Watch all of Faith Goldy's reports from Ohio after the ISIS attack

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ISIS is in Ohio.

The Islamic State now claims responsibility for the terrorist attack perpetrated by their "soldier" Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

The Rebel.Media is on the ground at Ohio State University, which this week became scene to the latest jihadist attack on US soil.

What Rebel reporter Faith Goldy learns in Columbus, Ohio will shock you.

And you can watch all of Faith's report on this page. 

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The Rebel reports from Ohio State

30 Nov 2016 - Faith Goldy of is on assignment at Ohio State University, the scene of an Islamic terror attack by a Somali refugee.

Ohio State attack UPDATE

30 Nov 2016 - Faith Goldy flew to Ohio shortly after the OSU Islamic terror attack. This is her second report.

Terror mosque link to Ohio State attack?

1 Dec 2016 - Faith Goldy asks, is there a terror cell linking the Ohio State terrorist attack with a radical mosque one mile from campus? 

Ohio State students can’t say “terrorism”

Faith Goldy reports on the terror attack at OSU and was shocked by what she found.