September 29, 2016

Only Canada lets 8377 “losers” and “paid harassers” delay a $36B energy project

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

After a three-year delay, Ottawa approves a $36 billion energy project in British Columbia. Natural gas will be produced through fracking, piped to the coast, liquefied — that’s what LNG means, liquefied natural gas — then shipped to Asia.

While Petronas’s application was hummed and hawed over by Canadian bureaucrats, the cost of the project grew, but the value just fell by two thirds.

And 8,377 people were “witnesses” or made “submissions” about this project, at a kind of court. People who had no connection to it; who were clearly paid harassers.


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commented 2016-09-29 19:15:13 -0400
@ David White commented 6 hours ago
I see Darrin Weed knows as much about fracking as he does cattle farming.
Another snowflake and nothing more. I bet he needs a trigger warning and a safe space if confronted face to face.

Another attack with no facts – his opinion piece is as brown as his butt hole.
commented 2016-09-29 12:30:25 -0400
Right on the money Ezra (pun intended). Liberal faux-environmentalism to buy votes on the radical green demo, has jeopardized a number of capital-intense projects. The Liberals had no intention of spiking the projects (they are dependent on milking them for revenues) but their delays to pay lip service to radical greens has created enough mistrust and uncertainty in capital investment, this will repercuss in other areas beside the petro industry.
commented 2016-09-29 11:19:04 -0400
Canadian mongrel . i have to very strongly disagree with your stance that you think the likes of penson and kelly are using satire to make a point , those two are true turdo lovers and believe all the crap spewed by the UN ,CBC ,msm and liberal party ,please don’t try and give these bone heads and excuse for their stupidity and disrespect for our country,our armed services ,our laws and our CANADIAN culture you do the rest of us a disfavor .
commented 2016-09-29 10:46:16 -0400
Darrin Weed?…….i believe that is not your actual name. There is a serious metal illness in someone that has to continually create new alias’s and post on a news board. Have the courage of your convictions to state who you actually are……coward!
commented 2016-09-29 09:35:03 -0400
Darren Weed claimed, "Fracking is dangerous and stupid, it’s destroying land in the US and creating vast sinkholes. "

Proof please. Now Darren, to be clear, I mean the type of proof that presents facts and real data verified by certified professionals, not the propaganda videos. Real, hard facts.
commented 2016-09-29 09:33:42 -0400
Darrin This is CANADA not the Good old USA . Our standers are totally different , and you do not no what you are talking about . Don’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET , living in Vancouver or ware ever you live dos not make you an expert unless you actually see how fracking and drilling goes on , get some actual facts first .
commented 2016-09-29 09:20:14 -0400
Keith Richards,

I disagree. Darrin Weed is just trying to make fun of the left through satire. In the same way Sean Pennson and Jay Kelly do. Except I agree that Darrin has a ways to go to match the satire master, Sean. However, it is a blast reading these satires and thinking there really are people that believe them as facts. I mean look at the total lack of knowledge about the fracking process that Darrin satirizes.

That said, though, Darrin study Sean’s posts to up your game in satire. Sean is has truly nailed poking fun of the left.
commented 2016-09-29 09:11:53 -0400
Baby Doc probably has Petronas shares, if they trade publicly, in his trust fund from Papa Doc, along with other foreign multi-national carbon based energy companies. However, that does not mean he needs to promote these companies interests in Canada because he will still get his dividends paid into his trust fund due to these companies off-shore operations. As long as he gets his dividends, Canada can go hang. This would be the same for all champagne socialists: as long as their energy dividends do not rely on a Canadian location or company they are more than happy to screw the Canadian blue collar.
commented 2016-09-29 09:08:46 -0400
Darrin Weed commented 2016-09-29 08:43:30 -0400

Leave this internet troll alone folks – or tell him to fuck off and then leave him alone.
commented 2016-09-29 09:07:47 -0400
Gerry Fladager commented 21 mins ago
G.Soros Notley Winney C.B.C. the nut from QUE.and Gerald Butts all working to kill CANADA.

Demarais and Dussault families out of Montreal have been trying to destroy the west since the 1970s.
commented 2016-09-29 08:46:20 -0400
G.Soros Notley Winney C.B.C. the nut from QUE.and Gerald Butts all working to kill CANADA.
commented 2016-09-29 08:43:30 -0400
Fracking is dangerous and stupid, it’s destroying land in the US and creating vast sinkholes. The amount of toxic chemicals needed to “free up” gas products from shale reserves underground ends up in our fresh water reservoirs, and finds it’s way back to the surface as well, toxifying land, water and air and creating health issues in humans and animals. This is NOT worth whatever few bucks a few people might get for a temporary job. If it doesn’t benefit Canada and Canadians as a whole, this becomes a huge waste of time and taxpayer money! I’m tired of these foreign energy concerns coming here and raping our nation of it’s resources and getting nothing substantial in return. Then you get biased ingoramuses like this Levant wingnut pushing conservative views around like he knows what he’s talking about. He’s just as bad as the liberal media pushing their views. These biased and uninformed media types need to go and we need to get rid of the partisan politics that divides us and keeps us in line so the wealthy elite oligarchs who own our governments can continue to own us through monetary slavery. They pay these con/lib media types too much to give us misinformation and too much opinion instead of facts. Sad really, but I read the comments on these sites and laugh at the obvious ignorance as to what they are reading and believing in. Sad and pathetic!
commented 2016-09-29 08:16:49 -0400
Yep – Canada is loserville all right.

Commodities are deflating and will stay low for years – and Canada misses the boat…again.

Stupid, arrogant fucking Canadians tolerate this crap and fuck themselves in the process.

But don’t worry – Ottawa has it covered – they’ll just financially rape you to make up the difference – how about another carbon tax – yes, the farting tax.
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