February 02, 2016

Notley’s hired bully Marcella Munro paid $130K per year to bounce reporters

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Last week, a freelance Rebel contributor, Holly Nicholas and I were not only removed from a press conference but kicked off the entire floor of the Calgary Hyatt by the NDP.

We were made to leave by Marcella Munro. She's the anti pipeline activist from BC that used to lobby against TransMountain and the Northern Gateway Pipeline. She's here now hired as a stakeholder relations manager for the McDougall Centre, the government's southern Alberta office. At The Rebel, we've done many stories about Munro’s activism against Alberta.

While I personally like to think Holly and I are special, Munro has a history of blocking press access to government events during her time in BC. She taught a bureaucrat, via email, how to dodge reporters. She was there when a global reporter was thrown out of another press conference. Holly and I weren't Munro's first victims and we won't be the last.

This is who Marcella Munro is. She's there to minimize and strip away the ability of reporters and scrutineers like us to do our jobs. This is why the Notley Government hired her. Munro has a well known reputation for this type of bullying behavior. She's well paid by your tax dollars to make sure you have no idea what's going on in the halls of government. $130 thousand per year to be a reporter bouncer? That's good work if you can get it.

Remember when Notley said she'd do things differently? She's keeping her promise. This is totalitarian message control the Redford Tories could only have dreamed about.


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commented 2016-02-03 18:53:34 -0500
Didn’t watch the story, did you Michael Mann? Munro used the same tactics on Global TV news and the Vancouver Courier. By reading your comments and applying your words, I know that that means you don’t think Global TV news is a real news source.
commented 2016-02-03 14:25:46 -0500
Acuuna – someone needs to target these feminazi’s. It looks like this one has a very big mouth, which is likely what got her the job of house bully. I hope she opens it wide enough so that she swallow her head.
commented 2016-02-03 12:57:32 -0500
@ Deborah Graupner don’t worry…I am targeting feminists during “the Purge”.
commented 2016-02-03 11:54:23 -0500
Chris Mack – eventually there will be a pay back for this group of nobodies, who are destroying everything that we the people have built. I look forward to seeing Rachel thrown in the ditch, a long with the group of losers that she controls.
commented 2016-02-03 10:59:12 -0500
After Notley has wrecked the place, she and her stooges will just waltz away into the sunset with their golden parachutes. She doesn’t care that her policies don’t work. She may care about he reputation but will blame it on low oil prices. There is no other job in the world where you can command huge power and have no experience, training, education or proven skill (a track record) ; get huge pay and benefits, including all these nice little excursions, with the EXCEPTION OF BEING A POLITICIAN. As I predicted as soon as she got elected, the commies would wreck the place. I also posted the warning, “Run For Your Lives”. People who were able to immediately sell their houses and move to Sask. would be OK. Its still possible to get out but do it quick.
commented 2016-02-03 09:33:22 -0500

Apparently you can’t read. How does The Rebel turn into Global TV News?
commented 2016-02-03 08:08:52 -0500
You heard it here first folks. Michael Mann does not consider Global TV News to be a REAL media source. Or the Vancouver Courier. Is it time to invoke the first rule of holes yet?
commented 2016-02-03 08:08:10 -0500

The Rebel have been tossed out a few times now and the reason given? They are not the real media.

So if The Rebel did sue and win, they would be able to state that The Rebel is deemed to be a legitimate media source by the courts and deserve the same treatment as The Toronto Star.
commented 2016-02-03 05:40:20 -0500
I think the REBEL should turf the trolls because they are not accredited……I will be tendering my $130,000 public relations consulting fee invoice to Ezra……….:-)
commented 2016-02-03 03:44:54 -0500
MICHAEL MANN commented 5 hours ago
The Rebel should either sue like other REAL media source would do or shut the fuck up.

Sheila’s whining isn’t going to help things here. If The Rebel wants to be considered a legitimate media source, they have to win in court over this.
Wrong MM. It is better to put these NDP assholes on display for everyone to see. At the next NDP press meeting, there may be a few hundred “reporters” for the NDP to kick out. And these numbers will only grow as the NDP takes a page out of NAZI Germany circa 1935.

No one is interested in a court battle except the Alberta NDP and its complete asshole followers. That make sense for you?
commented 2016-02-03 02:17:37 -0500
Why yes, the staff of the rebel do have feuds with their arch enemies.

