November 10, 2017

One Year Later, The Left Hasn't Forgiven Americans For Voting In Trump

Rebel Staff

Wednesday night marked the one year anniversary of when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. To mark the occasion, Ezra Levant took a look back at how the left has handled the first year of the Trump presidency. SPOILER ALERT: They haven't taken it very well...

Instead of giving Trump a chance to make this country great again, the left has spent much of the past year in denial. They prefer to live in a fantasy land where either Clinton could still rise from ashes and steal the presidency, or Barack Obama could take over for a third term. Obama himself fuelled these fantasies by boasting that he would have beaten Trump had he been permitted to run for a third term.

Of course, it was all hypothetical, so there's no way to ever know if Obama would have beaten Trump, but that hasn't stopped liberals from fantasizing about this work of fiction over the last twelve months.

Democrats have refused to think deeply about why Clinton lost, preferring to instead to push conspiracy theories that say she was only defeated because the election was rigged against her.

As Ezra explains, the main reason Clinton lost was that she was unlikeable. Say what you will about her husband Bill Clinton and Obama, but they both had a charisma that rallied Democrats to go out and vote for them. In contrast, Hillary Clinton's persona was not only not likeable enough to drive Democrats to the polls, it was also motivating enough to make conservatives want to go out and vote for anyone but her.

Clinton's main argument to voters was one of entitlement, as she believed it was "her turn" to be president. While Clinton came off as a smug and fake politician, Trump appeared authentic to voters and as someone who wanted to be president not because it was his turn, but because he wanted to make the country great again. 

In the following clip, Ezra Levant enumerates some of Trump's key achievements in the first year: 

To hear more about Trump's first year in office, watch the full episode of the The Ezra Levant Show HERE.



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commented 2017-11-10 19:28:46 -0500
Always get a kick out of seeing progressive mails in certain areas of the city, their little stick arms and soft weak constitutions make me yearn for a civil war.
commented 2017-11-10 11:53:51 -0500
… Disrespect is characteristic of the Left. Disrespect for democracy and the opinions of others. Mob rule is the political philosophy of the Neanderthal Left.
commented 2017-11-10 11:51:01 -0500
… Me Notyou: 100% wrong.
… This is a war of ideas and principles. Not a war of some individuals against others.
commented 2017-11-10 11:50:57 -0500
It’s taken a full year for North America to see the true colours of the leftists. As for the leftists they think it’s within their right to bully, beat, harass or even kill innocents in order to get their way.

The leftists are truly the domestic terrorists.