November 06, 2015

Notley still pushing carbon tax ahead of Paris climate talks while Alberta bleeds jobs

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Rachel Notley says that she will release a part of the climate change policy one week before the Paris climate talks, which means that this meeting will shape the future of Alberta’s environmental policies.

The conference has already been deemed a failure before it even starts, with some sources stating that the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) submitted by 155 nations show that temperatures can only be decreased by 3%. And that’s only if you really believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Unless you’re an anthropogenic climate diehard, I think we’re going to be okay. Temperatures have been changing for 4.6B years and global temperatures are at some of the lowest in Earth history. Carbon dioxide isn’t pollution – it makes plants grow.

But -- Notley has been pushing for a carbon tax because it doesn’t line government pockets enough. Perfect timing -- Alberta is bleeding jobs and the oil and gas industry has no hope for a recovery any time soon. So that means more money out of the pockets of Albertans. Look no further than Ontario to see how much our costs will rise.

And what’s this “record” they keep talking about? What a farce. Canada has some of the strictest regulations when it comes to the oil and gas industry. A study completed by Worley Parsons and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers that compares Alberta’s standards to that of nine other countries states just as much.

The only thing on the minds of the NDP is climate change. I have no doubt that they’re going to make Albertans suffer at the expense of their irrational policies. And it will be through our pocketbooks.


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commented 2015-11-08 23:43:48 -0500
BRAD WHITCOMB, “But the strength of the Wild Rose is that it’s a party that wants to have a grounding in ethical, decidedly non-PC, behavior”. I agree that Wildrose is the only acceptable alternative. However, you are probably aware that in 2013 Wildrose surrendered to political correctness by embracing climate change, accepting “climate change is a reality”.
commented 2015-11-08 22:53:11 -0500
@ron VOSS

Which “Ghostbuster”?

The all-female reboot coming this summer?

Or, the real one that gets the job done?

But seriously the next four years will be the perfect time for the Wild Rose to ensure that the plug is pulled on the PCs and the Alberta Liberals. Of course, with orphaned PCs and Alberta Liberals welcomed into the fold, the Wild Rose is going to have to re-think what it’s going to do about its policy positions that could make it toxic to the voters it wants to attract. But the strength of the Wild Rose is that it’s a party that wants to have a grounding in ethical, decidedly non-PC, behavior. We’ll see what Brian Jean can accomplish in the years to come.
commented 2015-11-08 20:46:44 -0500
BRAD WHITCOMB, “who else are you gonna call”? Ghostbusters. :-)
commented 2015-11-08 19:47:28 -0500
Even if it means that Alberta’s economy will be crushed, so be it.

