June 27, 2018

Terrorists attack Houston police with fentanyl-laced flyers

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

The war on police continues, this time with opioids being used as chemical weapons. This opens up a host of national security questions about this national crisis.

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commented 2018-06-28 13:19:04 -0400
Someone needs to do some serious jail time over this.
commented 2018-06-28 10:01:13 -0400
We are headed for a lawless society, led by those who wish to impose their rules, using acts of terror and violence, to control those who wish to live in a civilized society. When you refuse to obey law and order, and in fact target them, then chaos will prevail. Only God can help us, because the devil’s brigade is operating on the dark side, and they won’t be happy until humanity is on the brink of annihilation. These times were foretold in the Holy Bible!
commented 2018-06-28 09:39:16 -0400
Domestic terrorism on the rise due to leftist fascists. Very relieved the officer is okay. Stay vigilant!
commented 2018-06-27 20:13:41 -0400

It’s really too bad that the liberalist globalist wingnuts won’t be the only ones that will suffer because of their own arrogance and stupidity…

I’ve read tons of commentators say.. Okay..all the liberalist globalists wingnuts get this patch of dirt and the others who respect Law,Borders, Liberty and true Democracy will go and thrive on another patch of dirt..

Then all the liberalists globalist can go at it among-st themselves…trudeau and his crew can go and rule and make up any BS phobia law they want to and battle it out with his own followers…
commented 2018-06-27 18:30:28 -0400
people defending the law get targetted. how stupid can the u.s. get. the left do not like the law, change it, but murdering people upholding the law is crazy. chaos is better?
commented 2018-06-27 17:34:53 -0400
Is there something up with the audio. Johns lips move at the 4:00 mark but no sound?
commented 2018-06-27 17:08:19 -0400
What an evil bunch of animals!
commented 2018-06-27 17:06:58 -0400
This is terrible! Glad that the Officer caught it quickly and praying that they find exactly who did this.