February 16, 2016

It’s our one-year anniversary: We’re under attack -- and fighting back!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Can you believe it? A year ago today, TheRebel.media was born!

The Sun News Network had shut down after four great years. Government regulators at the CRTC, plus the cable company oligopoly saw to that.

So a handful of us gathered at my house to talk about keeping the spirit of Sun News alive, on the Internet.

Our first video was recorded in my living room! I was a bit sheepish about how amateur that looked, but I also knew that wouldn’t last for long.

Soon we were working out of a real office, and then a few months later, with the generosity of our viewers, we actually built a studio.

We’ve grown from that first day, with eight people, to double that size.

In the past year, we've produced 2,720 videos that have been viewed 24.8 million times.

Over the past 365 days, 6.90 million different people have been to our website.

It’s a fitting coincidence that on this anniversary day we are faced with an existential threat — that Rachel Notley of Alberta ordered armed sheriffs to block our reporters from government buildings, then ordered the Department of Justice to declare that no-one even “connected” with TheRebel.media is considered a journalist.

That's unconstitutional.

We’re going to fight it.

But really, what better proof that we’re living up to our editorial mission?

So thank you watching, and a very special thank-you to our generous crowd-funders, who have made it all possible with your contributions.

We hope we’ve lived up to your expectations, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid was one of two Rebel journalists placed on the NDP blacklist. She joins me tonight to talk about what happened, and what we're going to do next.

We also talk about Sheila's #1 bestselling new book, The Destroyers -- which came out just before Rachel Notley banished her. Coincidence...?

Something to note:

Today on Twitter, Facebook and then on mainstream TV, newspapers and radio, many liberal journalists defended TheRebel.media's right to report the news.

THEN: Lorne Gunter wrote about Notley's blacklist in the Edmonton Sun today, and it set off a national (and international) firestorm.

He joined me today to talk about the reaction to his column, especially the responses from many left of center journalists, press organization leaders (and ordinary people), who expressed their outrage at Notley and support for TheRebel.media's freedom of the press.

FINALLY: I'll read some of the tweets that went out today in support of TheRebel.media -- some of these names might surprise you...!



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commented 2016-02-18 08:04:23 -0500
Congrats and thank you for being the voice of reason, and balanced reporting in Canada.
CBC just manufactures the consent of Canadians for this dictatorial government, I stopped going to the CBC and the other left wing websites after the election, as the pandering was sickening. Between Breitbart, Drudge and The Rebel, common sense still has a place in the western world.
Recall Trudeau, NO confidence.
commented 2016-02-18 04:28:12 -0500
cbc cbc
CBC.ca CBC.ca Is State Sanctioned, Endorsed, Private Citizen Funded ( Our Tax Dollars ) Leftist Propaganda Machine Designed To Manipulate The lowest Common Denominator Of Liberal Intellectual Deficit And Mal Feasance.

Ever Meet A Liberal Or NDP That Can Safely, Efficiently, And Effectively Drive A 3" Galvanized Spike Into A Split Cedar Rail Fencing ? I Know … No Such Thing.

All Most More Likely To Find A Liberal \ NDP That Knows How Plan, Organize, Capitalize, Manage, Budget And Operate Any Business At A Net Profit. I Know … It Is As Likely To Find A Hard Working, Use Full Liberal \ NDP er. These Types Of Individuals Are The " Use Full Idiots " Of Politics And Waste.

Lets Not Be " Use Full " IDIOTS.

Privatize CBC.ca, Or Demand That CBC.ca Be Sold Off Piece By Piecce.
commented 2016-02-18 02:06:26 -0500
Mike Mann – PUT your money where your mouth is – - OH all you got is mouth – well you better not be as mouthy on any street in Alberta, or Canada for that matter – as you no doubt will have it “treated”!
Hope you’re not of the Mann clan from Peace River – but sounds like you are. Obviously you’re not a Conservative – so stay clear of the “red-neck” cons of the Peace & Alberta! …and if all you have to offer this forum is shit & stupidity – go to the CBC site they welcome mindless Lefties like you.
Probably you don’t have any money of your own – mooched enough from Mom to buy a computer & probably threatened her with child social services if she didn’t connect you to the internet – just so you you can do your verbal diarrhea onto us all. Eh??
commented 2016-02-18 01:39:20 -0500
Peter Michael will hide like a coward , he does not understand people who take action and have integrity. And of course Michael Mann is too dense to realize the CBC fights their battles with our money as well. And even more pathetic is he supports the left who uses other peoples money for pretty much everything.
commented 2016-02-17 19:12:18 -0500
Michael Mann said to me, “So if The Rebel loses against the provincial government and is officially deemed as not real media”

Then it will keep going up to higher courts until their Constitutional rights of Freedom of the Press are acknowledged.

