May 03, 2018

Giuliani reveals a "bombshell" on Hannity, PLUS: Boy Scouts of America drop "Boy" from their name

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

President Trump’s lead counsel on the Mueller probe, Rudy Giuliani, reveals more than a few bombshells to Sean Hannity. We will analyze.

Patrick Howley, Editor in Chief of Big League Politics joins me to discuss the latest on the Mueller probe and Hillary’s missing emails.

The Boy Scouts of America are dropping “Boy” from their name, but is this change really about what they claim? We’ll discuss.

And, is the Deep State blocking Trump nominees by slowing down security clearances? We’ll dig in.

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commented 2018-05-05 03:36:31 -0400
- The whole Stormy thing has outraged ………. the mainstream media. It’s really not gaining traction with the public but the mainstream media needs to create scandals here. The Clintons couldn’t find anything on him so they manufactured some BS. Mueller hasn’t found anything so he’s overstepping his authority & trying to manufacture BS as well.

- Hillary Clinton was guilty of multiple act of treason. Obama committed 64 impeachable acts that we know about – This was all ignored & buried. Now there’s a witch hunt & endless smear campaign going on against Trump based on unnamed sources, unverified evidence & a mountain of BS. This crap has to stop.

- The left wants to destroy the family unit & destroy Western civilization. The attack on the Boy Scouts is just one of the many many ways they’re going about doing that. They don’t care if the world burns as long as they get to rule over the smoldering remains.

- The deep state keeps making the case as to why it needs to be exposed & eliminated.
commented 2018-05-04 17:57:36 -0400
Hey progressive commenters, Why is it only male groups and business have to be changed , never female based ones???? And tell me how that is EQUALITY?
commented 2018-05-04 05:43:53 -0400
In case President Trump missed Hannity last night , Mark Levin should come on Fox and Friends to deliver his sound advisor to The President. Mr.Trump watches F&F .
Mueller is a dirty cop and Rosenstein is a dirty Deputy AG. Both are involved in a conspiracy to unseat the President and stage a cover-up for all the misdeads of the FBI and Justice Department during the Obama Administration. Comey ran interference for Hillary Clinton to keep her out of jail and Mueller is implicated in the Uranium One deal.
Brennan,Clapper , Rosenstein ,Orr, Lynch,Holder all part of a coordinated effort to thwart the will of the American People who voted for Trump.
Rosenstein is probably the key player that needs to be taken off the field of play.Then they need Sessions to resign. He just isn’t up to the job and his recusal has lead to a Constitutional Crisis.
commented 2018-05-03 22:17:01 -0400
Mark Levin was on Hannity and indicated that Trump should fight a Mueller Grand Jury subpoena in court and suggested that Trump could even ignore such a subpoena, as a motion to find Trump in contempt of such subpoena, in a criminal case, would be without merit due to the fact a President cannot be charged with a crime while in office. I think Trump would like to confront Mueller to show he is not guilty, but according to the polls the majority of Americans are on his side on this one already. I don’t think he has much to gain by sitting down with Mueller and his pack of Democrat hounds.
commented 2018-05-03 20:56:10 -0400
There were sound issues, turn up your mic.