April 30, 2018

The White House Correspondents Dinner is dead

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff
Should the White House Correspondents Dinner be ended? Well, many on both sides of the aisle seem to think so. I’ll tell you what they said, and give you my opinion.
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commented 2018-05-01 12:18:43 -0400
Now I know you’re all going to have a snowflake moment when you see Trevor Noah in this clip, but doesn’t he speak the truth here? Why is it okay for the president to attack a woman’s looks and not for a woman to tell another woman what her eye shadow is made of? https://twitter.com/TheDailyShow/status/991159543911591936
commented 2018-05-01 01:34:47 -0400
John Wick try watching Bil Burr, he gets the lefts panties in a bunch. And Sarah Sanders is tougher than you and Justin put together.
commented 2018-05-01 00:11:15 -0400
I expected that John “Loose With The Facts” Wick… Whether it’s 5 days or 8 days or whenever, there’s no way you were going to produce that Hannity List because once again you were shooting off your mouth with nothing, zip, nada, to back it up… And that is the essence of everything you post – quick little mouthy stabs hoping someone will bite on your bullshit…
commented 2018-04-30 23:36:24 -0400
COMMON SENSE commented 2 hours ago
John Wick commented 3 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

Is that the best you could come up with?

Common Sense, that is the best he can come up with- infantile snark. That’s why he’s Drive-By-Johnny. no rational argument or logic. Just unsupported opinion followed up by crude vulgarities.

I wonder what he has against women and vaginas that he references them so frequently in such a derogatory way?
commented 2018-04-30 21:22:42 -0400
John Wick commented 3 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

Maybe you need to clean the sand out of your vagina.
John Wick, what the hell is the matter with you, you vulgar waste of skin.
Is that the best you could come up with? All one has to do is wait until you open your mouth and remove all doubt as to what a complete embarassment to the human race you are.
commented 2018-04-30 21:03:06 -0400
Drive-by-Johhny, I guess I am not one of the lefty windsocks who blows whichever way the wind goes. As Ian Tyson put it, “Lost herd drifts with the wind”. You think there is some cachet in using crass vulgarities like it gives you some street credit with your lefty pals. Which it probably does.

But the wider world sees you as an infantile potty mouth looking to get some shock value. In todays world nothing shocks me anymore. Disgust, yes. Shock, no.

If the oh-so-with-it hipsters are supposedly conferring some prestige on this crap why has Michelle Wolfe be deleting hundreds of her raunchy tweets?

Women of the class are usually only found in bars on the low track. What’s next, gassing Jew jokes? How about those starving Armenian jokes? Or that old favourite the Rape of Nanking jokes?

On the plus side you , personally, make a class A example of the Third Pillar of Leftiedom- they refuse to exercise discernment. You and this woman both lack the discretion of which scripture speaks.
commented 2018-04-30 17:42:16 -0400
“The woman of folly is boisterous, She is naive and knows nothing.”
Psalm 19:3
“As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.”
Psalm 11:22

And so too those who laugh at the guttersnipe’s crass vulgarity
commented 2018-04-30 16:50:42 -0400
Rick Plesnik, Someone should tell Wendy Mesley the footage she used featuring a woman at a Free Speech anti-M103 rally is none other than Sandra Solomon – former muslim. She is an apostate speaking out against Islamization in Canada. As an apostate, she has publicly given the names of three Canadian Imams who call for the death of apostates. Her life was threatened in Calgary recently, an imminent threat as the RCMP sent officers to inform her and give protection.
commented 2018-04-30 16:50:21 -0400
Hey John “Loose With The Facts” Wick – how come you won’t post that supposed Hannity List you’re compiling? What, 8 days now???
commented 2018-04-30 16:34:55 -0400
Off Topic: CBC attempting to spread fear again………Sorry, not working with me!
Note they have disabled all comments of the video. Hmm, wonder why?

commented 2018-04-30 16:19:20 -0400
During the Obama era, did any of these comedians at WHCD happen to mention FLOTUS looks like a tranny, so much so that Hussein called her Michael a couple of times in public? Now that’s funny!
commented 2018-04-30 16:16:24 -0400
Enlighten us Limp Wick, what do you find so funny about abortions?
commented 2018-04-30 15:59:10 -0400
The mainstream media is diminishing its’ own credibility. They don’t need the White House Correspondents Dinner for that.
commented 2018-04-30 15:46:26 -0400
Hey wee dick wick… it was a White House Correspondence dinner, not an official roast….Idiot.
You’re a obstinate, narcissistic, leftist regressive fucktard troll that constantly hides behind fake names……
the truth hurts EH!
commented 2018-04-30 15:25:36 -0400
Michelle Wolf looks like Carrot Top’s transgender brother; beaten with an ugly stick!
commented 2018-04-30 15:03:55 -0400
The fake stream media is absolutely despicable! Their vile hatred of the current U.S. administration is completely off the rails! Save the money spent and shut them out!
commented 2018-04-30 14:32:46 -0400
There is absolutely NOTHING funny about abortions, only a ghoul can find humour in this. They found a ghoul in Wolf!

Huckabee Sanders handled this vile woman’s remarks with grace.