:30:13 -0500
In Canada, one has “the right to work”. I think a case can be made that Bill 6 infringes on that right. Certainly something worth looking at. Steve McQueen makes a good suggestion too!
commented 2015-12-23 01:09:46 -0500
SAM YOUNG commented 2 mins ago – when it gets worse in Alberta and the riots start, hopefully someone there will hunt you down and shoot you dead.
commented 2015-12-23 01:08:07 -0500
When work is sporadic, contractors can fill the void.

The way to crush Notley’s union drive on Farms is to pay contractors (family members) and leave the amount owing as a payable on the Farm’s books.

In addition, because this is payable, an HST credit will come to the Farm.

Ezra, you could do an entire segment on how to structure a contractor payment system for farms in Alberta, and for all of Canada for that matter and crush government taxes in the process.

We have a few lemons here – lemonade time.
commented 2015-12-23 01:06:48 -0500
I see it is clip show week here on the Ezra Levant show. How about reposting the controversial jew vs gypsy rant?
commented 2015-12-23 00:11:10 -0500
It can only get worse, and I truly hope it does.

Once there is half a million unemployed in Alberta, starvation in the streets, people going door to door begging, we will all know Notley’s sad Alberta legacy. Her intention is to break every single Albertan and forcing them to submit to her pathological will. I have no problem with civil wars. Someone, wars are necessary, as they truly solve all the problems that started them. In this case the saying, “The King has no muskets” applies beautifully. We’ll have to see if Notley’s heeds that message.
commented 2015-12-22 23:35:39 -0500
Amen dwayne knudson lots of people in this riding voted for the notley name because her dad seemed like a good guy. No one looked at the lady herself or the failed schoolteacher who ran in this riding. I hope we don’t have to starve for four years to fix this mistake
commented 2015-12-22 23:02:07 -0500
You blew it Alberta entrepreneurs… Had a chance to make THE NOTELY catcher’s mitts for Christmas presents but evidently didn’t…. Maybe for the spring baseball reason then?…
commented 2015-12-22 22:43:05 -0500
Has there ever been a Left Wing Government, in the world, that has been successful? Countries like China and Russia are Dictatorships, what they have is what they get, no alternatives. In Europe they have had Socialist Governments that have never worked out, all they manage to achieve is massive debt, that right wing governments have to pay back.

Look at Canada, to the best of my knowledge, the only country in the world that has a Liberal Party, and the misguided populace voted for them. The Liberals are not a center of the road party and have not been for some time. In my opinion, the Liberals are setting their selves up as a Left Wing Dictatorship who intend to stay in power with purchased votes and propaganda. They are importing their new voters from the middle east. They are not worried about Islam, like their leader they will convert and become Muslims.
Perhaps some one should explain to them the meaning of Hijrah, Jihad by immigration.
commented 2015-12-22 22:32:12 -0500
Rachel is doing what NDP do. Ezra you gave one passing comment on danielle smith. ( her name does not deserve capitalization ) She and your old friend preston ( same rule ) should have a deservedly, Christmas stocking filled with clean burning Alberta coal.
commented 2015-12-22 22:02:42 -0500
I am From the Fairview area in Alberta . I would go farther to say That Rachel and the communist out of province environmental union extremists ; have exterminated all prospects for survival of Albertan’s. I would say that the violent, hateful, misogynistic ,anti democratic attack on our beloved province and her people is utterly disgusting. She has caused a holocaust on the ALbertan people.Offering us up to the Gods of climate change . Such violation of proud people , men ,women, children, young, and old is contemptuous , shameful,and psychotic. As Albertan families struggle keep Heat in their homes , and their sanity in check; not knowing where they will find work to keep food on the table this Christmas . I am sure that Rachel ‘and the NDP will feel quite content knowing that they have posted the crisis hotline numbers on their FB. telling us people it will be staffed though the holidays; in case one of the destitute Albertan’s should have a meltdown ; all the while stuffing themselves on turkey ,stuffing ,and opening presents,that so many thousands of children wont see this year . It is my opinion and I believe that 2015 ,and the NDP ;will go down as the worst year in Alberta; since joining confederation. I truly believe Rachel Notley in our time; will will grace history’s books as the new Benedict Arnold . Merry Christmas Rachel, Marg, Shannon, and the NDP ! Maybe Rachel and the NDP will get a hero cookie from the homeless and hungry? Maybe cause you all have been bad boys and girls , Santa will give you Coal in your stockings …OH wait he can’t you banned coal ! I guess maybe ‘cause there is no more coal ;Santa will give you people some Imodium to keep that crap you’ve been feeding to us to yourselves for a little while; so that Albertan’s may enjoy the holidays supper with out so much crap on their tables .Merry Christmas NDP may you eat what Albertan’s have provided you all; too fast and too much this holiday season. May you all be bloated and and contract an incurable case of indigestion and constipation from all that you have taken away from Alberta’s children this Holiday season!
commented 2015-12-22 21:24:21 -0500
Thanks Ezra, I stopped paying taxes by not working. I stopped spending to aid the recession. I sent GST returns with 0 down the right column. I’m doing my part to send my message, and I’m glad you’re doing yours
commented 2015-12-22 21:16:36 -0500
I will be approaching my Wildrose MLA to introduce a private members bill requiring that ALL gov’t staffers must be a full time Alberta resident and not be “fly-in” chiefs of staffs. Maybe 5 years residency requirements for new hires retroactive to last May would/could be helpful. Then apply enough pressure that the NDP tears flood the legislature floor and they start to resign.
commented 2015-12-22 21:00:11 -0500
2015 was depressing (especially with the insane NDP fascist regime coming to power accidentally in Alberta and waging its vicious war on workers and farmers), except for one thing: the coming on the scene of The Rebel website. Ezra, this website is the only thing that gives me any hope for the future of Canada.
commented 2015-12-22 20:21:51 -0500
Notley will do more to unite the right than anyone on the right.