December 02, 2015

Here are all the things Notley's NDP hate about Alberta

Josh FisherRebel Blogger

Having announced plans to implement a carbon tax, Alberta's NDP government has finally exposed itself for what it truly represents: Socialism. Pure, unbridled socialism.

This is the face of wealth redistribution, via taxing the very essence of a modern economy: carbon.

The NDP government will vehemently deny any suggestions it is such, chiefly due to the fact that socialism is a very dirty word in Western society (and justifiably so).

A central tenet of socialism relies on the concentration of power. In a capitalist economy, the most physical manifestation of power is wealth. Under socialism, this wealth is taken out of the hands of the individual and placed into the hands of the government.

The thing about provincial government power is it that is entirely arbitrary, if the ruling party has a majority (which it does). Rachael Notley is free to do as she wishes with this wealth, rewarding this union or that, subsidizing this renewable resource company or that, all in a futile attempt to satiate her enormous socialist appetite of spending money that isn’t hers.

The depressing truth about this situation is the next available correcting mechanism, an election, is over three long years away.  

The additional wealth Notley has decided to appropriate is no small amount. The new carbon tax alone will rob $3 billion dollars from individual Albertans this year. This calculation is entirely separate from the laundry list of new taxes thrown at Albertans under the recently released "attack budget."

This is unsurprising, as "taxation" is a socialist’s favorite word. How else can a government concentrate power and make it appear legitimate?

But taxation serves another, more Machiavellian purpose: arbitrarily determined “bad behavior” is directly punished through government taxation.

Socialism wouldn’t be such without the systematic and increasingly invasive meddling of the government in the lives of private citizens.

In our brave new world of Alberta, heating your house in the dead of winter is deemed a punishable behavior, along with driving anything that burns gas. Or buying anything that at any point of its creation and delivery has anything to do with fossil fuels. So pretty much doing or buying anything.

Only a carbon tax can so easily directly punish every facet of a modern economy.

Some may ask, how could Alberta’s government so shamelessly punish the people it governs? The answer becomes increasingly clear with every new policy released by the NDP.

The NDP hates everything about Alberta.

They hate that fossil fuel extraction is the primary driver of economic growth and a massive contributor to employment.

They hate the self-reliance and conservative views of rural Albertans.

They hate that most Albertans are opposed to accepting thousands of unscreened refugees into their communities.

But of course you won’t hear Rachel Notley outwardly say this. She sugarcoats her radical views, casting her hate for the present Alberta into something more benign, such as Alberta merely being the “embarrassing cousin no one wants to talk about”.

Rachel Notley and her merry band of urban progressives badly want to change this status quo, and an economy wide carbon tax is just one of many more stepping stones to come, all leading Alberta onto the path of government empowerment and economic ruin.


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commented 2015-12-04 16:35:46 -0500
Here is what the ndp are. this is that last paragraph on a old policy book from whence the ndp came. “No C.C.F. Government will rest content until it has eradicated capitalism and Put into operation the full programme of socialized planning which will lead to the establishment in Canada of the Cooperative Commonwealth.”
commented 2015-12-04 10:25:22 -0500
In less than a year this notley government has proven BEYOND DOUBT they hate Alberta, Albertans, free market prosperity and individual freedom. At the core of the notley ndp are hardline extremist socialists, it is already known notley herself is a great admirer of the socialist/communist mass murderer Che Guevara.
The socialist pattern is always the same. Promises of government ‘for the people’, an end to ‘injustice’ and that they alone are the arbiters of ‘real change’. Once in power, then comes blatant political nepotism (ie; union elite, bureaucrats, political insiders), relentless expansion of unaccountable bureaucracy, ever increasing intrusive government regulations, runaway spending, unsustainable taxation and massive, economy killing, debt.
Once the economy has been sufficiently collapsed then comes phase 2, the attack on individual freedom. Socialist cultist’s core belief is that ‘only they know best’ and the individual does not have the capacity to understand what they need or want and, therefore, the individual has to be governed by them. Working through the, previously entrenched, unaccountable bureaucracy the socialist government moves to remove any and all checks on government power. The justification being that ‘only they know best’ and that any checks on their power is simply getting in the way of progress ‘for the people’.
Once the socialist is firmly entrenched then comes phase 3, governmental rule by fiat. Having previously destroyed/removed free enterprise, democratic governmental checks, individual freedom and private wealth the socialist is now free to rule by decree, without the encumbrance of accountability, and will quell any dissent with force (see; Venezuela)
Albertans need to come to the realization these ndp socialists have no desire to ‘govern’ Alberta. Their every action is calculated from the position that they desire to DESTROY Alberta as we know it. The end goal, as is the case with ALL extremist socialists, is centralized government control and the elimination of private enterprise, private wealth and individual freedom.
For those that say we need only wait till the next election, I say to you, there won’t be anything left of Alberta to save after 4 years of unchecked socialist manipulation and scorched earth economics. If we are going to save our province the only option is to force notley, and her cadre of extremists, into submission before they can fully implement their plan to destroy Alberta, and we need to start NOW.
Albertans need to do what Albertans have never had to do before. We have to, en masse, actively participate in planned, sustained, civil disobedience. Such as; legislature occupation/rally, tax revolt, sustained coordinated public pressure on weak ndp mla/constituencies, demand referendum on recall legislation, demand referendum on deficit spending/public debt, demand referendum on resource royalty formula, demand referendum on leftist environmental agenda (add your own idea to the list)
The bottom line is that we need to exercise our RIGHTS, as free citizens, and make it impossible for the notley socialists to function freely. This can only be achieved if we free citizens band together in solidarity against them. In our system, a government can fall if they lose the confidence of the house. The ‘house’ is the representative assembly of the people. Therefore, the same principal can apply if the ‘people’ declare, loudly and impose their will, they have lost confidence in the government.
Alberta is our province, this notley government campaigned on obfuscated half truth’s and strategic omissions about their true plans and intentions, we owe them no benefits of our democratic process. In fact, the opposite is true, this notley government deserves our wrath and to be held accountable, if for no other reason, then to put ALL politicians on notice that Albertans demand the full truth from those that would put their names forward for the PRIVLEDGE to stand in our government.
The choice is undeniably clear. Albertans either take control of OUR GOVERNMENT or these ndp socialists will take control away from Albertans.
commented 2015-12-04 02:45:19 -0500
Clearly the NAA (Notley’s Accidental Administration) has a desperation resulting from the knowledge their time on this Earth is limited. Thus they are driven to enact any and all Socialist legislation possible before the end time.
commented 2015-12-04 00:13:22 -0500
Excellent question B Krystompol… About as probable as asking that out loud in any Alberta bar these days… “Crickets”…
commented 2015-12-03 20:06:43 -0500
Ok quick question…who the hell in their right minds voted in this party, and where r their comments?
commented 2015-12-03 10:31:06 -0500
She’s entitled to the same respect that she has shown to Albertans, which is no respect all. When you treat those who pay the bills in this province, like they are lepers, or rather like they are second class citizens, then the gloves come off, and we will fight you until we chase you and you children from office! Come on Albertans, keep the heat on these crooks!
commented 2015-12-03 02:29:17 -0500
Well the feeling is mutual, i would never give this cow the time of day or any small measure of respect in any way.
commented 2015-12-03 00:14:39 -0500
As I’ve said many times…. Now isn’t that a lovely face to put on a catcher’s mitt?…
commented 2015-12-02 20:55:51 -0500
And the bitch has that smile that just says “Fuck you” while she robs your livelyhood.