April 12, 2018

Mueller, Rosenstein, new Kevin Spacey allegations & more (Guest Patrick Howley)

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Patrick Howley from Big League Politics joins me to discuss the latest on the Mueller investigation, and why Rod Rosenstein must be fired.

Trump’s economic policies still "winning": Jobless claims reach their lowest point in 51 years.

Actor Kevin Spacey is facing new investigation into allegations he made sexual advances towards a child in 1992.

And I analyze Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill.

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commented 2018-04-13 15:21:37 -0400
- It was widely believed that J Edgar Hoover had used his position as FBI director to gather information on politicians & then use it against them to keep them in line (using World War 2 as a means to overstep his authority & gather that information). Mueller became director of the FBI just days before the 9/11 attacks. It’s all speculation on my part, of course, but if you’re seeing strange bedfellows you may be looking at those that Mueller has dirt on vs those who see him as dangerous & want him gone. It’s the kind of thing that would cut across party lines.

- Of course Trump’s economic policies are working. That’s why the deep state hate him. They don’t want more people to have jobs, they want more people dependent on government.

- Hollywood knew about Spacey, they knew about Weinstein, after Roman Polanski fled the country to avoid going to jail for drugging & raping a 13 year old girl the Hollywood elite signed a petition to get him free, gave him an academy award & standing. Remember this whenever they’re preaching their brand of morality to the little people.

- Zuckerberg already paid off most of the politicians questioning him through donations in previous elections. Your phone company is regulated as a utility. Do you want that regulation removed so they can cut off your service if they don’t like what you’re saying? They’re a private company aren’t they? How about your electricity company? The left control almost all the public megaphones. The don’t control the internet quite yet. They’re trying to get it. I’d say that’s pretty damned important.
commented 2018-04-13 03:07:35 -0400
If so many people in the industry knew things about Spacey, how did he keep getting hired for TV shows and movies? It seems to me, Hollywood has as they say, blackballed other actors for things that don’t even constitute a crime. But if they are guilty of Sex Crimes, they are almost revered, Roman Polanski is one such person, they gave him an Oscar. Even though he is was a fugitive from U.S. Law. Hollywood has no sense of decency, all those celebrities that live in a fantasy bubble, suffer a systemic mental illness and they are of the position that the law does not apply to them.