March 16, 2018

Jeff Sessions must fire Andrew McCabe

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Jeff Sessions
has less than 48 hours to decide whether or not to follow the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and fire former Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe.

And the stakes might be as high for Sessions as they are for the scandal-ridden former FBI #2 man...

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commented 2018-03-17 07:39:32 -0400
Now it’s time to “flip” McCabe and go higher up the food chain. Rosenstein? Comey?
commented 2018-03-17 04:17:34 -0400
And as of late tonight the deed is done… The really revealing scenario in the coming months will be as snitches try to cover their butts by exposing how high up the “rot” went… Hello Valery; hello Susan Rice; hello indeed Barak Assalamualaikum Obama!!
commented 2018-03-16 18:23:21 -0400
Andrew McCabe needs to be fired & Jeff Sessions needs to step down.
commented 2018-03-16 17:21:03 -0400
Not a question but a statement: As a former Federal employee of 39 yrs (now retired), if I had done what McCabe did when I was working, I would have been fired in spite of all my Federal service, putting my retirement @ risk, why, why, & why should McCabe be dealt with any different? He SHOULD BE FIRED W/O his RETIREMENT. If he is not dealt with, what kind of message is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT sending to AMERICANS? This is just like the issue w/HC, & NOTHING EVER HAPPENED to HER! Is the government going to start excusing any one working for a Federal agency? I think NOT! I am PISSED!
commented 2018-03-16 15:57:40 -0400
Jeff you need to do what’s right for this country and fire McCabe. He should not be rewarded for breaking the law. Anyone that breaks the law should not be entitled to retire with a full pension. Do your job Jeff.
commented 2018-03-16 14:44:09 -0400
If Sessions doesn’t fire McCabe, what kind of message does that send to the rank and file?