August 15, 2018

Officials Dismiss Possibility of Direct Talks with EU27

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Remember I wrote a few days ago that I don’t believe our government will be successful with any further attempts to sweet talk European leaders over Brexit? Well, I was right. I’d say I hate to say “I told you so,” but I don’t. It was obvious, right?

The Guardian reports today that European officials have slashed May’s hopes that she could sweet talk EU27 leaders in an attempt to break current deadlocks. Diplomatic sources, The Guardian claims, are rejecting suggestions that the Prime Minister could hold talks with the 27 EU heads of government and state next month in Salzburg.

A senior source told The Guardian:

“That is completely ridiculous, that is complete overspin of Salzburg…It would mean that we ditch our negotiating approach of the last two years and discuss at 28 instead of 27 to one, and I don’t see why this would happen.”

But who knows? Brexit talks start up again later this week in Brussels, and a lot has changed since. It’s public knowledge that the EU is getting worried about the potential of a No Deal Brexit, and time’s ticking. Somebody’s going to have to buckle…I just fear it’ll be Mrs May. That is, assuming she’s still leader in the coming weeks.

And I think she will be. Tory insiders tell me that the reports in the papers about David Davis being installed as an interim PM appear to be little more than fantasy. They inform me that there is little talk about this inside the party, and the constitutional questions of whether it’s even technically doable would cause a whole world of chaos in itself. So perhaps this really is all talk – rumours and stories from the press.

Can you imagine if Theresa really remains PM throughout this whole process? Until March? It’s a harrowing thought.

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commented 2018-08-16 11:02:25 -0400
After the Summer Break, Theresa May, with a few ‘clutching at straw’ attempts to do otherwise, will resign as PM. With luck she will be replaced by Boris Johnson, depending on how the Remainers vote.
With Johnson at the helm the UK will in all probability make a clean break from the EU Gangsters and can start the long haul back to being Great again.
commented 2018-08-16 00:56:39 -0400
Meanwhile in the former Soviet block of countries in Eastern Europe, reality prevails more and more each day… This is the year many countries are marking the 100ths anniversary of first declaring independence after WWI, and they are not about to forget that proud event… Some nations, obviously, are willing to let their centuries old cultures die on the false altar of socialism… Others learnt their lessons under the Soviet Regime…