October 27, 2015

Obama's drone wars, Gitmo and an alternative history of Omar Khadr

Josh FisherRebel Blogger

Hypocrisy within the Media Party shouldn’t strike anyone reading this as something new, but the recent news cycle has shown just how detached from reality mainstream media has become in an effort to portray anyone with a left-wing affiliation in favorable terms.

A leak brought to light on October 15 by the Drudge Report gives a chilling insight into the extra-judicial killings greatly expanded and built upon by the Obama Administration.

The individual who leaked these documents summed up his opinion of these assassinations, or as the Obama Administration has dubbed, “targeted killings”:

This outrageous explosion of watchlisting — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them "baseball cards," assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield -- it was, from the very first instance, wrong.

Under Obama, there is no “enhanced interrogation” program, there are no swelling of the ranks at Guantanamo Bay, and there is no respect of national borders. To him, these are unnecessary formalities. He alone decides who gets assassinated, without indictment or trial. Sounds a little too Orwellian and far-fetched? Check out the documents yourself.

They talk of routinely encountering nasty amounts of collateral damage in Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan over the last few years. Some operational periods even mention 90% of people killed in strikes being unintended targets.

Not only this, but citizenship didn’t matter in the course of targeting and eliminating people on arbitrary kill lists.

So why aren't the media outraged about this?

Well, the answer is simple.

The only difference with this leak and the Wikileaks is the party in power.

The Wikileak’s contents primarily condemned the Bush Administration, something everyone in the Media Party embraced all too gleefully.

This latest revelation, however, doesn’t fit the narrative.

Do you mean Obama, the same guy that called the Guantanamo Bay camps a “violation of civil liberties and the Geneva Conventions,” is now allowing American and British citizens to be killed by drones, on the suspicion of doing things the government deems they shouldn’t be?

Well, the media party has conveniently swept that under the rug.

Habeas corpus, anyone?

Ah, but what about Omar Khadr? Surely he didn’t deserve the treatment he received at the hand of Bush’s oppressive yoke!

Khadr’s "plight" was so heavily publicized and skewed by the Media Party that many Canadians probably have convinced themselves that poor Khadr did suffer brutal injustice, and was turned into a whipping boy to satisfy the bloodlust of those darn gun-toting-racist-moronic-redneck American Republicans.

I mean, he was, after all mercilessly captured by the Americans, thrown into jail at Guantanamo, put to trial, and (gasp!), convicted of War Crimes and given an 8-year sentence!  

Well, if Khadr had engaged in his jihad during Barack Obama’s tenure, he wouldn’t have even made it out of Afghanistan.

He would have been killed in country, without indictment or trial, and woe to any family, friends, or associates unfortunate enough to be in his company when the Hellfire Missile detonated. 

But that can’t be talked about, can it?

In fact, during Barack Obama’s presidency, there’s a reason he hasn’t added any jihadists to the ranks in Guantanamo; he merely decided extra-judicial killings via drone strikes are a much more low-key, simple and politically expedient approach.

He can trust that the complicit media will bury their heads in the sand while he undertakes the unpleasant duties of a leader fighting a war on Islamic terrorism. (But we mustn’t call it that, so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities).

See, Obama doesn’t give a damn about preventing collateral damage or preserving habeas corpus, he only cares about the finely crafted image he’s created in the eyes of the media and the public.

And the media doesn’t give a damn about the truth, they only care about finely crafting a palatable image of the Obama Administration, and thereby vindicating every view held by the Progressives in power.

I’ve come to realize, if a Republican is in the White House, any wrong-doing on the part of the Government is blamed on the Administration, but if it’s a Democrat, any wrong-doing on the part of the Government is either covered up or conveniently turned into right doing, so as to fit the idyllic narrative that all is fine and dandy when the Left runs things.

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commented 2015-10-28 02:13:42 -0400
One of the things i do like about Obama is the increased use of drones, why should American soldiers and pilots die when they do not have to? The left hates this though, as their radical heroes have to fear these drones.