November 02, 2015

Ontario: $1M wind turbine torn down after producing 91% LESS ENERGY than promised

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Six years ago the government spent close to a million dollars putting up a wind turbine to power a commuter station west of Toronto.

Even when they announced it, they admitted the train station would still need regular electricity.

But it was a "green" symbol, right? That's what really mattered to all the politicians and lobbyists.

Well, it’s 2015 now, and they literally tore it down.

The wind turbine was producing 91% less energy than expected.

If this were a private company, in charge of moving people around, someone would be fired. But it’s a government company.

So I checked the Ontario government’s “Sunshine” list, and guess who's on it?

Meanwhile, the average Ontario household will see their electricity bills rise next year -- to pay for more wind turbines!

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commented 2015-11-03 11:19:55 -0500
@hyacinth Yes I have heard harper get blamed for every ridiculous thing imaginable. In the town I live in it has had a weekly article or two full of nasty comments directed towards Harper. Even after Trudeau won the election the writer was less than gracious and even had a nasty comment reserved for Ezra. Is this the face of the new inclusive liberals? I also remember a windmill on the drive in to Toronto that use to stand still on windy days. Apparently the blade was hitting the building when it flexed from the wind so they would stop it when it should have been making the most power.
commented 2015-11-03 11:07:42 -0500
Once again I will reiterate “Look at Agenda 21”! What is happening in Ontario, and eventually, Canada, is based on its blueprint! Canadians should be extremely worried!
commented 2015-11-03 06:59:15 -0500
The Liberals believe their “green” agenda is far more important than people’s health or animals’ lives: Wind turbine company Nextera & MNR destroy Bald Eagle Nest & Habitat in Haldimand Cty, ON
Published on Jan 7, 2013
On the morning of January 5th, 2013 Wind Turbine Developer Nextera Energy removed a bald eagle nest (species of special concern in Ontario), and the tree it was in, in order to accommodate an access road and a wind turbine for their company in the Summerhaven project in Haldimand Cty. The MNR gave a permit for the company to do so the night before. Pictures of the destruction here:

- What is also shocking in the film clip is that one of the heartless workers tries to argue that it is Harper’s fault that the nest is being taken down even though this is a PROVINCIAL matter and MCGUINTY was the one who approved the removal of the eagle nest.
— Lists 61 municipalities, 13 of which already have wind projects approved under provincial rules that over-rode local concerns.

“Modern wind turbines depend on rare earth minerals mined primarily from China. Unfortunately, given federal regulations in the U.S. that restrict rare earth mineral development and China’s poor record of environmental stewardship, the process of extracting these minerals imposes wretched environmental and public health impacts on local communities. It’s a story Big Wind doesn’t want you to hear.”

I find it amazing that these people that cry about global warming, animal rights etc. still vote for the one party [LIBERAL] that will intentionally disregard the health of people, animals, and the environment. Its true what they say, you cannot fix stupid.
commented 2015-11-03 00:58:13 -0500
My sound is at the maximum and yet you come across as just over a muffled whisper! Please, fix the sound.
commented 2015-11-03 00:20:56 -0500
Ah… That sure brings back memories… Back in my Hamilton dwelling days I used to regularly drive past that old “showboat” wind generator alongside the Gardiner Expressway on Toronto’s CNE grounds… I could have won tidy sums had I bet that on the most miserable days of July or August, when everybody’s air conditioner was going full blast, and many people were sleeping in their basements to get away from the humid heat, the blades of that White Elephant would be standing stock STILL because there was obviously not a breath of wind… So again:- “Intelligent people learn from their mistakes; socialists don’t…”
commented 2015-11-02 20:36:08 -0500
Drew said, “I love how native protests against wind turbines get little credence in the media party.”

It must cause some sort of feedback loop in the main stream media as they love to cover native protests, but they love their wind turbines. It must drive them crazy figuring out which agenda to push.
commented 2015-11-02 20:08:36 -0500
Noticed on another thread Jimminy Crickets had his comments clipped by site administration. Hooray! About time! Noticed too the “news sharing” lefty from Edmonton seems to have disappeared. Perhaps he has been banned. I do my part to click on links to this site. It generates money for The Rebel!
commented 2015-11-02 20:00:52 -0500
“The Liberal way cost millions!” Yet it is making many Liberals very rich! Is that not worth it? (puke!)
commented 2015-11-02 19:58:56 -0500
Don’t worry Drew, I’m sure Jimmy and/or the others will pick one of the comments they don’t like and arguw that instead of the substance of the video.
And good point about the native protests too.
commented 2015-11-02 19:52:54 -0500
All these bird killing monstrosities should be pulled down. They are adding nothing to the power grid, however making the Liberal owners rich from Hydro rates!
commented 2015-11-02 19:30:44 -0500
I love how native protests against wind turbines get little credence in the media party.
commented 2015-11-02 19:26:15 -0500
Keith-WYNNED MILLS- good one gonna borrow that.
Robert i wonder how many people know the libs made it illegal to protest these abominations.
commented 2015-11-02 19:25:57 -0500
There is no anthrogenic global warming .It is a hoax.
Green scams are robbing the tax payers of their hard earned and severely streached pay cheques in the name of a hoax.

