February 06, 2018

Disturbing info on Steele's Clinton campaign ties, PLUS: Don't panic over Dow Jones plunge (GUESTS Bill Flanagan, Buck Sexton)

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Even more disturbing information on former British spy and Dossier author Christopher Steele. Retired Deputy Police Commissioner Bill Flanagan and syndicated radio host Buck Sexton join me.

And, I’ll tell you why Wall Street experts told me there’s nothing to worry about despite the Dow taking a nose dive.

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commented 2018-02-08 02:05:25 -0500
Needless to say, John McCain is a sick man these days… And he has been bitter,very bitter by his rejection by the American people when it was evident during his campaign that Sarah Palin was the true choice of patriotic Americans, not him…
commented 2018-02-07 05:46:51 -0500
There is so much information overload this week regarding the dossier and the DNC Clinton involvement so it is easy to lose track of and important piece of the puzzle.
John McCain paid an aid to fly to London to pick up an official copy of the dossier which he passed on to the FBI. This action was fueled by McCains hatred for Trump.
McCain should be exposed for the rat that he has always been.
commented 2018-02-06 20:58:03 -0500
Excellent show. Thanks John.
(The video failed just at the end….hope there wasn’t a ‘but’ about the finances!!) I wouldn’t want to depend on our Finance Minister’s assurance.
commented 2018-02-06 20:47:44 -0500
The stock market has never gone up and stayed up.

Wealth in the stock market has never evapourated…it only changes hands

The best day to buy stocks is the day they have bottomed out…


Days that people make money on the stock market don’t make the news…because it simply isn’t news…days that some people loose money (which others gain) make the leftist news as indicators that the long awaited and prayed for collapse of capitalism and western civilization has arrived…because they are rare events…the whole man bites dog thing.

The whole Russia thing has worn very thin….I sincerely hope that Trump appoints Hillary to the post of Ambassador to Libya (wether she likes it or not) and sets her up at the embassy in Bengazi with the same level of security she gave the man who was scheduled to testify against her for one of her many sins.

Democrats…particularly Schiff….don’t think for one minute you are fooling people like me.
commented 2018-02-06 19:57:40 -0500
Thanks John, great show.
commented 2018-02-06 19:02:42 -0500
- If there was any actual dirt to be dug up on Trump the Clintons would have found it. It’s what they do. So instead we have this mess which is blowing up on the Democrat’s faces. The Democrats & their operatives act like 3rd world despots.

- Obama spent 8 years race baiting & encouraging attacks on police with his actions. He is the worst president in American history.

- Team Obama/Clinton weaponized the government against the opposition & the American people. Their operatives need to be routed out of government, security & intelligence agencies.

- The only people who lose money during a market downturn are those who sell during one. If you’re retired or near retirement you should be in very conservative investments – they won’t lose as much value during a downturn. The markets have been seeing record growth, it’s only natural that a downturn would be dramatic as well.