June 15, 2018

Obama couldn't be trusted with North Korea

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

On this week's episode of Take That, I explained why Obama, unlike Trump, could not be trusted in a summit with North Korea.

Obama's foreign policy consistently put the interests of globalists elites ahead of the interests of America, like his disastrous nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump has demonstrated that he will live up to his campaign slogan, America First. His strong stance on trade in the recent G7 summit proved that he intends to keep his promises.

That's why I trust Trump in negotiations with North Korea that I would've opposed if Obama was President.

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commented 2018-06-15 18:47:57 -0400
Andrew Stephenson then NK laughed in his face, just like Iran did,just like Russia did on his multiple lines. Trump acted, and Obama never did a damn thing. Now go be a good state sycophant and try some valid comparisons once in a while. By the way London is not Toronto LMAO!
commented 2018-06-15 12:02:50 -0400
One only has to look at the state that America was in when Obama finally quit. The US of A need not worry anymore, Trump open’d the door and a lot of Muslims fled north, to the open arms of Trudeau, unfortunately for Canada. (must watch Vid)

commented 2018-06-15 11:44:00 -0400
Obama got NK to promise disarmament as well. I think Bush did as well. The only difference here is the level of sycophantism in the fan club.