May 15, 2019

“OK” symbol is racist? What's next? (Guest host: David Menzies)

Rebel Staff


(Ezra Levant is in England covering Tommy Robinson's latest trial. David Menzies is guest hosting tonight...)

A picture of broadcaster Doug Glanville at a Chicago Cubs game has caused quite the fecal storm. Or more specifically, the fan visible in the grey Cubs sweatshirt, who is making the "OK" sign with his fingers.

Now I have a confession to make, which perhaps speaks of my ignorance on symbolism: I only recently learnt that the OK symbol is supposedly the living logo of the white supremacist movement.

Or so I’ve been told...

At a news conference, Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein said the team was able to determine the fan's name, and this individual will never be allowed to set foot within hallowed Wrigley Field ever again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a white supremacist – or if you are any kind of supremacist, for that matter – I have zero point zero tolerance or empathy for you.

But was flashing the timeless gesture known as the OK symbol truly an act of racism by that Cubs fan?

Much of the coverage by the mainstream media has bordered on the hysterical, but I came across a far more balanced piece in that rightfully notes that the flashing of the OK gesture might be a bit more nuanced and complicated than one might think.

“As explained here by the Anti-Defamation league, that OK-style gesture was originally cast as a ‘white power’ symbol as a trolling hoax by some associated with the alt-right movement. The idea: lots of people make ‘OK’ symbols on camera and, if enough people believed it actually meant ‘white power,’ people who are not engaging in racist behavior would be accused of doing so, thereby undermining legitimate claims of racism as liberal hysteria or people crying wolf.”

But that was one balanced article out of many.

If one takes their talking points from the rest of the mainstream media, it would appear that the OK symbol is already verboten, right up there with the Heil Hitler salute. Indeed, some media outlets actually censored the man’s hand entirely with a blue dot, which kinda puts the OK gesture in the same ballpark as that infamous prophet Mohammed caricature.

What's next? How many of us have ordered a pizza from an independent pizzeria and had it delivered in a box featuring that iconic illustration of a chubby, winking chef displaying the OK gesture?

Does the state of Oklahoma still use the slogan, “Oklahoma is OK” on its licence plates...?

Furthermore, I urge Major League Baseball to come up with a more suitable letter to denote a strikeout. The current letter is "K." What happens when three consecutive "K"s are displayed, hmmm...?

There’s one other issue to address when it comes to “OK-Gate”, and that is this thorny issue of crime and punishment. Even though the Cubs are "investigating" the incident, they have already announced the penalty – namely, a lifetime ban for the fan – prior to even beginning the investigation.

We give second chances to murderers.

But commit a perceived thought crime? That’s unforgivable...

NEXT: I talk to Aaron Gunn of BC Proud, about the decision to remove a sculpture of British Columbia's infamous "hanging judge" from the lobby of the Law Society.

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commented 2019-05-16 22:44:35 -0400
I believe that we’re all fed up with the SJW Gestapo. They want to erase history and replace it with their fabricated version. Like you said, David, the story is that natives lived in peaceful harmony with nature until the evil and greedy whites stole their land. True history shows that the First Nations folks were just as murderous. These fools who believe the noble savage nonsense are paving the way for Islam to take over. I’m sure those future rulers won’t be so kind as to let others have their own religions and traditions.
commented 2019-05-16 19:14:22 -0400
I also think that GRABHER is inappropriate for a license plate, lol.
commented 2019-05-16 19:12:17 -0400
As misguided or ill-conceived the notion is, it doesn’t matter how it was created, new things sneak into our language all the time. The truth is, like or not, that hand motion can be taken to mean white power. You’d have to live under a rock to not know that by now. Context is everything and speaks directly to intent.

I think that we on the right should continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard. I won’t sink to their level.
commented 2019-05-16 19:02:10 -0400
My gut tells me this punk knew exactly what he was doing and that he meant it to mean white power. Whether or not he harbors elitist views no one can know for sure but it seems at first glance to me that he does that this was something similar to yelling “F her in the P”. He probably thought he was being cool. Of course the establishment over reacted, they always do, but I also think the kid is an asshole. I’m very much against the SJW movement and the leftist garbage but I certainly wouldn’t pick this dick to be my mascot.

