December 11, 2018

“This will not end well”: Al Qaida terrorist Omar Khadr wants to fly to Saudi Arabia

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It really is one of the greatest divides in this country between the ruling elites and normal citizens, even more so than, say, a carbon tax:

The politicians and lawyers and journalists love Omar Khadr. The people hate him — of course we do; he’s a convicted, confessed terrorist, war criminal and murderer.

Here's the story in the Toronto Star:

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr wants to be granted a Canadian passport to travel to Saudi Arabia and permission to speak to his controversial sister.

Is that really the main thing about him — that he was in Guantanamo Bay? Not that he was in Al Qaida, as was his father before him? Not that he was convicted by a jury of murder and other crimes? No mention of that at all. Let alone his victims, including the U.S. Army medic he murdered, Christopher Speer.

Khadr, who is now 32, will be back in the Court of Queen's Bench in Edmonton Thursday to apply for changes to his bail conditions which were imposed while he appeals war crime convictions by a U.S. military commission.

Khadr pleaded guilty; he gave a detailed description of the war crimes he committed — including that he got paid a bounty for killing Americans; that he was trained in things like poisoning people; that he planted IEDs, of the type that killed Canadians. Khadr freely confessed to all this, and we know it was freely, because his very zealous lawyers approved of it.

He says in his affidavit that he would like to be able to speak on the phone or over Skype to his sister Zaynab Khadr. He is also asking to perform the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims once in their lifetime.

Oh, Zaynab Khadr. His sister. She loves the murder of infidels.

Joshua Boyle used to be married to Zaynab Khadr. Then he took his subsequent wife to Afghanistan, where the next wife was raped by the Taliban. Great people.

Trudeau had a secret meeting with Boyle when he got back from Afghanistan. It only came to light when Boyle tweeted about it. And he said that it wasn’t his first time meeting Trudeau. Isn’t that odd?

"For this reason, I would like to apply for a Canadian passport," he said in the document.

And you know what? He will absolutely get it. Our courts love Omar Khadr even more than Trudeau does.

This is the buried lede in the story:

In his affidavit, Khadr said he has been volunteering with an organization that helps refugees integrate into the community and has earned his high school diploma.

So Justin Trudeau’s Syrian migrants are being shown the ropes about how to integrate, how to be law-abiding, productive citizens, how to stay out of trouble, how to put extremism and hate behind them… by a convicted murderer and Al Qaida terrorist, who had never publicly denounced Al Qaida, or his own father’s key role?

How did that happen? Who let that happen? Who are these Syrians he’s coaching? How is that OK?

This will not end well.

My only hope is that if Khadr blows something up, he does so over there, and not over here. But if he were to murder a Jew or a soldier, as he was paid a bounty to do by Al Qaida, you just know that the Toronto Star would say it was “mental illness,” and Justin Trudeau would call anyone who was upset about it “an Islamophobe.”

NEXT: Once again, I'm joined by Sheila Gunn Reid and David Menzies, for updates on their coverage of the UN conferences on migration and "global warming."

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commented 2018-12-12 12:37:35 -0500
- So now the media party is in bed with terrorists. We can expect the same when Trudeau’s returning ISIS terrorists go off.

- Poland is the example the rest of Europe should be following. The hypocrisy of the climate alarmists is expected at this point. They rely on a compliant media to cover for them. Not to be outdone when it comes to hypocrisy, the open borders crowd & their security.
commented 2018-12-12 12:35:51 -0500
Even his Grand parents are living in Canada. It makes me sick that any of them are considered Canadian citizens. Until Omar was dumped on us by Obama when he started emptying out GITMO, that Islamist family was only ever in Canada for the minimum amount of time, only to give birth here and collect money and supplies for their terrorist activities abroad. They will never be Canadian. Never.
commented 2018-12-12 11:12:30 -0500
I think we should accommodate Mr. Khadr’s request!
And never mind the expense of a passport.
We’ll put him and Jihadi-Justin-Groper on a commercial flight and drop them off over Saudi Arabia at about 10,000 feet…and then that $10.5 Million in taxpayer money can go to a much more deserving group than a bunch of dirty, stinkin’ Islamic terrorists. Namely, to the family of the soldier that dirty, stinkin’ Islamic terrorist Khadr murdered and the family of the medic he blinded.
As an alternative to a commercial flight, we could strap Omar and Justin to the underside of an RCAF F-18 (we’ll give ‘em oxygen) and try some precision bombing with the ’terror-treason’ payload, yeah, make it an exercise in itelligence. Find Omar’s Islamic terrorist sister’s location and precisely drop the payload on her!
If Saud says anything, we just give them the finger and say, ‘GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY, deal with it.’
When they cut off oil exports to Canada, up the St Lawrence…well, those pipelines will be built fast enough!
commented 2018-12-12 10:47:53 -0500
Many paid the ultimate sacrifice, my family included. Now instead of being executed for crimes against your country (treason) you get paid. Only in upside down world of this liebral government.
commented 2018-12-12 07:47:05 -0500
The poor Boy Blunder, this identity politics thing can get very complicated.
It would seem the vast majority of First Nations people along the pipeline route have not been paid off by the foreign Green Meanies. This puts in a very difficult spot indeed. Time for Little Chief Full-Of-Bull to once again tell the First Nations that they need more canoe sheds.
commented 2018-12-12 07:43:33 -0500
Only in a corrupt Lieberal run (ruined) Canada can a convicted terrorist get paid $10M dollars for his war crimes, be allowed to run free in the country with pending litigation for other crimes and even consider traveling to Saudi Arabia (a Muslim country) supposedly to see his sister who is a known terrorist..

