June 03, 2019

New York University drops “Reporting on the Far-Right” class due to lack of interest

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Remember Talia Lavin, the former New Yorker fact-checker who falsely reported that an ICE agent had a Nazi tattoo?

A few months ago we covered her new gig teaching at New York University. Now, that gig has been cancelled because the students didn't want what she was offering.

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commented 2019-06-04 04:07:16 -0400
Some girls evidently take the fact they never made the cheerleading squad in high school a bit more personally than others…
commented 2019-06-03 22:59:26 -0400
Rice bowl broken…and this not even the result of doxing from her avowed political enemies….just the result of her own failure to recruit anyone of like mind…

Might I suggest she seek employment at a feminist pool hall as a sort of variant of the Walmart greeter ….she can break balls…
commented 2019-06-03 22:16:08 -0400
The Orwellian PC mob thinks anyone with common sense or anyone opposed to Islamo-fascism and Islamic terrorism are “far right”
commented 2019-06-03 21:49:55 -0400
thanks, Rob, for your report, we need to keep hearing what is going on in the universities and we can’t get that info anywhere else
commented 2019-06-03 21:22:50 -0400
Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.