June 05, 2015

SECOND UPDATE: Rachel Notley’s chief of staff finally quits political consulting business, back-dates paperwork one month

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

In a Friday night document dump, the government relations firm Kool Topp & Guy admitted that Brian Topp, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s chief of staff, was not removed from the corporate registry as a partner in the firm until almost a month after he went to work in the premier's office.

A corporate filing document, sent to TheRebel.media by Topp’s business partner, Ken Boessenkool, confirms that the registration change was only done on June 5, but that the date of Topp’s effective resignation was back-dated to May 6th. You can see those two key dates in the document here:

Those legal filings were only done after The Rebel broadcast its research showing that Topp was still registered as a partner in the firm as recently as June 4th. You can see the corporate registry search done by The Rebel here:

Before broadcasting the news, The Rebel contacted Boessenkool for an explanation. He delayed his substantive answer for several hours, and in the meantime, The Rebel broadcast the following video:

At that very moment, Boessenkool was hastily filing his paperwork to remove Topp from the company. Guessing that was why Boessenkool was giving vague answers,The Rebel filed another corporate registry search, on June 5th. And sure enough, Kool Topp & Guy had immediately removed Topp as a partner, after The Rebel tipped off Boessenkool that a story was coming. Here’s the results of those filings, on June 5th:

Here is a second broadcast by The Rebel after Kool Topp & Guy’s quick change. 

In a letter to The Rebel, Boessenkool claimed that his firm indeed did remove Topp last month, and that they “gave clear instructions to the lawyers which they took too long to execute”. He claims his June 5th filing “is the proof” and he asks for “the benefit of the doubt”.

Given the shifty answers Boessenkool gave all day, and his secretive attempts to change the facts before answering questions about them, it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. But what is without a doubt is that Brian Topp remained listed on the Alberta corporate registry as an owner and director of an active government relations firm, nearly one month after going to work as Rachel Notley’s chief of staff.

As of Friday night, Topp himself has yet to respond to inquiries.


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commented 2015-06-07 14:42:15 -0400
Thxs Rebel , this corrupt party is starting to crumble right before our eyes, they’ll soon start cover ups and eating their off spring, conflict of interests abound, notty notley will only hang on as long as her closet unionists are left u scrutinized. Her exuberant embracing of counter culture leaves a very bad taste in minds of many..
commented 2015-06-07 00:35:14 -0400
Filing dates are one thing, but actual registration dates are entirely different, and both are distinguishable from effective dates.
commented 2015-06-06 21:22:02 -0400
Welcome to Ontario, Alberta.
It’ll cost you.
commented 2015-06-06 19:03:14 -0400
About Garry. I am not sure Gary is drunk. It appears more to be lack of education and penmanship skills. With people like Gary Voting, now I understand how the NDP got into power.
Gary, I have my own vision as to how Canada should operate. You are not part of the solution. You are the roots of the problem.
commented 2015-06-06 18:58:39 -0400
I have a question. Why can’t Albertan’s work for the NDP. Why does the NDP have to bring in people from out side of the province to operate Alberta? This guy is from Ontario? Ontario is so messed up, are they exporting corruption to the remaining provinces? I think we all are in trouble.
commented 2015-06-06 02:08:21 -0400
Can someone please sober up Gary? The drunk typing is a bit difficult to understand.
And Wayne, you may be striking into a gold vein. An undisclosed under the table deal is likely going on. Topp’s involvement may not be as finished as it may seem. Problem is proving it.
commented 2015-06-05 23:14:38 -0400
Those docs needed to be filed within 15 days of his resignation – so by May 21 making them 2 weeks late. There is no delay, you walk into a registries office and process them. I pointed this out to Ken Boessenkool on twitter – and he responded with an image showing they had 30 days because “they were a partnership” – now which one of these guys doesn’t understand the difference between a partnership and a corporation? Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in either of them, not that I had any to begin with. My other question is, was there actually a divestment of shares, or does Brian Topp still own 1/3 of this company? Looking at the registry document only 66.66% of the shares are accounted for by voting shareholders. Who holds the other 33.34% You can own shares in the company, but not be a director.
commented 2015-06-05 23:01:25 -0400
REBELATOR2 why were pc hurrying to get rid evidence aka paper bags scredded up documents!
commented 2015-06-05 22:40:43 -0400
Nice to see Alberta’s new NDP nomenklatura in a mad scramble to keep some illusion of competency alive.
Like most leftists, especially the Ontario and Quebec brethren, they talk a good game until handed the baton and told to lead the parade.
commented 2015-06-05 22:34:58 -0400
who fund the the PC party!
commented 2015-06-05 22:22:03 -0400
erin bebney-didnt ezra work for mike duffy!
commented 2015-06-05 22:08:35 -0400
And Garry W, no one understands a single word you type.
commented 2015-06-05 22:07:23 -0400
John Galt, March 9, 2015 was the date the last annual return was filed, not the date the change in shareholders was submitted for registration. The amendment was made by the corporate registrar on June 5, and dated effective May 6. I’m not a fan of Topp, and think he’s a socialist appointee who is ideologically opposed to what is in Alberta’s and Albertans’ best interests, but I’m not entirely convinced there was any wrongdoing here.
These registrations are often backdated because the corporate registry (much like Land Titles) is typically delayed by at least a week or more in actually processing registrations after they are received. You’d have to find out the date that the change in shareholders was actually received by the corporate registrar, and the date the corporate resolution was passed/signed in order to prove any wrongdoing, and even then I would guess it’s only a matter of a week or two, and possibly less.
commented 2015-06-05 21:33:05 -0400
i thought u follow money to ezra office
commented 2015-06-05 21:29:24 -0400
let who appoint jimbo prentice let open up the funding of the PC party~!i bet there money trail thawt follow right ezra levant and harper office!
commented 2015-06-05 21:05:56 -0400
Terry Black said, “This Brian Topp is a real stunned bunny Socialist that llikes to see citizens’ equally broke! What a kick in the ass the Alberta people gifted themselves with!”

