January 22, 2018

Anti-Trump bias at the FBI, Palestinian "refugees", soft on crime liberals, & Muslim terror in Minnesota (GUESTS: Daniel Pipes, Ben Mannes)

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

More scandal at the FBI.

Dr. Daniel Pipes from the Middle East Forum joins me to discuss his $1 million dollar offer to the UN.

Ben Mannes brings us updated info on the rap sheet of the killer of a Deputy US Marshal, and how liberal policies kept the murderer on the street.

And, I tell you about a recent Muslim terror attack in Minnesota that the national mainstream media refuses to cover.

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commented 2018-01-23 11:26:38 -0500
LIZA ROSIE commented 2018-01-22 23:20:24 -0500;

Liza, I followed your link and found it most disturbing. We need to get rid of Trudeau and his mentally disturbed friends, as soon as possible. If we are to survive.
commented 2018-01-22 23:20:24 -0500
“Prophet Muhammad spoke of the re-establishment of the Caliphate. This Caliphate would join together Muslims from all over the world — from all origins, nations, and ethnicities. This Caliphate would be the ultimate defense of Islam against all opposition, and under its authority Islam would prevail.”

If all fundamentalist/orthodox Muslims believe in the Koran and Mohammad they have to believe in the Caliphate. Not just an ISIS thing, it is an Islam thing. Muslims can’t even agree on the meaning of the caliphate, except that it is Mohammad’s solution to the extinction of Islam. Not good for the west any way you slice it.

Minnesota is screwed. It is barely an American state anymore. Give Ontario another five years it will be as bad as Minnesota.
commented 2018-01-22 22:16:37 -0500
- Hillary ate my evidence. If the American people are to ever have any confidence in the FBI again, there need to be high level agents going to jail over this.

- Not so much refugees as professional victims. The Muslim states need to keep the Palestinians poor & angry so they can continue to use them against Israel. The left needs to keep portraying Palestinians as victims so they can justify their anti-Semitism. Neither want a resolution. If noting changes there for 1000 years they’ll still call them refugees.

- The only crime that “progressives” acknowledge is that of wrong-think. So of course they’ll ignore the Minnesota terror attack – especially given the recent debate about illegal aliens.

- The mainstream media is not a friend of the people, they are part of the globalist propaganda machine. To them, attempting to burn children to death isn’t a crime but reporting on it is. The only crime, to them, is wrong-think.
commented 2018-01-22 21:31:54 -0500
Why this female jihadist isn’t sitting in a Federal Prison and being thoroughly investigated by the FBI is truly bizarre. Her entire family should be investigated as well.
commented 2018-01-22 20:17:04 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,665 Attacks, 225,454 Killed, 304,788 Injured that we know of.