October 11, 2017

NY Democrat D.A. refused to prosecute Harvey Weinstein, even with evidence

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Might Harvey Weinstein be one of the worst sexual predators in U.S. history?

When you factor in the sheer number of victims combined with his money, power, and reach, the answer is a resounding yes.

While most victims accounts are from years back and the statutes of limitations have expired, predators like Weinstein do not just stop. Might there be more recent victims coming forward whose cases will fall within the statute?

My professional experience tells me there probably are.

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commented 2017-10-12 09:15:29 -0400
Minutes from an NBC editorial staff meeting:
Well do we go with the Weinstein donations to Hillary story or air a segment on a mother cat and her kittens being saved from the California fires on tonights news?
Oh I think the cat story is far more compelling, let’s go with that, all agreed??
commented 2017-10-12 06:27:33 -0400
I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the “tip of the iceburg” for outing prominent Democrats. I predict more to come.
commented 2017-10-12 03:31:27 -0400
The key words in all of this being “Democrat District Attorney”…
commented 2017-10-12 02:11:27 -0400
But if they did start ratting on each other my God how this thing would unravel… It would be beautiful.!!!
All it would take was one and with that this whole thing would come apart like a straw house in the wind and the first one’s “fessing up” could cut deals with the DA..
It would truly be something behold..
Some judge would probably come along and say that they’re too big to prosecute… LOL
commented 2017-10-12 02:03:17 -0400
Settle down fellas… nobody’s going to hurt or kill this Zionist power broker ..
It may have been partly true that he could see problems with the Clinton administration occupying the president’s chair in the White House or it may have been Hillary was a woman and with his view on women he couldn’t stand one being the president and wouldn’t play ball with him the way men do so he may or may not have done what he could do behind the scenes to sabotage her presidency.!!
However a powerful people are not stupid and they’re not about to start ratting on each other so settle down..
If he meets his demise that’s a mysterious in the nature he has in his group of contacts somebody that holds a letter and in the event of his untimely death multiple copies of that letter with photographs will be released to every tabloid in North America. That is his insurance policy to guarantee his safety.. he will ride out a little time in exile and this will blow over but don’t feel too bad for him because they’re not going to freeze his bank accounts and he will be living the lifestyle that he wants anywhere in the world that he wants toand probably still making movies if he feels like it. and probably still making movies if he feels like it !
commented 2017-10-12 01:51:00 -0400

You could say that bad things happen when the Clintons are crossed.

While MSM is trying to downplay Weinstein’s influence, going so far as to describe him and being only a millionaire. (Please. They sold Miramax to Disney for over $1 billion.) And Weinstein’s position as the go-to person to get things done in Hollywood was unsurpassed. (The only person that can rival Weinstein’s mobility is Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck.)

Hillary Clinton now says she’s giving away Weinstein’s donation (wasn’t that money spent?) but no one seems to acknowledge that it was Weinstein who secured the massive advance for Clinton’s recent memoir. The webs around Weinstein, the Clintons, and Democratic Party are enormous and tight. This is an exposure that the liberal elites will mobilize all their resources to seal before things get out of hand.

If this means sealing Weinstein’s fate, then so be it.
commented 2017-10-12 01:34:40 -0400
Me Notyou you mean one of those CONVENIENT accidents or robberies that seem to happen to people that oppose the Clinton’s?
commented 2017-10-11 23:54:04 -0400
There is a very good reason for the sudden fall of Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein was the most powerful liberal in Hollywood, America, indeed the world. His stature was nearly at the level of George Soros, and his reach as far. Soros and Weinstein collaborated on many initiatives. And Weinstein could pretty much get away with murder. He was long rumoured to be a bully, a pervert, sexist, violent, and completely free of any moral compass. Weinstein owned Hollywood and all within the entertainment industry served (and serviced) him.

So, how did someone so powerful, so untouchable, fall in such a graceless collapse?

Even Weinstein’s pleas to his long-time allies fell on deaf ears. Even if Weinstein knows where all the bodies are buried, and where all the closets are hidden, every liberal who owes their livelihoods and influence to him are denouncing and ratting on him.


