October 19, 2016

One year in: Top five ways Trudeau and his Liberals are ruining Canada

Brian LilleyArchive

On October 19th, 2015, Canadians made what was in my view, a disastrous decision by not only electing Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, but doing so while giving him a very healthy majority.

While it wasn’t a landslide and they received less of the popular vote than Stephen Harper did when he won his majority in 2011, due to the way seats are distributed, the Liberals were in a position where they could do whatever they wanted.

Fortunately, they’ve been so busy “consulting” with Canadians they haven’t moved on to actually doing things in some areas but the bad ideas remain waiting to be executed.

There are so many areas of concern one year in but I’ve tried to limit myself to just the top five ways that Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are ruining Canada.

Raising taxes while saying they’ve cut them, sucking up to dictators on the world stage, trying to change our stable voting system, giving citizenship back to terrorists and working more closely with the United Nations in questionable peacekeeping roles, they’ve only just begun to take us into Trudeau’s new Canada.

There will be more changes coming. This is just five so far but by next year, I’m sure we could have twenty-five.

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commented 2016-10-20 11:05:52 -0400

Sorry chum, it will never happen!
Too many lieberals that continue to be infatuated with “Just Tin” in Ontario for any change to occur.

commented 2016-10-20 03:50:09 -0400
Here is a prediction. The electricity bill and proposed carbon tax will screw over Ontario so bad, that it will cause Trudeau to lose the next election.
commented 2016-10-20 01:44:41 -0400
Kelly Weber wait until your burka arrives in the mail.
commented 2016-10-19 23:04:55 -0400
@george DYER….. My eyes are sore but thanks so much. Lot of reading for ONE years worth of Prince Dummkopf. I was aware of much of Trudope the Younger’s blunder fest, but your synopsis is staggering. He should be sharing a jail cell with Killary.

DJBT and his sicko-phants
commented 2016-10-19 20:19:17 -0400
It’s time for Canada to separate from Quebec and Ontario.
commented 2016-10-19 17:39:15 -0400
Once again, the mental deficiencies are glaring through the posts of the resident leftist regressive fucktards. It really does confirm their inability to understand the REAL world issues. It is in fact, really sad knowing that this may be the best of what is voting these days, and it ain’t sweet fuck all. (sigh)
commented 2016-10-19 17:08:32 -0400
Trudeau for Treason
commented 2016-10-19 17:03:31 -0400
George Dyer, Thank you George. Well said. I hope you don’t mind but I copied your comment ( giving your name of course) and shared to people who willappreciate your comment.
After reading in the news today that mohammed ‘s ’honeymoon" continues and his “popularity” according to the polls is unbelieveable, I am completely fed up with brain dead “canadians”! WE are never going to get rid of this bastard because he is using every trick and strategy in the book – along with our money to ENSURE WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ! Canada is done!! WAs teetering a year ago but this bastard has done so much damage within his first year and has big plans to completely recolonize us with Islam, has brought in sharia – which is quietly being introduced slowly so Canadians aren’t aware, and we are not going to survive him or his agenda- which is in fact , his agenda!!
commented 2016-10-19 16:55:16 -0400
Penson’s mama did not choose to have an Abortion..
What a bad decision!!
commented 2016-10-19 16:40:51 -0400
HAPPY LIBERATION DAY! One year ago, Harper was wiped out!
commented 2016-10-19 16:28:59 -0400
Oh but the polls are in and according to them and the CBC, Trudeau’s popularity is “unbelievable” and the "honeymoon’ is still on!!
Canada is done. Not only do we have a Islamic TRAITOR with a cabinet full of terrorist /sharia supporting Islamists at the helm but they all have nothing but pure HATE, DISDAIN/CONTEMPT FOR WE CANADIANS AND CANADA, OUR FREEDOMS, DEMOCRACY , CULTURE, AND HISTORY! Mohammed Trudeau is going to erase Canada and recolonize it with Islam- after bankrupting us in the process. We are allowing ourselves to be led to slaughter as we do what we do best to stop it which is NOTHING!!!! Canadians- or whatever they are these days, might as well all start DIGGING YOUR GRAVES! YOU VOTED FOR IT , ALLOWED IT AND AREN’T DOING A THING TO STOP IT!! Too bad our men and women who laid their LIVES ON THE LINE FOR US AND CANADA during the war didn’t tell us to go f*ck ourselves rather than bother saving our lazy , ungrateful asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-10-19 16:12:20 -0400
The top reason he has set himself against Canadians is his electorate replacement pogrom and his ballot rigging to ensure a single party state. The best way to rig an election is replace the electorate who don’t vote for you with one that will.