Just my opinion.
commented 2019-05-16 15:08:57 -0400
- What’s next? Whatever BS you can imagine. Today’s joke is tomorrows policy. In the meantime you can make the black power/socialist sign (it’s the same sign – fist held high) after making a touchdown in football.

- The only way socialists can sell their policies (& socialism itself) is through lies. So, much in the way climate “scientists” rewrite climate history, we see selective editing of history & historic figures. You won’t see this being done to hero’s of the far left.
commented 2019-05-16 00:15:53 -0400
Jan G.——-Where I compared Ezra to Pilate is where, they both have been yelling against the masses telling them of the Prisoner’s Innocence. Then like you correctly said, Pilate backed down. Ezra won’t follow suit as he has come too far over the years.

Someone said that the Gov’t will wait and see if Tommy gets elected; if not, they will drop the case. They will do anything to stop Tommy from gaining a podium to lash out at them.
commented 2019-05-16 00:13:26 -0400
i recall that the ok symbol originated in 4chan. many there like to invent symbols to work the leftest media into a hysteria. it isn’t racist and has not racist associations. tomorrow 4chan will but a thumbs up as being racist … it’s a practical joke to see how gullible people are in the leftist media. cnn will then grab it because they love talking about racism, and fake racism is easier to find than real racism. for a symbol to actually have a racist meaning, or any meaning, it has to have a true group that uses it. like gang flashes, or the mason handshake. there are no racist organizations that have these for hand signals. the fist for black power is the only one i can think of that has racial connotations.
commented 2019-05-15 23:22:44 -0400
Ron Joseph:
Ezra could never be nor should we equate him with Pilate in any way.
Pilate was in a position to do something and didn’t; thus he washed his hands.
I think Ezra would be more like Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross for Jesus when He fell. Ezra has been Tommy’s voice when he was silenced.
commented 2019-05-15 23:22:27 -0400
Great job Menzoid! Always entertaining. Always spot on. Looking up Judge Begbie he was full on a law judge, no matter what the colour of your skin. He was the first to convict a white man on the testimony on testimony by first nations people! That’s an impartial judge in a different time.
commented 2019-05-15 23:15:09 -0400
Ron Joseph:
I don’t know if Tommy Robinson is religious (Christian), but he is going through ‘The Passion’, same as Jesus did.
You never know, if he isn’t religious now, this persecution may be what converts him.
commented 2019-05-15 23:13:51 -0400
Is the UK media subsidized the way Trudeau is going to payoff Canadian media?

When a group wants to have a statue removed,do they have to go to court and present their reasons/case and a court decides?
commented 2019-05-15 22:59:33 -0400
If we don’t stop playing into their hands they will redefine all of our history and common expressions and use them against us. We won’t like it any better down the road. Time to say you are not playing now.
A-okay is A-okay with me, always has been A-okay.
commented 2019-05-15 22:20:43 -0400
Ezra, you are doing a superb job making the UK fake journalists mad, which means you and your group have been successful.

Although I am far from being a Religious Scholar like some people here, there is an analogy in The Bible which closely describes what you and your group are doing.

The furious crowd ( British MSM and People) brought Jesus (Tommy) to Pontius Pilate, and yelled at Pilate to condemn him.
In the Gospel of Luke, not only does Pilate (Ezra) agree that Jesus had not conspired against Rome, but Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee, also finds nothing treasonable in Jesus’ actions.8 In the Gospel of John, Pilate states “I find no guilt in him” [Jesus], and he asks the Jews if Jesus should be released from custody.9

Some holes in the analogy.
commented 2019-05-15 21:21:23 -0400
So what’s next? Will the thumbs up gesture.. be next?.. because it represents.. all good and positive. President Trump gives the thumbs up signal.. It must be racist then. sarc.

thumbs up
1. a sign of approval. It was a thumbs up on the new filtration plant at Thursday’s village board meeting. There was no thumbs up for the mayor as she faced certain defeat in today’s balloting.
2. approving; positive. The new filtration plant got a thumbs-up decision at the board meeting. A thumbs-up vote assured another three years of financial assistance.

Throughout many parts of the world, the hand gesture made when connected one’s thumb and index finger into a circle while holding three finger straight up is considering synonymous with the word “OK,” signifying that “all is well.”