It is suspected that Weinstein, privately, denounced the Clinton effort in 2016, and even mused that, in the interest of economic and political survival, Hollywood’s liberal elite should consider making peace with the Trump White House. Trump isn’t that conservative, and Weinstein sees that even Trump could be swayed toward certain aspects of the liberal agenda. It was just a matter of talking with the Trump and being nice to him.

Hollywood liberals and their fellow travellers in the Democratic Party when ballistic at Weinstein’s suggestion and deposed him. This scorched earth policy among the liberal elites proves they’re are ready to self-immolate in the name of their cult.

These elites should be careful, lest Weinstein starts talking.

But if something fatal should happen to Weinstein, then we will know that it was no accident.
commented 2017-10-11 23:23:44 -0400
I wouldn’t even want to sit beside Harvey, but to think all these women were innocent little virgins is just fooling yourself. Girls 15 years old even in my day, know more about men than men know.
I find it suspicious that the women complaining fall into two groups:
1. They are famous, so they can say anything and not worry about their careers.
2. They are the losers that never made it, so they need something to blame.
He did it, he’s guilty, and he is a degenerate; all I’m saying is they knew what they were doing.
commented 2017-10-11 22:13:13 -0400
hollyweird types are scrambling..Please note..I believe there is still a few that have some good old fashioned values and are thankful for their good fortunes..And some are glad to see that the scum is rising to the top of exposure..will there be Justice?
commented 2017-10-11 21:51:18 -0400
Who came along for the ride
Hey, you can’t come inside
Do the citizens kneel for sex
It’s heaven XXXXXing on her chest

Hollywood Babylon
Hollywood Babylon

Flesh ancient monster design
Unlit pornographic sign
Where did they come from tonight
Who came along for the ride

Hollywood Babylon
Hollywood Babylon

( The Misfits)
commented 2017-10-11 21:30:29 -0400
Harvey the perv has DNC-Obama-Clinton prosecution protection, he bought heavily into the Dem protection racket they run for high rolling pervy patrons riding the Lolita express.
commented 2017-10-11 21:30:26 -0400
Harvey the perv has DNC-Obama-Clinton prosecution protection, he bought heavily into the Dem protection racket they run for high rolling pervy patrons riding the Lolita express.
commented 2017-10-11 19:46:06 -0400
If Meryl Streep had never heard of any of these rumours, then I guess you don’t have to be very smart to win an Oscar. Same goes for Clinton, Cecile Richards, Michelle and Barry, on and on and on.
commented 2017-10-11 19:15:43 -0400
Isn’t it amazing George Clooney only started to worry about the future when he had a stake in it? It was alright for other people’s children to be subjected to violence; hatred; exploitation via migrants; but, as soon as his children are exposed, well, it’s unsafe to remain in Britain.
commented 2017-10-11 18:13:05 -0400
Tammie Putinsky-Zandbelt: Good video.

Clooney has a house for Monday through Friday to run to, to get away from whatever. The weekends could be a problem for him!
commented 2017-10-11 17:36:29 -0400
… Clooney is the biggest hypocrite in Hollywood. The biggest actor in Hollywood only “heard rumours” of the biggest producer in Hollywood.
… Clooney might as well have “Liar” tattooed on his forehead.
commented 2017-10-11 17:34:29 -0400
Jan G, see link. George Clooney is an absolute hypocrite!

