March 21, 2018

Austin bomber may have had help, PLUS: Democrats won't denounce Louis Farrakhan

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The Austin bombing suspect is dead, but did he act alone?

A tale of three school resource officers, as a heroic one stops a school massacre in Maryland while more problems arise in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff helped repeat offenders escape justice. We’ll discuss.

Democrats refuse to denounce anti-semite Louis Farrakhan, and one might be lying about his affiliation with him.

And, the Somali-American police officer who shot Australian Justine Diamond is charged with murder.

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commented 2018-03-21 19:55:58 -0400
- Unfortunate that he didn’t blow himself up with bomb #1.

- The Parkland shooting came about due to a systems breakdown across the board. The Maryland shooting was stopped because of things actually working. The outrage over the 2nd amendment is overblown & should have been directed at the disgrace of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office & the school itself. The left will ignore this. They don’t care about people. They care about power – getting it & keeping it.

- Libby Schaff should be charged as an accessory for the crimes of the criminal illegals she aided & abetted.

- The left are the first to insist that others disavow anyone & everyone rather there’s an actual connection or not, yet they will never denounce or disavow anyone they are actually connected to – not Louis Farrakhan, not Robert Byrd, nobody. They will circle the wagons, play victim, play the race card or any other cars they can play. Never let these people claim the moral high ground – Never.

- I remember this story. The officer should have been charged with murder. It should have been done long ago. I’m wondering why it took so long.