January 10, 2017

Obama “ought to be apologizing” to Chicago

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On yesterday's program, Breitbart's Joel Pollak explained that part of the reason for Chicago's recent decline can be traced to the city's belief that Obama's federal government would somehow "bail them out."


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commented 2017-01-11 20:22:55 -0500
Does anyone really believe that this incompetent bastard is going to “Go gentle into that good night?” Unlike his betters, the previous US presidents, this cultural marxist parvenu isn’t going to behave like a civilised gentleman and follow tradition, he’s going to agitate along with the MSM, Hollywood and academia and SERVE OUT HIS 3RD TERM! There was was once an “Anti-Pope” and there is (in some people’s minds for another week or so) an “Anti-Christ” so why not an “Anti-President”? The Gods know he worked hard enough to earn the title!
commented 2017-01-11 02:14:16 -0500
Andy you may be right , and it will have bullet holes. Would be some damn good karma.
commented 2017-01-11 02:06:37 -0500
There may be the ultimate irony in years to come!… Obama’s new “Presidential Library” will be the gathering place for poor southside blacks and druggies to come and deal and pee in the bushes, as always…
commented 2017-01-11 01:49:26 -0500
Debra—it doesn’t take much to incite violence in Chicago; Orphan Annie can walk down the street and there will be a riot.
commented 2017-01-10 17:48:07 -0500
I thought ChiCongo was a success , at least the left thinks so.
Corky the outrage would have been incredible the other way around.
commented 2017-01-10 13:34:24 -0500
As long as it’ll be the last time we hear from him………
commented 2017-01-10 11:57:24 -0500
Obama is going there to incite violence. There is no other reason for him to go there.
commented 2017-01-10 11:17:36 -0500
Imagine the media fallout if a group of white trump supporters was assaulting a black Obama supporter in Chicago…
But it’s all hush hush and swept under the rug when a group of blacks assault a white trump supporter.

But I guess SJW peices of sht like Streep don’t care about facts. They just want to spread their propaganda and lies.