January 17, 2018

Illegal alien cop killer wishes he “had killed more of the motherf*****s”

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

An illegal alien cop-killer mocking his victims as four South Carolina police officers shot on a “routine call.” The war on police continues.

Media elites are hysterical that President Trump is healthy.

Senator Cory Booker embarrasses himself in front of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen as the media embarrasses itself by not reporting on President Trump’s foreign policy wins.

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commented 2018-01-18 16:19:37 -0500
Dems are willing to put everyone’s safety at risk…they don’t care about police being gunned down. Disgraceful identity politics!
commented 2018-01-18 03:20:49 -0500
The only positive to emerge from the last few days of this cop-killers trial is that he has tried several times to play the “crazy” card, abetted by his lawyers of course, but the trial judge is not “buying it”… What is it about used car salesman and lawyers???…
commented 2018-01-18 02:24:37 -0500
I truly hope one day the police stage a massive strike in sanctuary cities and other left wing shitholes.
commented 2018-01-17 21:54:24 -0500
Cannot see South Korea rejoining the North, they have had their taste of Democracy and will not want to give it up. As for the North becoming a Democracy, while still under the dictatorship of a Mad Man, forget it. This dose not in any way, take away from what Trump has achieved and with just two tweets, at that.
commented 2018-01-17 20:49:19 -0500
- This illegal alien cop-killer needs to become the poster boy for illegal aliens & their supporters. This is the kind of scum bag the Democrats are fighting for. S***holes don’t create themselves. It takes garbage like this cop killer. Let them overrun the country & you end up with a s***hole of your own.

- Identity politics runs counter to decency.

- The white house doctor was hired by Obama in 2013. He gave the president a clean bill of health after examining him. CNN hires a hack doctor who declares the president has a heart condition without ever examining him. The mainstream media has exposed themselves for the cheap propaganda spewing shills they are over their meltdown over Trump – going for over a year at this point.

- Look at just about any area the Democrats have run for any great length of time & you’ll see a s***hole. Detroit was once one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Then the Democrats took over & look at it now.

- If the left ever gave credit to Trump for anything, their faces would melt off.