Yea, that’s for sure, although Brian Topp is not an elected MPP. He was appointed to chief of staff by Notley, so Alberta did not specifically “gift” themselves with Brian Topp. Having said that, they did “gift” themselves with the NDP crap government.
commented 2015-06-05 20:23:41 -0400
it all about the money, gov’t money, your money, my money…oh at least the one’s that pay the taxes…
commented 2015-06-05 20:21:52 -0400
“Maybe this is actual reporting, maybe not. Time will tell… " Wow PK. Take a stand. You’re a great on to lecture Ezra on his reportage when you can’t even write a comment here without providing yourself an ‘easy-out’.
commented 2015-06-05 20:19:36 -0400
Sick to the back teeth of all the corruption. Oh well, maybe the public disillusion with Alberta NDP will rub off on the feds and reverse the current poll trend.
commented 2015-06-05 19:51:27 -0400
This is a lefty trait. It is not only the NDP. Paul Martin, as Finance Minister in the Jean Chretien Liberal Gov’t enabled Government Grants to Canada Steamship Lines (registered in Bermuda) which he owned!
commented 2015-06-05 19:14:48 -0400
Yes, and Ezra’s been so up-front and honest in his “reporting” (read with extreme sarcasm).

Just like Ezra brought out the story less than 2 months ago about Preston Manning’s “manipulation” of the Wildrose defection back in December. He quoted a Toronto Globe and Mail report from then (almost 6 months later?), that, after some quick checking, was mentioned in many of the mainstream media. Further, Ezra’s “reporting” of that “story” left out a few things that the mainstream media did mention (in defense of Manning), perhaps in his zeal to tar-and-feather Manning.

Sorry, Ezra, but you’re showing your consistency as someone with a less-than-objective viewpoint, and a penchant for the spectacular. Stick to “just the facts” and leave the hype at the curb. (I think I prefer Brian Milley’s reporting…)

Maybe this is actual reporting, maybe not. Time will tell…
commented 2015-06-05 18:48:53 -0400
Ezra said he used to be. In Alberta a director has to notify the registrar within 15 days of any change. So as Ezra pointed out perhaps the paper work is behind. On LinkedIn here is Mr. Topp’s profile:-
Ezra was quite clear in his report.
commented 2015-06-05 16:42:04 -0400
As someone with legal training, Ezra should have the ability to interpret a simple 4-page report. He is being either negligent or dishonest in his reporting. Knowing his track record I assume it’s the latter. It’s plain as day in the report included above that it is based on a filing made in March.
Boessenkool confirmed on Twitter that Topp ceased being a shareholder in May. I guess there’s where the negligence comes in — if Ezra bothered to check, he would have found out. But of course then there’d be no story.

What a turd farmer.
💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
commented 2015-06-05 16:24:26 -0400
Exactly, Vlad – cheers.
A bit off topic here folks, but I just checked Alexa.com – an analytics website that ranks top visited websites in Canada and our therebel.media ranked 1,135 in Canada!!!! There are literally millions of websites out there and our rebel.media, barely 100 days old is competing with “news” outlets that are 100 years old – macleans.ca, for example is ranked 921.

Keep up the great work Brian, Ezra, Marissa et al – this is my MUST VISIT website every day!
commented 2015-06-05 16:14:10 -0400
@milannovakovic – funny how the MSM moves like flies to sh*t over $16 orange juice, but seem to miss the conflict of interest matters like socialist pig topp.
commented 2015-06-05 16:11:47 -0400
Well Alberta – here you go. topp is a Montreal based socialist pig transplanted to Alberta to derail the economy.

Hopefully topp gets run over by a bus/car/tank/bicyclist/herd of wild elephants very soon. You’re a socialist pig topp – rot in hell.
commented 2015-06-05 15:40:28 -0400
Oh come on Ezra….big deal…..he owns 1/3 of a government lobby company – what can possible go wrong? What was a BIG DEAL was that $16.00 glass of orange juice that Bev Oda paid back and cost her career.
commented 2015-06-05 15:23:03 -0400
This Brian Topp is a real stunned bunny Socialist that llikes to see citizens’ equally broke! What a kick in the ass the Alberta people gifted themselves with!