January 11, 2016

"He's sure acting like he was born there": Obama rejected Keystone XL pipeline, but now he's financing one for KENYA

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last year, Barack Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.

The United States is a spiderweb of oil and gas pipelines already. Keystone XL would have added a few hundred miles. But Obama vetoed just that one.

Now the same Obama administration that blocked Keystone XL is going to help finance an $18 billion oil pipeline — in Kenya.

And it's not even oil for Kenya itself, but for them to export and get rich. Which I fully support. Who wouldn’t? Well, the answer is Barack Obama wouldn’t, at least not in the United States.

TransCanada didn’t ask for $18 billion from the U.S. government to build Keystone XL. They offered $7 billion of their own money to do it. Obama blocked it anyway.

I don’t believe the rumours that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, where his father was from. But you know, he’s sure acting like it’s true.

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commented 2016-01-12 23:19:32 -0500
I surely hope that the next US admin will understand the North American oil is our future,
commented 2016-01-12 12:28:46 -0500
Barak Obama is one good reason to vote for Donald Trump.
commented 2016-01-12 12:12:05 -0500
Sam Young commented
“I can’t wait until Obama is gone.”

I don’t think the evil one is going to walk off into the sunset anytime soon. I believe that a major attack on America will happen, later this year, and it will be an attack of such magnitude, that he will not leave office. I can’t help thinking this in my bones. Obama is a psychopath and I wouldn’t put anything past him, as he is pure evil, and his flying monkeys are just as evil.
commented 2016-01-12 10:20:00 -0500
Born in Kenya and his school teacher was Saul Alinsky.
commented 2016-01-12 08:37:17 -0500
Keystone was never about the environment, simply money. The U.S. produced more oil in 2014 than Saudi Arabia. Obama wants a posting at the UN when his presidency is over. France wants to expand their dominance as an electricity supplier. They produce 61,000 barrels of oil a day, and import over 2 million, of course they want an alternative. Canada is an easy target for the UN’s green agenda ( France’s attempt to monopolize green energy). All you have to do is terrorize the masses with the destruction of the planet, and POW! March in with your green technologies and save the world ( while raking in billions). EDF (electricity de France) is an 82% State owned company already in Canada, and is actively pushing their way into the market place, riding on the Global warming scare tactic. Our government, and a lot of Canadians have bought it hook, line, and sinker. With Justy and Notley steering the ship, Alberta is truly screwed.
commented 2016-01-12 04:08:28 -0500
I can’t wait until Obama is gone.
commented 2016-01-12 01:55:13 -0500
TRUMP please win the USA elections, because we need some normal people in power.
commented 2016-01-12 00:13:30 -0500
I’d just like to thank Obama for making sure I never see another black president in my lifetime.
well done!
commented 2016-01-11 21:17:58 -0500
If Trump gets in you can be certain there will be a no holds barred investigation into hussein.

The truth will come out and many people will be very angry about the truth when it is released.

There is serious fear that Trump will win and expose many things.

I truly hope he has excellent and top, top, top notch personal security.

His life is in real danger and someone will strike at what they believe to be the appropriate time.

