June 27, 2018

The Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The Supreme Court upholds Trump’s travel ban, and predictably, the left goes wild.

Opioids can be weaponized, taking the crisis to a new national security level.

Several primaries were decided last night, but one in NYC showed us the true face of the Democratic Party.

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commented 2018-06-28 13:50:30 -0400
- The left hate the constitution & the last thing they want is someone being appointed to the supreme court who will uphold it. When the Democrats are in power they ignore the rule of law & do as they please. When they’re not in power they declare that everything the government does is illegal. People are getting sick of this.

- Whoever put those flyers on the cars need to face some very serious jail time. I also get the feeling that junkies will be swiping flyers off every car they come across now, hoping to hit the jackpot.

- Mitt Romney – not a big surprise. Better a RINO than a Democrat I guess. Great to see the Democrats showing their true face. They are headed for the political fringe.
commented 2018-06-28 11:01:17 -0400
What’s Bad: Gerry Butt’s ideas and socialist beliefs.
What’s Worse: Having a PM who isn’t smart enough or having the intellectual capacity to see the negative impact his virtue signaling is having on Canada.

Can someone (including Butt’s Troll Team that dicks around on the Rebel) please enlighten us as to changes Trudeau has implemented which have made Canadian’s lives better than they were before Nov. 2015?
In Trudeauland #Welcome to Canada really means #Open Borders.
commented 2018-06-27 21:26:32 -0400
Will Trudeau retract his crazy tweet given the decision of the Supreme Court?!!!! Nah, Gerald will rub his shoulders and tell him all is good.
commented 2018-06-27 20:48:53 -0400
Keith , they will travel. Across our border.
commented 2018-06-27 19:56:47 -0400
The supreme Court should allow some travel, especially for the Muslims already in the USA, who should be seriously encouraged to go home.