August 10, 2017

NYT spreads “fake news” of suppressed climate change report to discredit Trump

Brian LilleyArchive

Remember when Trump shouted down CNN as fake news? Well, now Trump could legitimately level that charge at the New York Times and all the news organizations that ran with a story claiming his administration was suppressing a report on climate change.

The Times ran big with a story that the Trump administration had suppressed a major new climate report put together by a collection of government scientists which confirmed that man made climate change was putting us at risk.

The media loved the angle that brave scientists leaked it. Media outlet after media outlet ran with the story without checking to see if it was true.

It wasn’t.

Watch as I fill in the details and share the correction the Times had to run and the other hysterical misleading headlines that are still out there.

Will CBC or any of the other broadcasters that repeated these false claims put out their own corrections?

The problem with Trump’s critics is that they overplay their hands.

And in doing that, the New York Times and all those media outlets have become what they claim to hate: fake news.

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commented 2017-08-20 18:00:34 -0400
CBC gets Billions to spread their lies . Fake news fake global warming FN Tax grab . And the rebel let Faith go how sad .
commented 2017-08-11 02:40:33 -0400
I would hope that eventually people stop believing anything the mainstream media says or prints. They are irresponsible character assasinator’s, directing the narrative for the globalists. That enviro witch being interviewed by cbc was so pathetic and disingenuous. They did the same thing to Harper and the CBC was more than happy to help. Hench men, the bunch of them.
commented 2017-08-11 01:32:27 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt very good point. They are pathetic hypocrites.
commented 2017-08-11 01:31:55 -0400
More liberal media BS, and they keep getting caught pushing it. No wonder Trump plays them like a fiddle.
commented 2017-08-10 22:20:50 -0400
President Trump is falsely accused of suppressing news, while news outlets are altering the news and presenting it as fact, the news presented by msm is fiction!
commented 2017-08-10 18:54:20 -0400
I was on a Borneo hiking trip with a group that included a Czech physicist, a science I love for some strange reason, who had a post-doctoral post in Canada after the trip. She expressed concerns because the Harper government was shutting down science, from the propaganda she had been fed. I pointed out that all Harper had done, like the government before him, was remind government scientists they worked for the government and had to go through channels like any bureaucrat. A Manitoba New Demoncratic Party bureaucrat tried to shut me down, so I challenged him as to why his overseers shut down dissenting debate on climate. I hope the poor girl took up her post, because she was good except for falling for the false narrative. Such is the regressive propaganda machine.
commented 2017-08-10 18:39:58 -0400
It just makes me sick that we are being forced to fund the liberal propaganda machine, and also to give money to the UN. And that money is being used to infiltrate western governments, to undermine the west in order to implement a one world Islamic government.
commented 2017-08-10 18:00:36 -0400
Once again CBC reveals itself to be fake news!