February 12, 2018

MSM spouts "communist propaganda," PLUS: CIA calls out fake news (GUESTS: Scott Uehlinger, Bobby Chacon)

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The mainstream media is spouting full-blown communist propaganda from North Korea. Retired CIA officer Scott Uehlinger and retired FBI agent Bobby Chacon join me.

Plus, the CIA is calling out The New York Times and the Intercept for, you guessed it, fake news.

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commented 2018-02-13 14:02:06 -0500
- Remember when school children were made to sing songs to dear leader Obama? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJFC1qFCgyA – That’s what many of those in the mainstream media are all about. They love murdering dictatorships like North Korea.

- Obama dumped pallets of money on an Iranian tarmac. This is his mess. He ran the most anti-American administration in Americas’ history.
commented 2018-02-13 11:39:42 -0500
Maurice Potvin…Even though I don’t follow (or generally believe in) religion as a whole…I do agree with your points of analogy. We are in dark times when so many aspects of ‘1984’ seem to be prevalent in all aspects of daily life. It perplexes me to think that only because of capitalism and a free market society, is the idea of socialism allowed to exist. On it’s own merits it fails miserably. Unfortunately, western civilization has to collapse before these idiots will discover the truth.
commented 2018-02-13 01:21:06 -0500
The EU is the new Soviet Union—The people in EU Countries allowed to talk about Refugees.
commented 2018-02-12 21:56:38 -0500
Maurice Potvin, excellent post.
Keith Barnes, I agree. Marxism has taken root in Western civilization, many decades in the making.

NWO agenda controlled by Luciferians.
commented 2018-02-12 21:19:16 -0500
Keith Barnes and Tammie. Yes indeed, we are living in dangerous times. The MSM’s collusion with Marxist Ideologues and the rise of identity politics makes me wonder if western civilization is imploding and on its last legs. Like Abraham Lincoln said of the USA, ’ If destruction be our lot, we ourselves will be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we shall live forever or die by suicide". Is western civilization on the verge of suicide? I think we may be. The average lifespan of past civilizations has historically been about 200 years. Is there any reason to believe that this post-modern age that is characterized by identity politics will last longer? Some have…. like the Roman empire for instance. But regardless of how long they last, they all go through the same steps during their rise and fall. These are six distinct ages during the lifespan of a civilization. They are:
1. The age of Pioneers
2. The age of Conquest
3. The age of Commerce
4. The age of Affluence
5. The age of Intellect, and
6. The age of Decadence
There are seven traits that signify that we’re in the age of Decadence. They are:
a) An undisciplined and over extended military
b) A conspicuous display of wealth
c) A widening gulf between the rich and the poor
d) An overdependence on the welfare state (i.e. the Government owes me a living)
e) An obsession with sex, and all issues sexual (sexual identity politics)
f) A rampant debasement of the currency (rapid inflation), and
g) Internal (as opposed to international) political hegemony. In other words, Politicians accruing to themselves as much wealth and power as they possibly can at the tax payer’s expense, while deflecting public scrutiny by creating fake non-existent crises, buying off the media and pacifying the populace with sports and other forms of entertainment.

Is that where we are now? It sure seems like it to me. We live in a world where up is down, and down is up, where good is evil and evil is good, where over 36,000 attacks and casualties of well over half a million since 9/11 is the mark of a religion of peace and where a murderous brutal dictator and his sister are the darlings of privileged elite jet setters. As a Christian, I believe that this is the sign of the imminent return of Jesus, but for those who don’t believe that, I see the only alternative as the complete collapse of western civilization. I hate to be so bleak, but that’s how it looks from where I’m standing.
commented 2018-02-12 20:21:25 -0500
In my opinion it is not just the MSM, who are Marxist.

Excluding America, look at all the other Western Country’s Leaders and try and find one that is not a Marxist, or at least Left Wing.

In the UK, Theresa May is doing her best to keep Britain in the Marxist EU, while trying to look like a Conservative, getting them out.

We live in dangerous times.
commented 2018-02-12 19:21:05 -0500
Evil murderous regime is being lauded by Marxists living in America and controlling the media.
The journalists who called them out should continue to do so.

Great interviews John. Your guests are interesting.

The video ended abruptly, glitch?
commented 2018-02-12 19:01:40 -0500
Kim Jon Un’s brother wanted to attend the Olympics too but unfortunately Kim had him killed. MSM didn’t mention this on their glowing reports in behalf of the most brutal regime on the planet.
commented 2018-02-12 18:17:27 -0500
Just because his sister is fully open to viewing.

Be aware she survives because she supports the evil brother – who put his uncle to death in a pit of wild dogs, killed his brother with radioactive isotopes and put one of his senior officers up against a tank rifle and fired it.

She might even be MORE evil than him – and if you think the media is at all interested in the truth – then you are not as intelligent as I think you are.

She and her brother live well as their own people actually gather grass and weeds along the road sides to boil up and eat because they are starving.

They are the only fat people in NK for a reason.