In four years, it will become apparent that the election of an NDP government was a grave mistake and they will be driven from office. I suspect even Notley and most of her caucus will not seek re-election once they realize the deluge is coming. With the Liberals and the PCs awaiting their destruction, only the Wild Rose will rise as the only party that Albertans can count on. With the NDP running from their own government and responsibility, who else are you gonna call?
commented 2015-11-08 16:21:07 -0500
Excellent report Holly N.
We skeptic/realists need to keep talking and explaining the fallacies.
Lots of letters to the editors too, are helpful as the the more letters they get, (approx. 200 words) the more we are heard, the better chance some will get published.
What exactly do the sky is falling warmists think they should do now if the planet might warm or cool 1 degree in 100 years?
They are losing hundreds of their jobs every day as they cling to their alarmist climate change beliefs, but they think the solution is to ruin the economy completely and give $ billions to third world underdeveloped ‘exempted countries’ so they can burn the coal that we are forbidden to.
Most of those underdeveloped countries are politically unstable dictatorships that will use our money to buy arms and make war with their neighbours.
Good luck Ontario, Quebec and the rest of the have not provinces in getting equalization payments from Alberta!
commented 2015-11-08 16:02:29 -0500
PETER NETTERVILLE, the idiom, “better safe than sorry”, comes to mind.
commented 2015-11-08 12:41:50 -0500
The bottom line is that when Notley has put in place her idealistic green plan and the oil and gas industry has been reduced to little more that rubble, and the green energy plan will be financed by the severely diminished Alberta population, our energy cost will have skyrocketed to unaffordable highs, our taxes will be a serious burden causing the middle class to become the poor, and Alberta will no longer be providing provincial transfer payments but instead receiving them …then the recipients of the once lucrative Alberta transfer payments provided by the oil and gas industry will realize just how much that “evil” oil and gas sector was paying their bills … and we will all be the sorrier for it.
commented 2015-11-08 10:21:01 -0500
I have been utterly amazed that that the world has become so unhinged that it embraces such an obvious fantasy as man-made, climate change! However, I didn’t realize how badly unhinged it had become. Turns out that climate change falls under the realm of a new form of ‘science’, an aberration called Post-Normal Science (PNS). PNS should be added to the compendium of mental disorders, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Under PNS, it not so much an enterprise to pursue the truth, but, rather, its purpose is to serve a post-modern, politically-correct (‘progressive’) agenda. As explained in the article below, science has been perverted into a political movement, to be harnessed in service to a pre-determined public policy:
Climate Change and the Death of Science
From that article, listen carefully to the words of Mike Hulme (who I mentioned 15 hours ago), once described as “one of the UK’s most distinguished and high-profile climate scientists” and one of the exponents of post-normal science: “[The] chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, recently urged the media to focus on the ‘scientific rationale for action’ rather than the political aspects of climate…I disagree…In the end, politics will always trump *science*…*we* need better politics, not better *science*”. There you have it: “System change, not climate change”.
commented 2015-11-08 08:27:36 -0500
Rae Fraser – I think Margaret Thatcher is an exception to your rule! She was a fine leader and did what had to be done. Now we have leaders that do what they are told to do, by those who wish to destroy us. I’d rather have a leader for the people, not those who lead for their own gain, at the destruction of opportunities for a productive society. This is communism in action, and nothing Rachel says or does justifies her all out assault on our way of life.
commented 2015-11-08 03:21:10 -0500
Andrew you emit carbon dioxide , as do other things , energy is not the only source.
commented 2015-11-08 03:19:42 -0500
Andrew you need certain geological requirements for hydro , how does that tech help anywhere without the needed water body?
commented 2015-11-08 02:57:38 -0500
Women and Power is a bad mix.
Everybody is going to get fucked.
commented 2015-11-07 23:58:50 -0500
Perry said, "Those who don’t have it are looking for an excuse to bitch about why they don’t have it, "

And those who have just a little bit (and have the common sense to know this GW is a scam) what to keep what little they have and not give it to the UN.
commented 2015-11-07 23:43:58 -0500
Andrew, you go right ahead and believe in a the GW fable. It appears Justin is going to sell Canada out to the UN so we will have to start paying the UN multibillions in carbon tax anyway, so the common sense people who know this GW is a scam have lost to the idiots like you. Hope you enjoy giving your tax money to the UN.

As far as solar and wind, no matter what you say I know that the those two technologies cannot sustain the power needed for modern civilization. Now, hydro electric, yes of course. Natural gas electric generation, yes.

Do you have a link to proof where solar and wind alone are providing power to one or more cities (without backup support of a hydocarbon alternative)?
commented 2015-11-07 22:48:28 -0500
Where’s Al “Houdini” Gore these days. Seems to me if the planet was about to implode, explode, burn, freeze or whatever “climate change” means, he should still be front and centre with his cape and tights on. He was, after all, the one who really stirred up the shit for the new “enlightened” generation. We can all scour the internet looking for facts and debunks, but in the end people, that’s a time waster. It’s about money. Money, money, money. Those who have it want more. Those who don’t have it are looking for an excuse to bitch about why they don’t have it, and global warming- ahem, sorry, “climate change” offers a versatile, all encompassing vehicle for the oh so unfortunate socialists to destroy the human spirit.
commented 2015-11-07 22:27:37 -0500
Actually, the technology does exist and is available. My province doesn’t run a single thermal plant in its baseload fleet. None. I leave the light on, it doesn’t’ emit a gram of carbon dioxide. Oh, you did know that hydroelectricity falls into the category of “green” energy, right? Because moving water and moving air are similar resources.