I abhor these ugly wind turbines cluttering the landscape , defiling the farm land my ancestors cleared and laboured over.
Tear them all down.
commented 2015-11-02 19:19:44 -0500
They were informed before it went up, and any money was spent, that it would not perform. But the Liberals wanted it, the Liberals liked the way it looked for them on paper, so the Liberals went ahead with it anyways. Once again, we on the right were right, and they were horribly wrong. Our way would have cost tax payers nothing. The Liberal way cost millions!
commented 2015-11-02 19:01:06 -0500
They do not have to produce power to be profitable.

Every foreign owned wind mill that is built is built under guaranteed income / profit and that money comes from the tax payer.

Why do you think there are so many despite the lack of power created?

Ontario already PAYS the US of A to take our excess power.

Study this site closely to see proof
commented 2015-11-02 18:59:57 -0500
CO2 makes plants greener. More carbon dioxide, more GREEN!!
commented 2015-11-02 18:53:57 -0500
Just want to vent my rage about CTVs News blog. If you put anything on there that is anti Liberal it will never see the light of day. If I post ten things I might be lucky to get one on the various blogs. Unbelievable the stranglehold the media has on free speech in Canada. Let me be clear I do not post anything that would not be considered fit for public consumption. It is absolutely incredible the love fest both CTV and CBC have with Trudeau. This guy can cure cancer in their eyes.
commented 2015-11-02 18:48:51 -0500
I would suggest keeping this link to ( Ontario wind resistance.) for this story and much more on the disaster in Ont.
commented 2015-11-02 18:35:15 -0500
These green freaks have done the world in. Nothing that governments around the world to appease the green movement have worked. I had a good talk with a government official in the Congo, he asked me how can I possibly run a steel mill on solar panels. But idiots like Bono that raise money for African relief (which btw they only receive about 5%) are killing a whole continent. Do these do gooders feel so bad that they live in luxury that they push these inane green policy’s on countries in Africa to keep them living in poverty. Why do you think that most economic migrants heading for Europe are from Northern Africa. Just ask Italy, Spain and Portugal about their green energy sector, they have gone bankrupt years ago. Did you know that Portugal is losing 30,000 people a month? It’s a brain drain, no jobs left in that country.
And these dipshits here will do better? I think not, at least not the ones we have in power now, they and their posse will only make boat loads of money through their cronyism.
commented 2015-11-02 17:59:34 -0500
More Orville Redenbacher (Wynne) gong show.

Fantastic Ezra that you rip these wasteful government assholes.

The global economic collapse is coming and these government assholes are going to default this province.

Selling heaven, delivering hell – it’s what socialists do.
commented 2015-11-02 17:55:53 -0500
Wynned Mills don’t work. The SOB should pay the tax payers back, from her own pocket.
commented 2015-11-02 17:49:03 -0500
I wonder how much pollution was created in smelting and pouring the concrete base shipping this thing to be a useless waste of money? JIMMY, ANDREW, any of you lefties want to guess? Oh yeah you are hiding from this story as you cannot blame Harper or Ezra for it. PATHETIC CHILDREN!
commented 2015-11-02 17:47:57 -0500
They never have and never will power cities, nukes, hydro, nag gas, coal, they power cities not these windmills.
commented 2015-11-02 17:30:54 -0500
Sounds fair. They should pay more for wanting to destroy Alberta’s economy.
commented 2015-11-02 17:14:40 -0500
If all these other windmills that are being built—- produced 91% More energy that this monstrosity—-would the Greenies say that it was efficient? Probably.
commented 2015-11-02 17:14:40 -0500
If all these other windmills that are being built—- produced 91% More energy that this monstrosity—-would the Greenies say that it was efficient? Probably.
commented 2015-11-02 16:58:09 -0500
Ezra those windmills would produce 1% more power if Libtards blew on them.
commented 2015-11-02 16:57:10 -0500
Nothing like grossly uneconomical alternative energy options like wind turbines to ‘fight’ the man-made global warming hoax, buoyed up by generous government subsidies, which come from…….. I am sure that if all those politicians after the photo ops had stuck around, there would have been more than enough wind.
commented 2015-11-02 16:52:16 -0500
I am yet to see any reputable evidence that any windmills can produce enough energy to pay for themselves, from manufacture to installation to decommission, over their producing lifespan. All studies, once stripped of green hyperbole and hype, come to the same conclusion, windmills are a net cost to ratepayers and cannot survive without heavy subsidies.
commented 2015-11-02 16:46:07 -0500
Hey green hypocrites, why no responsibility on the pine beetle? And maybe look at the rare earth mines where turbine magnets and solar panels come from, as well as your smartphones and computers, what comes out of there is far worse than any fossil fuel, but of course hypocrisy abounds.