Michael posted, “Put your money where your mouth is Ezra. If it’s so important to you – use your bank account. It’s so easy to fight all these battles and talk a good game – with other people’s money unlike a private business owner who might have to mortgage their house to fight for something they believe in.”

Michael, you have been told this before on other articles as well as here by others and myself too, but here we give willingly to help Ezra fight for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I have no choice but to pay into the CBC which I never would do if I was offered that choice.

People donate to TheRebel.Media because they ALSO find this issue important to them!

I am not sure why you cannot understand this very significant distinction.
commented 2016-02-17 17:55:25 -0500
Thank you Lorne Gunter for breaking the news in the Sun paper
commented 2016-02-17 14:48:57 -0500
Congratulation Ezra, Brian and staff for a year of great journalism. With the relentless lefty liberal attack on our democracy, values and economy, only The Rebel provides coverage of events that the media parties cover up or spin. The Rebel in my opinion, is the more effective opposition party voice to the mainly liberal and NDP federal and provincial governments in Canada. It is one of the few ways in which we can gauge how Canadians really think and feel about issues and events. It is no surprise how The Rebel has grown in popularity. I can hardly wait to see where The Rebel will be at the end of its second year. Can you imagine what could be accomplished if The Rebel had even 1/10th of the yearly CBC budget to work with? The CRTC must be shaking in their two left shoes right now.
commented 2016-02-17 14:24:25 -0500
Congratulations TheRebel.Media on your first year and keep fighting the good fight .The NewDumbParty only has three yrs left to show their stupidity and its nice to know there are people with brains out there , unlike the people that voted for Trudeau and Notley !
commented 2016-02-17 14:02:29 -0500
I wonder if brinkman got in. Does anyone know? BTW, Sheila GR8 job!
commented 2016-02-17 13:59:53 -0500
Happy B-Day Rebel
The problem with losing free speech is blood has to be spilled to get it back freedom is not free that’s what history has taught us

I’m giving a $100 it’s a privilege and an honor to be part of a constitutional battle for free speech
I’m really deeply honored
United we stand Divided we fall there is strength in numbers
Stop Rachel Nazi and her communist ways
commented 2016-02-17 13:42:35 -0500
Nice move, shaming the media with claiming they are on side. I haven’t heard anything until today from the other media outlets. But they should have spoke up days ago! They seem to feign concern, only because now the spotlight will shine on them and expose them as hypocrites.

The interesting insight in this affair, is simply the fact that the farther to the left you are, the more you are defending this action by the NDP. This is especially noticeable by the comments by some who for some reason lurk on this site. Michael Mann is one such extremist on the left. His comments are often inflammatory, always wrong, and never grounded in reality. He is one of those that wants this news outlet banned, which speaks volumes of what kind of Marxist he is.
commented 2016-02-17 12:06:42 -0500
Hi Ezra,

The CBC is running this story – the ironic thing: they are moderating comments with an over 60 minute delay. Irony. Well done Sheila! A an unassuming, polite woman with a camera is taking down the might of the nauseatingly politically correct state in socialist Alberta. You have my admiration and sincere compliments.
commented 2016-02-17 11:54:31 -0500
Bruce Kirk – all doubt has been removed with this blatant act of censorship! This act alone should warrant a reelection, but we all know that once in power and feeding at the public trough, it’s hard to remove the piggy’s away from the public’s breast. They feel entitled to take whatever they can, and to change the rules to what they prefer, not those who elected them and pay for their sorry butts. Rachel is making changes that weren’t even discussed in her platform. So we see the sense of entitlement is entrenched in the communist party of AB. Those in power who do not welcome criticism need to step down and let the public vote for a party that governs for the majority, not some fairy tale ideal that will collapse our capitalist economy.
commented 2016-02-17 11:02:24 -0500
any doubts that this notley cadre of wannabe totalitarians are an illegitimate government?
any doubts that this notley cadre of wannabe totalitarians hates individual freedom?
any doubts that this notley cadre of wannabe totalitarians hates accountability to citizens?
any doubts that this notley cadre of wannabe totalitarians are displaying true goals of leftism?
This inexcusable act of blatant censorship and abuse of power should render these notley leftist extremists null and void as a ‘government’, parliament dissolved and a provincial election called immediately.
The Alberta government is the property of ALBERTANS, this ndp cabal needs to be publicly reminded of this FACT.
commented 2016-02-17 10:38:46 -0500
What does Trudeau thinks of this event?. I have not heard any condemnation from the PMO
commented 2016-02-17 10:38:19 -0500
As for the assclowns who try to equate Rebel subscriber funding donations to the public funding of the CBC, the major difference is one is voluntary contribution the other is involuntary – I must pay for the CBC and fund their lawsuits even though I don’t watch it.