@peter, the only link of the four you’ve given to actually show any data (two are homepages and one gives a 404), the British one, has an interesting graph in the top right… that illustrates precisely my point about cherry picking data. Care to comment on that graph? See that spike in 1998? That’s the baseline they use to claim “no warming in 18 years”. As you can see, the regression indicates rather something else – that in fact, if you’re going to claim “no warming” the start date woud have to be the peak circa 2003, when there was a small, three year pullback before resuming its upward trend. This pulllback disappears if you calculate the regression over a longer timeframe, say 10 years.
commented 2015-11-07 22:00:54 -0500
Andrew said, "It’s a waste of money to dig up resources merely to burn them for heat, not when the means to harvest energy without fuel costs is easily available. "

Not on the scale civilization needs, it is not. There is not solar and/or wind turbine farm solution that has provided enough energy nor consistent enough to provide stable energy.

I, too, want to get off of hydrocarbon based energy, but can only happen when the technology is there, and not at the expense of the economy. Look at Ontario. Is it a model for the perfect “green” solution?
commented 2015-11-07 21:46:18 -0500
Andrew Stephenson said, “no warming in 18 years” is blatant cherry picking of data”

Bullshit, Andrew. FOUR datasets over the world reported NO temperature increase for 18 years and 9 months now.

UAH – University of Alamaba Huntsville,
GIS – Goddard Institute of Space Studies,
HadCRUT – Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office,
RSS – Remote Sensing Solutions,

There is no cherry picking of data, this is RAW DATA which has no political affiliation.

Now Andrew Stephenson I know you will not be convinced by facts and the raw data, so go live in your fantasy world.

You know that when Just in signs that treaty, Canada will be required to pay for mulit billions per years in carbon tax and that will be Canadian taxpayer money. Now I would guess you are living off of the government dole, so you do not really care, but those of us that pay tens of thousands of dollars in income tax every year will be paying for that money going to the UN for a HOAX.
commented 2015-11-07 20:46:53 -0500
Andrew, you’ve been sold on a pipe dream. The technology just isn’t there yet. Wind turbines and solar panels still have to be backed up by fossil fuel plants because they just don’t provide enough energy for their cost. That’s why electricity prices rise when they replace fossil fuel plants. That’s why European countries like Germany and Spain are going back to fossil fuels after having experienced the economic failure of ‘renewable energy’ as it stand today. When it’s ready for prime time, yeah, I’d like to power my car from a solar panel, when they have one that can do it in five minutes. Until then, I’ll happily drive my gas buggy, thanks, and I won’t waste any time worrying about sea levels or glaciers or polar bears, which, BTW, are at a record high population level as I write this. Do the search and read the article I referenced in my last comment, and tell me why I shouldn’t believe that AGW is the biggest scam ever. Putin is laughing at the useful idiots in the west who have been conned into wrecking their own country’s energy security to ‘save the planet’ and keep Russia in clover. Likewise OPEC. You better believe OPEC money is going to ‘climate change’ groups that are lobbying and demonstrating to destroy our resource industries while OPEC countries continue to pump oil out of the ground at record rates. Notley is an dupe who is unknowingly working for OPEC because she’s been conned big time, just like every other idiot in every other anti-Canadian, anti-oil-and-gas industry ‘save the planet’ cause that is working for maximum OPEC oil production without knowing it.
commented 2015-11-07 20:08:19 -0500
“Andrew, wake up. Why in the hell do you people fall for this garbage, even the UNs been proven wrong on climate change or global warming or whatever name and spin they’re putting on it. It’s a scam, money grab.”

Actually, I view it with some skepticism – I figure a fair bit of the trend is simply heat islands forming as cities grow, as these stations tend to be at airports which were historically out in the countryside – and, as in places like Calgary or Toronto, are now increasingly surrounded by urban development. It might be an interesting hypothesis to test.