“It took Democrats (like the Liberals) a while to figure out that their grand strategy ought to be to give up on persuading the American people to elect them and instead for them to elect a new people.

For example, in the 1990s the Clintons often talked like Trump on immigration. President Clinton had earlier appointed a formidable black lesbian orator, former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, to chair his commission on what to do about immigration. She reported back that immigration was bad for blacks and other poor Americans, and that not only should illegal immigration be cracked down upon hard, but legal immigration should be cut substantially.

Instead, Democrats and their auxiliaries in the media routinely boast of their dream of turning America into a one-party state through changing who gets to vote in American elections.

Strikingly, this vast conspiracy to dilute the sovereignty of American voters by inviting in ringers from abroad is not covered up, nor even excused as aggressive-but-legal political hardball.

Instead, the dilution of the voting power of American citizens is praised lavishly as representing the highest value of “who we are as Americans.”

To protest, or even to notice, the open machinations to adulterate the value of your vote by importing millions of foreigners to increase the numbers of votes cast for the Democrats brands you as a deplorable." http://takimag.com/article/rigging_elections_steve_sailer/print#ixzz4NZ28WHt5
commented 2016-10-19 14:20:37 -0400
Yeah, Kelly you’re probably some kind of welfare case fresh air inspector, so carry on…
commented 2016-10-19 14:18:18 -0400
A brief summary (just the early days) of dick-tater-tot’s lies, gaffes, scandals, hypocrisy and broken promises:
- Questionable fundraising tactic with $100 “because it’s 2015” Tee-shirts
- Created a gender equitable cabinet, but filled all the junior positions with only females
- Appointed a fake Nobel Prize winner to cabinet
- Closed the Library of Parliament for several hours for a Vogue Magazine photo op.
- Falsified the number of Syrian refugees coming to Canada
- Provided false refugee immigration timelines
- Violated the United Nations convention by determining who fits the definition of a legitimate “refugee” (“Absolutely not” Christians or Yazidis)
- Told the BBC that I had “worked two or three times harder than everyone else”
- Belittled the Queen of Canada because of her age
- Gave 383 ‘winners’ an all expenses paid cash-guzzling trip to Paris to talk about the weather
- Canada’s Youth Delegation at Paris climate talks openly protested his hypocrisy
- Sold off cabinet minister’s time in a fundraising payola scheme
- Described the practice of posing with refugees for a photo op as “disgusting”, before meeting incoming refugees at Pearson International Airport for a photo op
- NannyGate
- Indulged in budget forecasting “inaccuracies”
- Announced Senate reforms to make the institution even less accountable
- “Walked away” from promise of more bilingualism; appointed George Furey of Newfoundland as Senate speaker
- More payola. $250 for “dinner” with Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Under investigation by Ethics Commissioner
- Illegally garnered election votes by way of Assembly of First Nations anti-conservative propaganda funded by taxpayer’s through Elections Canada $975,000 voter “outreach” program
- Paid back chiefs by not requiring them to disclose how much of our money they’re quietly pocketing for themselves
- Appointed terrorist sympathiser and anti-Semite, Omar Alghabra, to cabinet as Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister
- Promised to break his promise to keep deficits under $10 billion
- [been found out by Brian Lilley that he] Promised the CBC an extra $150 million then had the CBC’s legal team attempt, through internet censorship, to thwart free speech, copyright law and access to information to prevent campaign ads being produced for use by the Conservative party
- Donated $14.25 million to Sharia-law Indonesia for them to keep up the good work, just before they publicly caned an unmarried couple for being seen alone together
- Pulled off the old double-switch-a-roo and allowed General Dynamics to provide LAV’s to Saudi Arabia
- Discovered that he can’t legalize marijuana without breaking at least three international treaties
- Learned, while he was visiting a mosque for selfies, that he didn’t get an invitation to an anti-ISIS meeting in Paris, the one that Canada hosted a year earlier
- Set up a non-partisan Senate Advisory Panel filled with partisans and SJWs
- Unsuccessfully tried to use election campaign clichés when offering condolences to the family of Canadians murdered by Islamic terrorists. They hung up on him (the Canadian’s family, not the Islamic terrorists)
- Got chided and upbraided by just about everyone for jabbing at Harper during his speech to celebrities at the Economic Forum in Davos
- Lifted the sanctions against Iran so that Canada now supports sponsors of terrorism
- Ended the transparency process that required Indian chiefs to disclose how much of taxpayer’s money they’re pocketing
- Paid back unethical and immoral unions for their support by discontinuing secret balloting so that now the union thugs will know who to bully and intimidate