But of course as a CBC troll you knew this.
commented 2016-02-17 10:30:46 -0500
Take heart Rebel, you are at the leading edge of the legitimization of alternative media – of alternate media going mainstream.

Of course you can expect opposition from control-freak political class and their sycophant rain-makers in the Jurassic-media – that political-media incestuous cabal and it’s monopolization on filtering public information.

You know this attack HAD to come – that the establishment power structure will attempt to silence alternative voices as “illegitimate” – sure they can try – it’s obvious this is cronyism/nepotism at its pernicious worst.

Ezra is attacking this government exclusivity of accountability from the proper perspective, this is less about “free speech” as it is a matter of constitutional access to government by the electorate through proxy – press scrums are how the government interfaces with the public in announcing public policy, this is where the public gets to ask questions and receive answers or non-answers – government has no right to determine who may or may not have access to government in these public scrums any more than they can dictate who can and can’t vote.

Go for the jugular Rebel, my cheque is on the way
commented 2016-02-17 10:25:46 -0500
Does Notley’s dictate that anyone associated with the Rebel is not an accredited journalist, and is therefore banned, apply to Brian Lilley who reports from the Canadian Parliament daily. The PM even takes questions from him. .

It would be good fun to send Brian to Alberta to attend a Notley press conference along with Sheila just to see how they respond.
commented 2016-02-17 10:07:59 -0500
Michael Mann…..get this through your dense skull…if we choose to help The Rebel finance a defence of freedom of the Press, that is our business, not yours. We understand the tactic that you advocate…bankrupt the opposition using taxpayer money. Now go fuck yourself.
commented 2016-02-17 09:35:42 -0500
Sheila – don’t stay away until this is sorted out. Keep showing up at our legislature. I love it when those commies are forced to fall on their own swords. And so publicly!
commented 2016-02-17 09:25:39 -0500
trulander’s got to be loving this! The drama teacher realizes that the spotlight is off him, maybe only for 1 scene, though.
commented 2016-02-17 09:15:04 -0500
Congrats Rebel! You guys are a breath of fresh air !
commented 2016-02-17 09:03:29 -0500
Please ,people on this, SHELIAs name is correctly spelled. SHEILA
commented 2016-02-17 08:58:56 -0500
Some of you are going to be surprised when I say that the NDP screwed up big time on this one. I find it hard to believe that the government would ban someone who wrote a poorly-created book that was more insulting than insightful, with passages that were in dire need of a proofreader. I would never take away the right of The Rebel to go about its business of reckless journalism. While we’re on that topic, had Levant come clean about being a journalist? If so, he lied under oath during a civil suit involving him recently.
commented 2016-02-17 08:56:40 -0500
Darn you Dr Genius ,you made me go to the cbc site ,haven’t been there for 2 years ,but it was a good experience . Thanks I think.
commented 2016-02-17 08:26:06 -0500
Congratulations on your first year, keep up the good fight!
commented 2016-02-17 07:20:41 -0500
It’s funny that Ezra always brings up the CBC when he asking for money here – we don’t get a billion dollars like the CBC do.

What about other private businesses that pay for their own lawsuits? They don’t get a billion dollars either, but they also don’t have the public pay for their battles.

Put your money where your mouth is Ezra. If it’s so important to you – use your bank account. It’s so easy to fight all these battles and talk a good game – with other people’s money unlike a private business owner who might have to mortgage their house to fight for something they believe in.
commented 2016-02-17 06:55:22 -0500

So if The Rebel loses against the provincial government and is officially deemed as not real media – you will have to accept that even if you disagree. What will be your excuse then when an official decision has been made?
commented 2016-02-17 06:15:54 -0500
LOL I’m starting to think the Premier is on The Rebel’s payroll because they’re going to be able to crowd fund a moon landing after this.