That being said, I tend to be in favour of “green” energy because they don’t require fuel, which makes them far more cost effective in the long run particularly as capital costs for the devices continue to fall. It’s a waste of money to dig up resources merely to burn them for heat, not when the means to harvest energy without fuel costs is easily available. If you could buy a car that runs for free off solar panels on your roof, why would you ever want a car that costs money to fuel?
commented 2015-11-07 18:57:18 -0500
Mike Hulme, a self-professed socialist, was at one time a Professor of Climate Change at the University of East Anglia, home of the Climatic Research Unit, of Climategate infamy. Climategate is a term coined to describe the scandal uncovered by leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit revealing scientific fraud and data manipulation by scientists concerning the global warming theory. In his book, “Why We Disagree About Climate Change – Understanding Controversy Inaction and Opportunity”, Hulme openly revealed climate change to be political ideology with political aspirations that range from shaping the way that individuals live their lives to the redistribution of wealth when he wrote:
“The function of climate change I suggest, is not as a lower-case environmental phenomenon to be solved (that is, to be capitalized – Climate Change – to acknowledge that it has become a proper noun, a ‘thing’, an ideology, a political movement)… It really is not about stopping climate chaos. Instead, we need to see how we can use the idea of climate change—the matrix of ecological functions, power relationships, cultural discourses and materials flows that climate change reveals—to rethink how we take forward our political, social, economic and personal projects over the decades to come…Climate change has become an idea that now travels well beyond its origins in the natural sciences …. climate change takes on new meanings and serves new purposes … climate change has become ‘the mother of all issues’, the key narrative within which all environmental politics—from global to local—is now framed …. Rather than asking ‘how do we solve climate change?’ we need to turn the question around and ask: ‘how does the idea of climate change alter the way we arrive at and achieve our personal aspirations.…?’”
Little wonder that socialists, presumably people like the “useful idiot” ANDREW STEPHENSON, who sets it upon himself to determine which scientist, even if a Nobel laureate, is entitled to have or not have a voice on climate change, are seen bearing signs saying, “System change, not climate change”. Andrew where do you keep your sign?
commented 2015-11-07 18:40:52 -0500
Andrew Stephenson, there appears to be a general warming trend (if you overlook the last 18 years) because the temperature data has been fudged by progressively eliminating the temperature data stations globally over the last several decades. Search “Call it the mystery of the missing thermometers” and read the article by Richard Foot, quoting Weather Channel founder Joseph D’Aleo on the progressive elimination of the cooler stations, if you can find it. It has been getting purged from the web for some time now. Clearly, if they progressively eliminates the stations that consistently give cooler temperature, they will make it appear that the climate is warming when it isn’t.

So why would they do that? Because there is a convergence of interests that benefit from the hoax, from ‘renewable energy’ companies, to hucksters cashing in on cap and trade schemes, to politician who have discovered it makes a dandy wedge issue to separate voters from conservatives, to scientists who are making a good living researching anything connected with the AGW hoax. A powerful cabal has been established that profits big time from this hoax.

And you have been taken in by it too. So read the article and then tell me where D’Aleo has gone wrong. If you dare.
commented 2015-11-07 18:36:32 -0500
If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
commented 2015-11-07 18:32:58 -0500
Andrew, wake up. Why in the hell do you people fall for this garbage, even the UNs been proven wrong on climate change or global warming or whatever name and spin they’re putting on it. It’s a scam, money grab. They’re picking pockets to bring down the world economy with this tripe and turning good people into raving Marxists and slaves to guys like Soros and Gore. The only people that will survive this kill off is going to be the elites. This is all a ruse to enslave you.
commented 2015-11-07 18:21:54 -0500
The AGW hoax is the curse of the 21st Century. Dimwits like Wynne, Notley and Trudeau have been completely taken in by it and are determined to fight this non-existent threat no matter how much the economy and well-being of Canada is damaged by doing so. Only exposing the AGW hoax for what it is can stop this madness. Keep fighting it.
commented 2015-11-07 16:42:23 -0500
“Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Ivar Giaver”

It’s clear that although great at quantum physics, he’s no climatologist. Again, “no warming in 18 years” is blatant cherry picking of data, the sort of thing that gets scientists fired. He has not published a single peer reviewed climate paper and has no reputation in this field.
commented 2015-11-07 14:17:22 -0500
Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Ivar Giaver, noting that global temperatures have halted over the past 18 years, logically concluded, “basically global warming is a non-problem”. Not deterred by facts, however, the global alarmist ideologues have come up with a creative rescues device, the “just-so” story that the oceans have absorbed most of the warming, a process that will likely stop soon, and the warming will be absorbed in the atmosphere. Reminds one of the expression “the dog ate my homework", purported to be a favorite excuse made by schoolchildren explaining their failure to turn in an assignment on time. There you have it, “The Ocean ate my Global Warming”!
commented 2015-11-07 12:25:04 -0500
With investment capital leaving the country at record rates, the dollar is set to take a real plunge. Which means you’ll be paid in worthless paper than will buy next to nothing. Maybe enough people will wake up then.
commented 2015-11-07 12:23:50 -0500
Oh, and Alberta already has a carbon tax of sorts in place. Notley is proposing to enhance that, not implement anything new.