February 15, 2017

Obama’s “partisan, punitive” Russian sanctions led to Flynn’s downfall

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We've heard that Michael Flynn's conversations with the Russians over "sanctions" were what eventually led to his resignation. But which "sanctions" were those? I explained on last night's show...


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commented 2017-02-16 01:42:15 -0500
Bill Elder he kind of looks like on as well , so maybe.
commented 2017-02-15 19:17:18 -0500
Is it my imagination or does Kerry actually seem pleased at sounding like a freshly lobotomized schizoid.
commented 2017-02-15 18:29:55 -0500
I guess his position is one of a high level of trust and he did lie, stupidly, about what was talked about. It was the cover up that did him in.

This was a CIA run operation to save the deal they have with Iran.
commented 2017-02-15 16:48:20 -0500
Why in the HELL did he resign? Liberals NEVER resign, not over cancelled gas plants, bribing candidates to drop out of races, forcing people to buy health insurance, taking bribes from foreign governments and billionaires with private islands, illegal e-mail servers, passing on classified government documents, having adulterous sex with college interns, saying fuddle duddle to a fellow parliamentarian, even elbowing opposition members in the tits while saying ,“get the fuddle duddle out of my way” (what a feminist prince), needless to say the list goes on and on and on. I’ve been saying this for years before even Trump came along: Stop being door mats conservatives and like Gavin and others start punching back, preferably below the belt.
commented 2017-02-15 16:07:42 -0500
The left is of course cheering like hypocrites. What they will fail to see as they usually don’t think past their noses , is that this will tighten things up.
commented 2017-02-15 15:42:55 -0500
Broke Hussan Obama be longs to the cult of Alinsky.