May 29, 2015

Omar Khadr documentary: Taxpayers deserve answers about CBC's partnership with Al Jazeera

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Did you know the CBC's documentary about convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was made in cooperation with Al Jazeera?

The public broadcaster was pretty open about its partnerhip with the Toronto Star to put out this film, but they left out any reference to Al Jazeera on the CBC website.

Why did CBC collaborate with them anyway?

Al Jazeera is the go-to propaganda station when Muslim terrorists want to send a message to the world. It's owned by the OPEC dictatorship Qatar.

Should a Canadian crown corporation that's propped up by over $1-billion in taxpayer dollars each year be doing business with an outlet like that?

We deserve to know the details of this deal.

What were the conditions for Al Jazeera's cooperation? Did they get editorial control over the finished product, for instance?

The CBC owes it to Canadians to tell us.


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commented 2015-05-31 11:59:14 -0400
Ron, you’re missing or ignoring the point. Pity.
commented 2015-05-31 11:25:19 -0400
Terry you have given me the answer I expected you would. You have a vendetta against TheRebel. You have decided that you will be the moral watchdog here. Good for you. Your comment below means to me you have lots all your credibility and must not be taken seriously anymore.
commented 2015-05-31 10:46:33 -0400
Ron, I can’t really comment on the way in which film footage was used to cover a specific story thirty five years ago; I don’t know how the material was sourced or credited, whether it was supplied footage or shot by BBC, an American network or other agency, and so on.
I do note that you’ve had to go back thirty five years to cite an unverifiable account of CBC “lying”. I only need to go back a week or so to find a sample of lying at “The Rebel” – Ezra’s claim that the Toronto Star “endorsed” Omar Khadr for the order of Canada.
commented 2015-05-31 10:34:00 -0400
Terry the year was 1978, the country was Rhodesia and the city Salisbury.
commented 2015-05-31 08:40:00 -0400
Ron, can you provide me with a bit more detail, please: what county, what city, and approximately what year?
commented 2015-05-31 00:04:01 -0400
Terry I will tell you a little story about the CBC as my answer. Let me take you to a place called Cecil Square. A central location in a business area in a capital city. During lunchtime many people would go there and after eating their sandwiches would take a nap on the lawn. Happened every lunchtime for years. The CBC on primetime news showed a clip of the people sleeping. Perhaps as many as 20-30. On the main news they said here are the dead bodies of innocent civilians mowed down by the police. A total lie that was used by the CBC and their team of balanced reporters to sell their viewpoint of what was happening in a far off country. I was there at the time and when I told people back in Canada that was a total lie I was told you are wrong Ron the CBC does not make up stuff. I hope you don’t take the CBC seriously Terry or the Globe and Mail. I won’t waste your time telling you the lies they have printed that I also saw which were not true.
commented 2015-05-30 18:37:08 -0400
An earlier post on this thread contained a link. Within that link was another which lead to the CBC “Documentary”. It is a well done piece of propoganda fluff. Goebbels would be proud. It will most certainly appeal to those who identify themselves as “Progressive” (regressive!). A couple of scenes really caught my attention. One, where Edney is crying? (hamming it up for the camera?) at the dinner table. The other is him and Omar sitting together. Edney is stroking the back and top of Omar’s head like a parent would do to a child they cherish. Don’t get me wrong. Compassion is a wonderful thing. It is why many of us rescue puppies and kitties from bad situations to give them a better life. One though, gets left with the impression that Edney considers Omar his “son”. Bully for Omar if that is the case. It does raise some ethical questions however. Should legal counsel be representing someone they are emotionally attached to? Further, Edney as a lawyer would belong to a Bar Association. Does the Bar Association not have a code of conduct about being emotionally involved with clients? I started reading some of the blog below the video. I stopped when I read some poster saying that Omar was a “Great Canadian”! After that I could not stomach anymore.
commented 2015-05-30 16:04:34 -0400
Ron, is this site your benchmark for accuracy and honesty in journalism? Seriously?
commented 2015-05-30 10:06:04 -0400
Good I meant Terry. Got a grand daughter on my knee as I type.
commented 2015-05-30 09:36:19 -0400
And Terry and don’t forget both are notoriously could at distorting the truth. Sort of like brothers in arms so to speak.
commented 2015-05-30 08:28:39 -0400
“Should a Canadian crown corporation that’s propped up by over $1-billion in taxpayer dollars each year be doing business with an outlet like that?”
You mean, should one broadcaster be doing business with another broadcaster? Uh -yes.
commented 2015-05-30 00:56:04 -0400
He was a terrorist your nationality goes out the window as far as I am concerned.
commented 2015-05-30 00:53:37 -0400
Maybe many Canadians believe that Canadians ARE worth less than Americans; that would explain this acceptance of the blatant discrimination of locking up a Canadian for 8 years in a hellhole that Americans are too good to be allowed to be locked up in. What else would explain this general acceptance of this discrimination?
commented 2015-05-29 23:52:13 -0400
Bravo Zulu can I ask you what was the main thing you learned about Mohammedanism from your time in A’stan ?
commented 2015-05-29 22:46:06 -0400
This war is stateless, and CBC sure seems to be on the side of the enemy.
commented 2015-05-29 22:06:31 -0400
WWIII is on the horizon folks, sooner than we think. Will CBC be with us, or against us? That is the (taxpayer funded) billion dollar question!
commented 2015-05-29 21:45:31 -0400
It would be good to see a Rebel microphone under the nose of some CBC Execs with a seasoned reporter asking some tough questions. (On a myriad of topics)
commented 2015-05-29 20:29:44 -0400
Ezra – hate to say it but we will never know the details – until we toss cbc upside down and take away their funding.