George Clooney is a Complete Idiot – uploaded by Paul Joseph Watson July 7/17
commented 2017-10-11 17:12:00 -0400
Well, let’s hope he gets to share a cell with Cosby.
commented 2017-10-11 16:59:27 -0400
Weinstein donated $100k to Planned Parenthood at a gala in May. He purchased a Cecily Brown painting for that $$. Brown’s work is described as follows:

“Characterized by overt sexual imagery and an Abstract Expressionist gestural style, Brown’s work has emerged some of the most influential of her generation. Her large-scale canvases often feature figures engaging in sexual acts under a veil of color, as seen in Sweetie (2001), a semi-abstracted couple captured mid-coitus and rendered in bright pinks and purples.”


commented 2017-10-11 16:45:25 -0400
All those Dem politicians who gladly accepted $$$ from Weinstein have been scrambling to figure out how to distance themselves from the predator they thought so highly of. All pathetic, and, corrupt.
Yes, Hillary and Bill, that is you too!
commented 2017-10-11 16:41:31 -0400
As more reports come in, the Hollywood elites will have to give better performances when it comes to their “shock and outrage”. So far, it hasn’t been convincing. Even Obama had to read about his friend in the press…. for me, this is an over the top & outrageous claim made by a former President who had opened the WH to a serial predator; this certainly wouldn’t have escaped the FBI’s attention – or Barry’s!
commented 2017-10-11 16:32:13 -0400
One can only imagine the many stories there could possibly be about George Clooney? The womanizer, who trades in women like leased cars. One has to wonder how many abortions may have been part of that scenario.
In the following, Clooney says he had heard rumors since the 90’s; BUT, he didn’t do anything, say anything or ask Weinstin if these rumors were true?

Don Carlos Cervantes: Yes, it has been going on for ions, but maybe it is just time for it to stop. Future predators may just think twice about ‘their’ future rather than dismissing the women’s careers. But then, these predators like the challenge of seeing how far they can go, how long they can pull this off without getting caught and the power behind it.
commented 2017-10-11 15:49:10 -0400
It is only in politically correct, absurdly naive times such as these, that anyone could any longer be surprised at this type of behavior by a Hollywood notable. This is not suggesting that we should in the least diminish Weinstein’s deplorable and bullying actions against vulnerable women employees; but seriously folks, fire the bum and change the subject.

This type of behavior has been going on in Hollywood since its founding near the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Indeed, for many decades the ‘casting couch’ where many starlets and I am sure even a few young and future male actors got a ‘leg up’, so to speak, on their careers, has been a running joke.

Many of us remember author Kenneth Anger’s trashy expose’ about the immorality of Tinsel Town, in his book first published in the 1981 (perhaps earlier) entitled. “Hollywood Babylon: The Legendary Underground Classic of Hollywood’s Darkest and Best Kept Secrets”. This volume which was a bestseller and has been reprinted many times in several different editions, covered the sleazy and often violent history of Hollywood since its beginnings. Yet, ironically, all the current excitement, particularly on the absurd Left, over Weinstein’s decades of sexual peccadilloes, makes one wonder if indeed people of every generation are doomed to suffer the fog of forgetting, particularly when they are trying to forget the foibles of their own.

Most of us who are older, remember hearing about the well publicized anal rape of a 14 year old girl during a party at Jack Nicholson’s house. The rapist was famed director Roman Polanski, He was subsequently charged with rape but absconded from the U.S. before he was sentenced to jail time. He has not been back in the U.S. since. Yet, the Hollywood hypocrites continue to defend his actions to this day because he was one of their own. Recently, Whoopi Goldberg, was widely quoted as saying, that what Polanski did to that young girl was “not rape rape”. Uh huh.

Will Ms. Goldberg now also try to convince us that Harvey Weinstein’s three alleged rapes were “not rape rape”? Or, has the political climate changed to such an extent that even a Leftie supporting producer, like Weinstein, can no longer be defended by the hypocritical dullards of his own kind? Or does another generation simply suffer from ‘forgetting’, again?
commented 2017-10-11 15:44:58 -0400
Keep shining the sunlight on them CARDILLO !!!
commented 2017-10-11 15:43:27 -0400
… And now, of course, the cabal of Hollywood hypocrites are desperately trying to outdo each other in expressing their “shock” and “outrage”. But, they all knew, they were all a part of it to get their millions. Weinstein was allowed and enabled by the whole corrupt community, definitely including the Clintons and Obamas.
… Hollywood is a cesspool, and everything associated with it. They are all going down.