Ontario PC Party Convention Highlights

Rebel Staff

The Rebel attended the first Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario convention since Premier Doug Ford won his majority government in the summer of 2018. 

The convention featured talks by Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer, and Premier Ford himself. Delegates from across the province also met to vote on new legislation and a new party executive.  

But a few kilometres outside of the convention centre, anti-Ford protestors met to challenge the new Conservative government. 

David Menzies spoke with protestors and delegates alike. And The Rebel even hosted a meet-up at the convention, too. 

You can watch all The Rebel's coverage from the PCPO convention on this page. 

Major FAIL: OCAP misses the mark with Deco Labels protest

Members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) dropped by Ontario Premier Doug Ford's business, Deco Labels, last Saturday in Etobicoke to protest the PC's economic policies. But there was one minor hitch... First, Deco Labels was closed that day, and second, the stated target of their protest, Premier Ford, was a few kilometres away at the Ontario PC Convention.

PC Convention hospitality suite guests explain why they LOVE The Rebel Media!

It was a packed house at the Rebel Media’s hospitality suite at the Ontario PC convention this past weekend. Watch as our fans open up about why they love The Rebel!

What can other conservative leaders learn from Doug Ford?

The 2018 Ontario PC convention in Toronto was full of true blue fans of Doug Ford and the party.

Trudeau’s a “catastrophe” but Scheer’s “limping along with half a party”

Dr. Charles McVety of Canada Christian College shares his thoughts about CPC leader Andrew Scheer and why he isn’t resonating with Canadians the way Doug Ford did with Ontarians.

Levy: Scheer avoids “huge” issues in PC convention speech

Toronto Sun scribe Sun-Ann Levy weighs in on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s speech at the Ontario PC convention, which was short on substance and heavy on... Well... Nothing much.

How Ford’s PCs will make Ontario the engine of Canada again

Toronto Sun Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Batra had a fireside chat with with Premier Doug Ford at the PC Party’s annual convention in which they discussed what the Ford government has accomplished so far, and what it will do for the people of Ontario in future.

Andrew Scheer: Full Ontario PC Convention Speech

Doug Ford won his super majority after running an unapologetically right-wing campaign. Is Andrew Scheer planning to take the same winning path to defeat Justin Trudeau?

Tanya Granic Allen wins support to ban gender identity from sex ed

David Menzies interviews Tanya Granic Allen, the former Progressive Conservative leadership candidate who successfully won a battle to promote the removal of liberal ideology from the classrooms of Ontario.

Doug Ford: Full Ontario PC Convention speech

At the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party convention in Toronto, Premier Doug Ford thanked supporters for helping make his historic victory possible and laid out a vision for what his government plans to accomplish.

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