May 14, 2018

Israelis praise America and President Trump, PLUS: ISIS takes credit for Paris knife attack

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem opens to both celebration and violence, as Israelis praise the United States and President Trump, while Muslims continue to stir up trouble.

ISIS takes credit for the knife attack in France while Democrats here at home continue to fight enhanced interrogation tactics. I’ll tell you what one Green Beret is doing about that.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry had another secret meeting with Iranians, only this time he was caught on camera.

And, the NYPD continues its downward spiral into the political correctness abyss.

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commented 2018-05-15 01:23:24 -0400
I wish all the useful idiots and Israel haters would finally figure it out that if Israel was as evil and murderous as you claim they would have wiped out the so called Palestinians a long time ago.
commented 2018-05-14 22:34:18 -0400
The worst thing about “progressives” is that they don’t understand evil. They have this notion that they can reform bad guys if they just sit down and reason with them. This is true of John Kerry, the real life version of Frank Burns from M*A*S*H*. Same goes for the nonsense about “lone wolves” and stop and frisk. Leftists are delusional. they think the world operates according to what they want to happen. We conservatives know reality and act accordingly. That’s why liberals get so angry with us. We stubbornly insist on dealing with reality while they insist on reforming the unreformable.
commented 2018-05-14 21:47:33 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,297 Attacks, 228,916 Killed, 308,995 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-05-14 21:22:53 -0400
2018 Edition of Ramadan Bomb-a-Thon officially gets underway tomorrow. Like last year, there were bombings leading up to it days in advance. (Indonesia)
The most reported on bombing was in Manchester, if memory serves me, the concert hall was bombed four days before Ramadan officially got underway.

Came across this article in Breitbart.
commented 2018-05-14 20:57:07 -0400
as always the sun and everything coming out of sleeze media is so pathetic. they cried with their pictures of palestinions getting shot for their violent clashes in israel. that was the british sun by the way which thought my view i guess was too anti moslem. simply abbas is using the u.s. decision for freepublicity and if his people die because of it, no matter, slimey just blame someome else. also if the rest of the west had the guts to move their embassies the wedge abbas was looking for would be gone. when you really want peace do not do it at the lives of your people. otherwise you just a tyrant.
commented 2018-05-14 20:54:22 -0400
- The embassy move was long overdue. Obama was the worst president America ever had.

- Terrorist attacks are just business as usual in globalist Europe – a direct result of globalist policies.

- Of what value is the Logan act if it’s not enforced?

- New York seems to be heading back to its’ previous s***hole status.
commented 2018-05-14 19:37:10 -0400
Poland knows the evil of being under communist rule…never again.