July 19, 2018

Report: London & Metropolitan Areas Experiencing Crime Boom

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

In my show today, I talked about the new crime statistics released by the Office for National Statistics.

The new stats showed that a long-term decrease in crime has ended, with this last year showing a significant increase in robbery, stabbings, and murder. In the year to March 2018, homicides increased by 12 per cent, robbery increased by 30 per cent and knife crime offences went up by 16 per cent.

I don’t think these are the kinds of numbers one would see as an anomaly. I would be surprised if the numbers were considerably lower again next year. An increase of 30 per cent in robbery is quite significant, as is a knife crime increase of 16 per cent.

I must reiterate what I said in my show today, too: Location matters. These numbers don’t tell us what the problem is, or indicate how it might be solved, unless we consider where the crimes are happening.

There isn’t a sudden increase in stabbings and homicides in the Cotswolds. This is happening in the cities. There have been countless reports of stabbings in Liverpool, and we all know the stabbing and homicide chaos in London since Khan became mayor. This matters, because it indicates a correlation.

Does overpopulation and multiculturalism correlate with higher rates of crime? The figures from the ONS show this. Forty two per cent of all robberies, for instance, took place in London. That’s over 30,000 robberies in our capital city in one year. London also accounted for 48 per cent of all police-recorded theft from the person, in England and Wales.

Their own report also explains that low-volume but high-harm violence tends to be “concentrated in London and other metropolitan areas.”

Read the report yourself. Under every paragraph, you can expect to see a disclaimer explaining that these crimes are most common in metropolitan areas.

This is a national crisis of our cities, and we must not ignore the common denominators: Culture, poverty, and crime. Overpopulation contributes to this poverty, and to cultural clashes. Clashing cultures have produced gangs and ghettoes, and poverty has led people to lives of crime.

The source of the problem is visible to everybody, but only the brave are willing to admit it. We must tackle overpopulation, and we must tackle the problems plaguing our cities. I challenge anybody to find any other source for this strife.

If politicians tackled culture, poverty and overpopulation with sensible immigration policies and the promotion of a unifying British culture, our cities would be very different places to live in. They’d be notably safer, I believe, markedly friendlier, and substantially more prosperous throughout.

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