June 15, 2018

IG report reeks of a massive "political whitewash"

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The long-awaited Inspector General’s report was released and it’s every bit as disappointing as I feared it would be.

I’m going to give you my analysis, tell you my issues, and explain what I think President Trump must immediately do.

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commented 2018-06-16 18:48:59 -0400
There are ongoing investigations into all things that a second special council would be appointed to look at. Huber is teamed up with the IG and has been since November, therefore the IG Report cannot mention those ongoing investigations, publicly. And this is the report released to the public.

As for a second special council, it is unnecessary and will take too long. Huber has the power to file criminal charges and empanel a grand jury. If the demonrats win the mid-terms they will have Trump impeached within 24 hours. A second special council would take years to completely drain the swamp.


I suggest you read that article, John.
commented 2018-06-15 19:02:19 -0400
Yeah huge shock NOT!
commented 2018-06-15 18:30:17 -0400
Of course it’s a cover up. Look at who’s involved.