Canada, let’s not make the same mistake twice in 2019
commented 2018-12-12 05:37:18 -0500
Shelia is lucky to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a traditional Christmas market. I was in the Budapest Christmas market at the time of the Berlin Christmas market attack grateful I was in safe Hungary and not Germany. I foresee a time when even tight security will not be sufficient, after all security is for the likes of the elite at the UN and not the common people, and that Christmas markets in Western Europe will be snuffed out as the lights of Western Europe go out one by one.
commented 2018-12-12 03:54:13 -0500
If they did take him out in Saudi Arabia i bet Justin’s bum would have a tweak of pain the moment it happens.
commented 2018-12-12 03:52:53 -0500
I see French police are too busy pushing protesters out of wheelchairs to arrest a terrorist.
commented 2018-12-12 03:52:07 -0500
Let him go and maybe the Saudis will take him out or the US can do so.
commented 2018-12-12 02:45:09 -0500
While the French are being gunned down on their streets, Macron is signing for many more millions of muslims to invade his country. Like Trudeau, he’s not going to be happy until the majority of his people are either dead or gravely incapacitated. As for the media, they are finished. Not worth talking about them anymore.
commented 2018-12-12 01:43:32 -0500
I hear ya James I did know that but this POS continues to play his games,do remember awhile back some people suggested Trudummy might give him a cabinet position, at this point I wouldn’t doubt it.
commented 2018-12-12 01:05:31 -0500
Sheldon , in case you missed it not only is this “unibrow bandit” still breathing our very own terroristophile POS Mohammad Trudeau awarded him a cheque for $10.5 million curtesy of Canadian taxpayers
commented 2018-12-12 00:27:18 -0500
Energy in the modern age is not a luxury!

Next year’s climate conference should be held in a northern locale, at a venue, including hotels, without heat or electricity, and participants should have to use non fossil-fuel burning vehicles to get around. They can “walk the walk” for a few days to see how the green lifestyle they want us to live suits them.

PS: Sheila should have hired a translator for a couple of hours to converse with the locals. What a shame that opportunity is missed!
commented 2018-12-12 00:01:58 -0500
A Repeater: A former reporter/journalist or journalism graduate who reads the script of a power with an agenda and/or receives a financial benefit to the detriment of describing what actually happened.
commented 2018-12-11 23:32:23 -0500
Jan G Nadler also says when the house takes control in January they are going to end all of the republican investigations as "they are a waste of time’ in which Donald Trump should respond if you do I will end the Mueller investigation. If yo vale his investigation as much as you say you do and if getting to the truth is really your objective then you won’t shut down the republican investigations.
commented 2018-12-11 23:12:41 -0500
Re: shooting at Christmas Market in Strasbourg. That should should heat up this Saturday’s yellow vest protests. Macron is going to need more UN tanks.
commented 2018-12-11 23:09:16 -0500
I can’t believe this unibrow bandit is still breathing,he should be dangling on the end of a rope along with his sister.Scum
commented 2018-12-11 22:45:08 -0500
Robert McClelland commented 1 hour ago , The terrorist death tole has gone up to 3 dead 12 injured, ( 2 really seriously) and the radicalized gunman has escaped.
Strasbourg is apparently an Island so it should be hard for him to escape. Maybe France gave their Security Police the day off to make up for extra work at Yellow Jacket protest.
commented 2018-12-11 22:42:50 -0500
He may be hard pressed to explain to customs his need for suitcases full of cash for a brief family reunion.
commented 2018-12-11 22:32:32 -0500
Good show.
Sheila and David are excellent journalists.
Don’t know what I’d do without TheRebel.
commented 2018-12-11 22:04:07 -0500
One of Mohammad Trudeau’s favourite pet Islamic terrorists
One of a long long list
commented 2018-12-11 21:58:42 -0500
Maybe Seal Team 6 will offer to pick him up at the air port?
commented 2018-12-11 21:35:14 -0500
KEITH BARNES did you forget already the Trudeau government paid him 10.5 million …crowd found ,seriously no offense but that is not funny at all ,Canadians should be still furious ,I know I am!
commented 2018-12-11 21:19:37 -0500
Ahmed Hussen and other Trudeau Liberals have “built castles in Spain”, so when he tells a Canadian that he/she is “unCanadian”, or when he doesn’t stand up for Canadian media to attend a Conference just because he doesn’t agree with their views, he’s operating on the idealistic U.N. inspired post-nationalist state Canada he has built up in his own mind, not the Canada that we actually have right now.