- Paid back corrupt union bosses by not requiring them to disclose financial statements to their members
- Assigned hundreds more troops to the war in the Middle East but withdrew the protection of their air cover
- In his first 100 days in office, spent $4.3 billion, but only about one tenth of that was for Canadians
- Evicted Armed Forces Personnel from their homes to provide shelter for “refugees”
- Used tax dollars to purchase religious items such as Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels
- Resuming the flow of $15 million annually to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to support terrorist organisations in Palestine
- Saved an enormous $5 Million annually by shutting down the Office of Religious Freedom (while ignoring the pleas of Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Ahmadiyya Muslim communities) after committing a meagre $4 Billion to other countries to support the cult of climate change
- Got found out that almost all of his 21,000 “refugees” had actually been living for years peacefully in houses and apartments in towns and cities like Amman and Beirut
- Instructed Department of Justice to have prosecuting lawyers withdraw the appeal against the decision to allow a confessed and convicted murdering terrorist free on bail and did so regardless of evidence showing that he violates bail conditions
- Lied to parliament by claiming to have inherited a deficit
- As good as called the Parliamentary Budget Officer a liar because he contradicted his claim that a surplus is really a deficit
- Had McCallum muzzle immigration bureaucrats from answering questions at committee meeting regarding plan to remove VISA requirement for those travelling from Mexico
- Rescinded citizenship law to allow convicted terrorists/traitors with dual citizenship to retain/reclaim Canadian citizenship
- Revised citizenship law to allow approximately 20,000 imported fake refugees to vote (Liberal) in the next federal election
- Another “donate” to the party lark for a chance to win a trip to Washington and see him give a speech
- Thinks it’s just fine for other Trudeau family members to directly lobby the Public Safety Minister to allow the Al Qaeda terrorism sleeper agent Mohamed Harkat to remain in Canada and not be deported to Algeria as ordered, regardless of his bogus refugee claim that was made when he was using a forged Saudi passport
- Gave $15 million of taxpayers money to the United Nations Human Rights Council (AKA misogynist despots, tyrants, dictators and human rights abusers). May be re-payment for money funnelled into Canada by the U.N. to support a Liberal election win
- Sold off Canada’s entire gold reserve, but to whom? and for how much?
- Promised the electorate massive deficit spending to “kick-start the economy” then, as prime minister, promised Wall Street there would be “no influx of cash to “jolt the economy” because he “needs to be responsible and keep the budget gap”
- Appointed Senators using a process that was closed, opaque and partisan
- Saw house prices skyrocket after changing down-payment rules to “cool down” house prices.
- More shady fundraising; This time from “Justice” Minister Wilson-Raybould. $500 from each job-seeking lawyer to have cocktails with her. Defends her action by claiming that even women and aboriginals can become Justice Minister.
- Allowed critics of the Saudi arms deal to continue believing that liberal’s “hands were tied” even as Dion signed approval to the transaction on April 8, 2016.
commented 2016-10-19 14:08:23 -0400
Sorry to have invaded your safe place.
commented 2016-10-19 14:05:51 -0400
Sorry but my life is great right now, really don’t have any complaints.
commented 2016-10-19 13:42:10 -0400
Ole Pierre was a marxist loon and severely damaged Canada . . .
His feckless clueless son is now taking us to Ontar-i-owe . . .
which has highest per-capita debt in North America !
commented 2016-10-19 13:32:27 -0400
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-10-19 13:29:01 -0400
KELLY WEBER did you take your meds today?
commented 2016-10-19 13:16:59 -0400
And yet if an election were held tomorrow, he would get an even stronger majority. That must really burn your asses.
commented 2016-10-19 13:03:21 -0400
I loathe the son of a bitch as I detested his old man. I didn’t vote for him or his party. He’s not “my” Prime Minister and he contaminates the office…
commented 2016-10-19 13:01:29 -0400
This person will be the downfall of Canada as was his father.
commented 2016-10-19 12:58:07 -0400
Arrogant fucking bonehead.
Stephenson, Penson and Kelly along with all the Trudeau lovers are having orgasms just looking at the picture of this POS with the fake dreamy look.
God I can’t stand looking at his smug face with the big potato nose.
commented 2016-10-19 12:53:22 -0400
Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
That’s more than Sophie the bulimic does
That fat, fuckin’ smelly babboon
commented 2016-10-19 12:50:00 -0400
Stupid Trudeau pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry,
When the boys came out to play,
He kissed them too, cuz he was gay.
commented 2016-10-19 12:38:37 -0400
8. Anything that PM Harper did for Canadians is being turned back by this little “dicktraitor!”
commented 2016-10-19 12:06:52 -0400
7. Repealing the First Nations Financial Transparency Act
commented 2016-10-19 11:45:22 -0400
6. That cheesy face of his ruins my day.