Many people do NOT want him in power because they are TERRIFIED they will be exposed.
commented 2016-01-11 20:33:01 -0500
Believe it, He WAS born in Kenya. Why else would he have a forged Hawaiian birth certificate.
commented 2016-01-11 20:06:26 -0500
Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever, even worse than Carter. Can’t wait for him to get the hell out. He kept delaying & delaying all the while knowing he would never approve & I think it was all because the oil was from Canada. Pathetic, miserable, lying hypocrite is Barack Obama. I wonder how much richer will his bank account be when he leaves office?
commented 2016-01-11 19:37:22 -0500
Obama’s Daddy, or possibly Grand Daddy, Was a Mau Mau terrorist who had a penchant for running around and hacking white people to death. That is, until three Brit Soldiers armed with Bren Guns, 600 rounds a minute. Turned him into pulp. That is why he hates the Brits. Unfortunately, in his mind he associates Canada with the UK. Hence, no Keystone.
commented 2016-01-11 18:19:41 -0500
Obama is a lefty, thinks like a Lefty, acts like one. With that in mind, one can assume he figures we’re rich, Kenya is poor, therefor, side with them. That’s lefty’s. They stereotype, then apply their “little guy vs big guy” philosophy.
commented 2016-01-11 18:06:52 -0500
The follow up is on Google— I just don’t know how to post it . Somebody should. The point is—-Obama has no Problem playing Black people for fools. He could have stopped this and saved this Lady from the embarrassment - but— he did not— He just used and abused her for his own Gain . He has NEVER apologized. This is OBAMA.
commented 2016-01-11 17:53:33 -0500
Maybe someone should ask Peggy Joseph— how well every thing went ?
commented 2016-01-11 17:28:48 -0500
Obama is using the black people and they don’t even know it.
commented 2016-01-11 17:20:18 -0500
Obama is making the assumption that Black people are Dumb. They are not. Pretty soon they will recognize that Obama is doing them more harm and if he has his way -the back of the Bus will be too close— unless they agree with his Revolution.
commented 2016-01-11 16:37:38 -0500
the nicest thing that can be said about obama would insult detritus
commented 2016-01-11 16:34:35 -0500
listened to the lunatic communist bernie sanders last night… dead against keystone but loves our free health care..
commented 2016-01-11 16:29:22 -0500
Obama has no integrity; he blocked the Keystone pipeline for political reasons only. He wanted to appear to be the leader on climate change. However, as the NP pointed out, many previous pipelines have been built in the USA since 2010.

National Post, November 2015- America has built the equivalent of 10 Keystone pipelines since 2010 — and nobody said anything: http://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/america-has-built-the-equivalent-of-10-keystone-pipelines-since-2010-and-no-one-said-anything?__lsa=fa06-508e
commented 2016-01-11 16:16:31 -0500
But remember there are no climate loons in Africa. No voters!
Maybe Obama thinks polluting African air is A okay! What an asshole he is!
commented 2016-01-11 16:08:02 -0500
Obama sucks and he is anti Canadian but Canadians are anti Canadian oil also. A large percentage of Canadians oppose our oil industry and want to shut it down. Most governments in Canada oppose getting the oil to foreign markets. Lets put things into perspective and get our own house in order before we blame our misery on others.
commented 2016-01-11 15:45:29 -0500
You have the wrong “take” Ezra. Obama is a racist and his shown many times his priority is black people.
commented 2016-01-11 15:31:43 -0500
When a Canadian homeless person ,gets fed up -and emerges from his uninsulated card board box , grabs his last can of pepper spray , don’t his ‘white hoody’ ,hops on his trusty bicycle and sprays some alien people that appear to be the ‘darlings’ of the Media and Politicians——because they will be living like Kings , compared to himself———- Is it really a HATE crime?
commented 2016-01-11 15:04:53 -0500
January 11, 2016
Dear Diary;
Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone in Vancouver pepper-sprayed a crowd of new voters from Syria. Of course everyone in their right mind (and my own people too) are denouncing that, so I’m following along, like the great leader that I am, and immediately went to Twitter and tweeted to all the twats and twits who follow me that “this isn’t who we are” (I’m confident that no one in the media will point out that this isn’t actually a denunciation).
I’m not only brilliant, but also inspirational. I’ve just given myself an idea for our 2016 Tee-shirts.
There’s just one itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy problem. McCallum and I have been saying all along that my government would absolutely not be approving or categorizing any applicants based on their religion, in fact, old stock McCallum even told Brian Lilley that such information couldn’t even be captured and retained. So now that pesky rebel Lilley will probably want to know how come this welcoming event was scheduled to take place at the centre for the ‘Muslim’ Association of Canada?
This is another fine pickle McCallum’s got me into.
Allah bless you, Gerald. Gerry’s just told me that, instead of admitting to my Canadians that we lied, we’ll tell them that using that facility was just a lark, a humorous attempt to offend any Jewish and Christians refugees, no, not you Harjit, you’re okay. (I have to watch Harjit, Gerald put him in charge of the guns).
That should take the heat off, and who knows, maybe even pick up a few more votes from my Muslim chums.