Ezra vs David Suzuki.
Brian vs CBC.
Faith vs animal rights activists.
Lauren vs feminists.
Middle East news guy vs Palestine.
And now, Sheila has gotten herself a long term feud that will not end any time soon.
commented 2016-02-03 01:45:00 -0500
Didn’t know Nana Maskouri had a twin.
commented 2016-02-03 01:44:10 -0500
Michael Mann does that go for the feminazis who tried to have Gregory Elliot charged? They lost , so i guess according to you they had no case RIGHT??? Of course you will not answer or make up some BS like a good hypocrite.
commented 2016-02-03 01:42:23 -0500
Michael Mann Linda Gibbons lost in court , tell me what laws she broke? Tell me why she was jailed for exercising her freedom?
commented 2016-02-03 01:41:14 -0500
Michael Mann since when does winning in court mean a damn thing about who is right? And CBC is being sued by multiple people right now, they are not journalists or true media. Rebel is miles above them.
commented 2016-02-03 01:37:45 -0500
William Collins they called Harper controlling because he was not controlling, the left is ass backwards and of course they allowed to censor and control because they are enlightened.
commented 2016-02-03 01:08:59 -0500
I have a pretty straight forward response to this article.

In future simply say no.

Then say this:

“Please call the police and attempt to have them evict us.”

And stand your ground.

Wait for the police.

It will create some interesting things and it will prevent you from getting the toe.

Yes – it is that simple.
commented 2016-02-03 00:48:47 -0500
Mannie is a troll and a firestarter.
commented 2016-02-03 00:10:37 -0500
Michael said, "The Rebel should either sue like other REAL media source would do or shut the fuck up. "

Michael should post some intelligent comments or “shut the fuck up”. Luckily for Michael, theRebel does not tell Michael what to do, but I guess Michael being an arrogant socialist figures he can tell theRebel what to do. The hubris.
commented 2016-02-02 23:55:41 -0500
D Mary and Michael mann.. You are both missing the point… Nobody needs special permission to attend any public Government press conference….. Anybody can go in there and nobody can be asked to leave in less they are being unruly starting physical confrontations blah blah blah etc. etc.
commented 2016-02-02 23:14:01 -0500
D Mary,

Well if they go to court and lose, then yes – it confirms that The Rebel isn’t a legitimate media source. Which I suspect is the reason why they won’t sue, but they don’t want the courts to define The Rebel as some little cute political blog, but not legitimate media.
commented 2016-02-02 22:59:23 -0500
The Rebel’s articles of incorporation list it as a news company, this was proven to you before Gordo Steele. Why do you insist on lying? Whether the Rebel goes to court over this or not does nothing to change the fact that the Rebel is a news company. Your opinion, as wrong as it is, doesn’t change this fact either. Go back to the CBC Gordo Steele. That would be the proper place to spew your drivel, you could tell the truth there and say the CBC is not a legitimate media source. That would be far more believable, and truthful.
commented 2016-02-02 22:42:40 -0500
The Rebel should either sue like other REAL media source would do or shut the fuck up.

Sheila’s whining isn’t going to help things here. If The Rebel wants to be considered a legitimate media source, they have to win in court over this.
commented 2016-02-02 22:42:33 -0500
Thanks for the update Sheila and Holly,

Remember to hit back at them 10X.

They have to realize there is a price to pay for malfeasance.
Like a child, they have to feel the burn every time they touch the hot stove element; it’s the only way some people learn, especially the intransigent ideologues.

Keep up the fight for freedom!

commented 2016-02-02 22:33:50 -0500
And furthermore Marcella Monroe should be bitch slapped into compliance… She has no authority over the citizenry.. In fact she has no authority at all. she was not elected and no where’s does she represent herself as a civil servant.
commented 2016-02-02 22:23:36 -0500
I question that William…!!!
Anybody can attend the press conference when the government holds one.. ANYBODY…!!!!! if you’re there in time to get a chair… If not you stand. Even if you’re late they will let you stand and participate.
You cannot be asked to leave in less you are creating disturbance or some other kind of unruly issue and then you will be escorted off the properly and or charged with some kind of crime.
Either the rebel owes the NDP a lawsuit or the NDP owes the rebel an apology publicly. Anything less constitutes some kind of fishy bullshit going on.
commented 2016-02-02 21:03:25 -0500
Sheila Gunn Reid and Holly Nicholas. Rebel warriors. You two are the individuals who are on the Front Line with these miserable little coward communists. Ezra, give them a raise!
commented 2016-02-02 20:36:09 -0500
What the NDP did wasn’t illegal… you can ask somebody to leave but they do not have to unless they are creating a physical disturbance in which case authorities are called… I advise everybody to hold back their funding of the rebel until this matter has been cleared up.. Anything less than a formal apology by the NDP is unacceptable or this is just another scam.
commented 2016-02-02 20:22:45 -0500
Sam Young, nope, it’s just you.
commented 2016-02-02 19:37:52 -0500

Here’s her pitch from her own site:

Stuff happens, and even the most experienced communicators can find themselves or their organization in a crisis. Whether it’s managing communications through a disaster that has taken over the front pages, or just dealing with a perception that is limiting your ability to do business, I have helped leaders and organizations through it all. Consider me on call to deal with the tough stuff, big or small.

What a ditch pig.