July 09, 2019

Oberlin must pay millions after campaign accusing bakery of racism

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

In November 2016, a black Oberlin student tried to buy a bottle of liquor from Gibson’s Food Mart & Bakery using a fake ID. 

The clerk noticed the underage student was attempting to conceal two other bottles, so the student ran. The speedy clerk caught up and tackled him. Two more black students got involved and the police arrested all three.

The school's response to this was to claim in numerous ways that the Bakery is racist, and after a legal battle, the Bakery has won $25 million in damages.

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commented 2019-08-14 18:34:41 -0400
I saw the video of the black Oberlin College student being apprehended by the police. He tried to deny all wrong doing. He came across as a revolting person, devoid of integrity and responsibility. Oberlin is paying through the nose for supporting this criminal and trying to destroy the lives of decent, hard-working people.
commented 2019-07-10 21:57:59 -0400
Dan, I often compare the acting out (usually with an agenda) actions of the Left, to Sandbox Politics.. They are so much like Children playing in a Sandbox, not getting their way, then crying out for Mommy and Daddy to come to their rescue. When these Children get older, Mommy and Daddy is the Leftist Establishment. Politicians in positions of power, and Teachers. The Teachers reward these losers for non accomplishment throughout their school years, and the Politicians ensure the free ride throughout their lives. They now control our Schools, and are presently running our Country. They “target us” because we can succeed on our own merits and strengths, and that makes them jealous and angry. Not being able to succeed on their own, they need someone to blame. So, they blame those of us that are successful. The Left can survive only when they control the Schools, and have power in Politics. At ground level, I/we can take down any one of them, because they lack the support of the Collective. That is what I do on a daily basis.. Like Antifa, they need the support of a Group.. So, it is both an hysterical acting out of a bunch of narcissist, intellectually challenged, morally bankrupt lefties (and) a contrived agenda.. In time, we will win. We always do… But they are kind of like Roaches and Bedbugs. We will never get rid of them entirely. History repeats itself. There will be another War, and all will be well, for a bit…
commented 2019-07-10 19:44:32 -0400
Is that ‘targeting’ and other persecution of SWC’s (Straight White Christians) merely an hysterical acting out of a bunch of narcissist, intellectually challenged, morally bankrupt lefties…or is it contrived…with an agenda?
“As for not returning the favor…”, that’s what I’ve been saying, fight back, now! Push their lefty irrationality and delusional BS back into their faces, every time they screech their insanity, push back relentlessly, kinda like Keean does to commies and other undesirables…make them prove their lies and nonsense – or admit they’re full of goose shyte!
Yeah, I don’t have a whole lotta faith in modern Western man today…I bet it it’s a combination of the Marxist indoctrination in the robot factories, forced estrogen ingestion and TV! “…so in the end, no one cares and nothing changes…”
…nothing lasts forever.
commented 2019-07-10 13:47:13 -0400
Dan, because more often than not, they’re getting away with it. It works, so it continues. Fake Racist acts grew big time when Trump won 2016. Then Smollett got away with it, so the trend continues. They have very little to lose, but a lot to gain.. That’s why the LGBT community follows similar practices. These “special interest groups” are absolutely not being targeted, but the Victimization Business is worth big money, and works well at stirring up angst/hate among a population, which is the desired effect. Straight White Christians are hated by many in the West. As for not returning the favor to these race Baiters? That IS the only way to make change, as the Law/Courts are not dealing with this very serious problem that is in fact destroying Communities and the West. Why there are not aggressive responses to the attacks on us, beats me… I guess Times have not gotten bad enough? It could be for the same reason Affirmative Action still exists. Not enough (of the right people) are adversely affected by it, so in the end, no one cares and nothing changes..
commented 2019-07-09 22:37:15 -0400
Why are these lefty snowflakes allowed to keep getting away with trashing good people, for no reason?
Why doesn’t someone attack them with the same ferocity…and results?