Not one political party has the gonads to demand this.
commented 2015-05-29 20:24:00 -0400
Al jezeera – yup – the media outlet that has 81% of its clientele approving the works of isis

What did they pay him?

Tells me lots – as for cbc – not interested – it truly deserves the name communist broadcasting corp – time to cut them loose – like yesterday – crooked as a dogs hind leg!

Work for them? You are a waste of time to me – get a job.

A bit off topic – but …..

If you are bored go here for some info that is not usually put out to the world – for obvious reasons – happens in ALL islamic countries and now in many western countries:

As a soldier in A’stan we were told this was cultural so shut up – tonnes of stuff on YouTube about it as well – we called the kids “Chai boys” – and the night it happened was “Man/Boy Love Affair Thursdays”

This is the stuff the follower of AJ believe in.

Suspect cbc would not write a negative report on it either.

Apologies for getting off topic – al jezeera is trash and it made me angry – cheers
commented 2015-05-29 18:49:24 -0400
Thank you Ezra. You are one of few voices that really tell us what is going on. OH how few there are.
And please Stephen Harper, cut funding to CBC. CBC has a love in with the enemies of our democracy and the values that so many of us hold dear. Preserving the real Canada, strong and free, must be our first priority. Ezra stand tall.
commented 2015-05-29 18:28:00 -0400
I think many on the left who are atheists have a strange wish to live under Sharia Law. They felt Christians wanted to impose their lifestyle on them but don’t mind the Mohammedans doing it to them. Strange but true.
commented 2015-05-29 17:53:40 -0400
Chaz said: " (Al Jazeera) of an enemy of Canada (Qatar) during a time of war (the war against radical Islam for all of you libtards who have yet to understand" It might be prudent to investigate the Socialist CRTC while we’re at it, allowing Al Jazeera onto our cable systems over the Canadian choices (so much for promoting Canadian content and participation!). The lefties are really beginning to reveal their agendas. And it has nothing to do with so called “social justice”, just another catch phrase for Socialism = Communism.
commented 2015-05-29 17:15:11 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER -harper goingcanel funding to rogers,bell,shaw and telus?
commented 2015-05-29 17:07:20 -0400
This is just the usual contempt that the CBC holds for the average Canadian. And given they’re partnering with a terrorist organization, PM Harper should cancel all public funding to these terrorist sympathizers. The CBC flying monkeys will eventually be held accountable in hell!
commented 2015-05-29 16:37:51 -0400
but omar connect mahar!
commented 2015-05-29 16:32:28 -0400
Great report Ezra. It is generally agreed that the C.B.C. has a lot of answering to do about their cooperating with the propaganda arm (Al Jazeera) of an enemy of Canada (Qatar) during a time of war (the war against radical Islam for all of you libtards who have yet to understand what it is going on). C.B.C.’s funding should be immediately revoked and they should be subjected to a criminal investigation for potential treason .
commented 2015-05-29 16:25:55 -0400
We foot the bill so a convicted terrorist can present himself as a victim and that we deserve to be sued by him. Milking us for the payout already.
Has he denounced fatwas,the caliphate or dawah. Is he a Mujahideen. Or does he just want to be the boy next door with his dog and kiddies mowing the grass and going to hockey games. Will he sing the words to Oh Canada.
I guess we’ll find out after we pay him his money.
commented 2015-05-29 15:28:10 -0400
There should be a full enquiry into CBC’s finances and dealings. Their left wing political propaganda is bad enough, but now they appear to be ready to cut Canada’s throat to appease the slime of a middle east political platform. It is our money that pays for their slush. Let us demand an explanation from these Traitors.
commented 2015-05-29 15:23:49 -0400
Just MOAR of the same – Socialists/Communists/Marxists/liberals partnering with islamic terrorists.

So many examples in Canada and the US. Much thanks to the biggest pig terrorist of all whose parked in the white house.