July 14, 2015

Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is "the worst peace treaty since Chamberlain"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Obama's presidency has been a failure, so he needed to strike a "historic" agreement with some fascist, anti-Semitic Muslim dictators.

The US will lift sanctions in exchange for Iran's vow to delay -- not stop -- developing nuclear weapons.

And who will oversee compliance? The same UN committee that failed to stop North Korea from getting nukes.

Even if Iran obeys the treaty (which is doubtful) it still gets to keep hundreds of centrifuges.

They can also keep their existing reactors but can't build any new ones for 15 years.

There's more. Watch as I break down the details, and show that Obama is shamelessly lying about what this treaty contains.

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commented 2015-07-14 18:25:26 -0400
Audacious Tacquiya on both sides methinks. The Shia Muslim in the White House enabling his Shia Comrades in Iran. WWIII just got a lot closer……….
commented 2015-07-14 18:13:21 -0400
2015: Barack, it’s me Joe, remember? from down the hall, you remember me? Anyway, I was just thinking? … Can I stand behind you when you deliver your lie to the world this afternoon? Hillary supporters might think I had a hand in this deal and I still might run for your vacated office? I promise to stand there very quiet looking completely stupid and glance over at you in total admiration every 20-30 seconds or so but with a very serious face?
What da ya think?
Oh all right!
2020: Hey Hassan, Barack here, how’s it going on the nuclear stuff?
“Not bad thanks.”
Listen, ah, ummmm, my old pals at the Pentagon said they need to swing by for a little inspection if that’s still OK, remember we signed on to that about 5 years ago?
You still there?

“yeah” ……………. “OK come on over, what time will you be here?"
30 maybe 40 days or so and that’s if Putin says it’s OK, but don’t touch anything OK! … “Sure thing”