February 08, 2018

Bush lets down conservatives, jobless numbers are "great" for Trump (GUESTS: Ned Ryun and David Horowitz)

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

New presidential and jobless claim numbers are great for Trump and the GOP, but disastrous for Democrats. Ned Ryun and David Horowitz join me.

Plus, some very disappointing comments by former President George W. Bush in Abu Dhabi. I’ll tell you all about it.

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commented 2018-02-09 13:10:56 -0500
If anyone had nude pictures of some one I would be willing to bet it would be Hillary on Obama . How else do you explain him out campaigning for her . This is just a wild guess .
You have to wonder just what the FBI has in store for Trump . These guy don’t work for the POUS . Maybe they had a hand in the JFK assassination . JFK spoke of the deep state and exposing it but die before he could reveal it .
Hitler said tell the biggest lie tell it often and soon the people will believe you . George Bush pushing same bull shit .
commented 2018-02-09 11:12:33 -0500
I always disliked the Bush family, conservative or not. So, what on Earth happened to evidence of Saddam’s WMDs? Will it be much longer? If it was false flag, then when can we expect criminal proceedings against Dubya?
commented 2018-02-09 03:12:39 -0500
The “ruling class” mindset of the Bush family was clearly exposed when they started to welcome Bill Clinton into their midst… And that didn’t take long, did it?… What a sad commentary on what are the true beliefs of even supposedly “conservative” American politicians and what is just “theatre”…. No wonder Trump is scaring the shit out of this ruling class…
commented 2018-02-09 02:29:17 -0500
Funny how the left despised and demonized Bush’s every breath , but now they pay him credence.
commented 2018-02-08 20:39:42 -0500
George W. Bush is a globalist and after 911 created the false narrative that “Islam a religion of peace”. His daddy spoke of a New World Order:
commented 2018-02-08 20:26:30 -0500
Both the Obama & Trump polls were weighted towards Democrats (they did this during the 2016 election as well).

The Democrats (& RINOs) act as if they’re running a 3rd world banana republic – hence their desire for open borders.

After the cold war America was given a choice between voting for the Bush dynasty or the Clinton dynasty. When Americans started catching on they were given Obama. In the 2016 primaries the big money donors went for Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush. Neither was the popular dynasty. It was simple for Hillary to rig the Democrat primary but at about 3% support Jeb was screwed. Both families are corrupt to the core.
commented 2018-02-08 19:17:45 -0500
Well Bush is right to criticise Trump for loading a billion and half cash onto pallets and delivering it to Iran on a bizjet like the drug cartels.
Oh wait,that was Obama that did that come to think of it.HAppy bomb building Ayatollah.KEEP THE CHANGE
Bush never defended himself when Obama was stabbing him in the back but another Republican President is a different story.How pathetic is that!